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  1. That last Picture is giving me wii sports vibes, I'm sure it'll be a good time playing that game. Tommy so if things don't get better, we won't have additional controllers on release day? I need at least 4 for my house but I'd like to have 6 for when friends come over. I got the FE so 2 will be coming, maybe I'll just buy a vip console as well to get 2 more controllers and have that console as a mobile unit to take on trips
  2. Man e3 canceling is a bummer, I always look forward to every e3, even tho sme have been underwhelming, this year is the year of new consoles. Feel like the hype is not going to be the same, oh well. Digital is our future
  3. Hello everyone, new here and I've been enjoying reading about Amico. I've ordered a founders edition when it went live so I'm excited! I had a couple of super hero questions for Tommy. 1. Will the amico have super hero games? Like batman /spiderman ect 2.and if yes is it possible to get games like spiderman maximum carnage or any other of the older super hero games that were on genesis/snes/arcade? It would be a dream to play some of those games with coop and a cool comic art style. 3.this one is not a question but I just want to tell tommy, you are awesome! Your doing something I've been asking for years, a console that focuses on multiplayer, great music being a priority and finally someone that wants to make games that are fun and simple like they used to be. Played the adventures of batman and robin on genesis last week with my brother and had a blast with a simple but addictive gameplay that ended in less than 3 hours. Had more fun than playing red dead 2 (got bored riding a horse for 10 minutes) good game but Jesus I just want to play not hold up for 20 minutes till I get to the next objective. Your the man Tommy! I'll be there on day one as a fan and supporter
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