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  1. Thanks a million man! The bmp is converted to a sprite now. I've tried again to compile your game, but I get other errors like this now: Call to undefined function 'JOY_BTN_FIRE' I use JOY_BTN_1 in my code for this. Must be because I'm using outdated tools. I will update everything tomorrow and see if I can get it working.
  2. Thanks for your reply man! I've cloned your repository (sounds like a fun project!) and tried to run "make all", but I think I might have a different version of CC65 because I get the following error: cc65: Unknown option: -O3 The rest all seems to compile ok. I also attached the zip of my project, but would really like to get your game working. Sounds like something I can learn a lot of. Thanks lynx1.zip
  3. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and also new to Atari Lynx development. I didn't expect that there was such a vivid community of Atari Lynx fans, awesome! With the amazing Lynx development tutorial and a lot of trial and error I was able to setup my Macbook to write and compile Lynx code that I can run in Handy. I wrote a very simple program where I can move a circle around and make it jump up and down. Last night I tried to create a sprite based on a windows bmp file, but I got stuck on an error and got no search hits on the web whatsoever. So I was hoping you would have an answer or direction to search in. I'm using Lynx Sprite Packer Ver 1.98 and initially I got some errors on the file format but after some changes it created the player.pal and player.spr files. The next step in the make file is where I'm getting errors: ca65 -t lynx -o enemy.o enemy.s player.s(2): Error: String constant expected player.s(3): Error: String constant expected player.s(3): Error: '.SPR' is not a recognized control command The contents of player.s are: .global _ .segment RODATA _: .incbin player.spr Which makes sense based on what is in the make file, but I'm not sure if this is correct: .bmp.o: $(SPRPCK) -t6 -p2 $< $(ECHO) .global _$(*B) > $*.s $(ECHO) .segment "$(RODATA_SEGMENT)" >> $*.s $(ECHO) _$(*B): .incbin "$*.spr" >> $*.s $(AS) -t lynx -o [email protected] $(AFLAGS) $*.s $(RM) $*.s $(RM) $*.pal $(RM) $*.spr Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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