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  1. I saw a video on YouTube about a fix for the black and white issue gdmike might be worth a stab.
  2. so any advice over which is the right way to wire the 6 pins would be helpful and which way to read either from the rear or the front of the diagrams as you can see they all claim to be european wiring for the ti99-4a
  3. So this is just 3 of the diagrams I have found ....
  4. So my mum just gave me my first computer out of the loft to have fun with and I was really disapointed that when I plugged it all in to the LED samsung tv I have via the aerial I got a black screen. Played around a bit and long story short the tv knows it's looking at an analog signal but other than a little static when turnign the unit on and off nothing happened. So we tried an old CRT dvd tv ....again no luck other than for the TV to acknowledge it's looking for something..... So we assumed it was the Din plug socket as the plastic casing is open and wires exposed....then a week of surfing the net and several versions of how to wire this retched plug have left us perplexed as to IF it's another component so partner removed the need for the aerial coaxial cable and installed a two pin red/yellow AV cable as shown in the mods. Yet this has not improved the case. Still perplexed as to the 'correct' UK wiring for the DIN. As there have been sooooooo many diagrams it's very clear that not one person has the correct answer. I knew then I need to ask the experts because one diagram ont he italian page linked via the pinned post shows words rather than colour cables....so trying to figure out a) if white is audio or 12v or ground or pizza is problem 1. b) trying to figure out if we read these diagrams as the front or the back of the plug ie if we are reversing the colours or just getting it completely the wrong order which is problem 2. Can anyone help a girl out?
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