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  1. This emulator has potential! Hopefully there will be newer updates.
  2. Looked at the site and answered the survey. Gotta say that's a fascinating, if not a rather ambitious plan you've got there.
  3. Mom grew up playing NES during her college time, so she later bought a Famiclone several years after marriage and spending some time with her children. Last time we touched it until she sold/put it somewhere (I can't remember exactly) was when I was 5. My siblings and I also played some PC games, but my parents didn't use it for gaming, instead only focusing on work (eg. Microsoft Excel for recording/calculating stuff). Same case when I got an N-Gage and PS2 sometime later (sold the latter before moving to another town, kept the former until it's now rotting somewhere in our attic).
  4. The Sega Saturn and Atari Jaguar. Sure, both have powerful CPU's (although the former has less-than-stellar sound channels), but the fact that they were not well documented or hard to program just crippled these consoles a lot. Doesn't help that several Saturn games also appeared in the PSX and N64, and played miles better than in Saturn. Which sorta saddens me, as a Sega fanboy. Now that some people are better programmers, I hope we can see a bright future where these two get more (homebrew) developers, fans, and et cetera. Watara Supervision, Bitcorp Gamate, and Super A'Can similarly also have some potential to compete against Game Boy (for the former 2) and SNES/Genesis (for Super A'Can). Such a shame Taiwanese/Chinese developers still revelled in pirating stuff, instead of maximizing their (these poor consoles') potential to compete with international (particularly Japanese) video gaming industry.
  5. I wonder how those games look and play like. Are they kinda the same deal with Microvision games?
  6. Apologies, I accidentally pressed that emoji and could not delete it, as I was posting on my phone 😖
  7. Waiting for further progress reports! 😈
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