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  1. Well... because of 2020 I have: - finally signed up at AtariAge - Pulled my basic consoles out of storage and cleaned them up thoroughly - Acquired my first PEB since I was a little kid - Learned a crap-ton more about the system architecture and capabilities than I ever did as a kid/teen - Obtained and am setting up a finalgrom, 32k sidecar, and TIPI (unfortunately I totally missed the Speech TIPI/32k) - Introduced my daughter to Hunt The Wumpus - created lots of dreams/plans for 2021...
  2. Please correct me if I'm misspeaking, but I thought I had read that you intend to open up the design and HDL once you were satisfied that the bulk of the work was complete. I realize that there aren't as many hardware/HDL savvy contributors as there are software, but would even a half dozen new contributors help with ironing out compatibility and performance? Either way, I am grateful to you for your work on this and look forward to an eventual release. I'm just now delving into my own first embedded projects and am not now anywhere near able to take on a project of this scale, it's inspiring to know that it is possible.
  3. I'd also love to see a base release and future firmware updates so long as you're reasonably confident that the hardware is final.
  4. Wow! I can't wait for you to take my money. I've actually pulled my old systems out of storage and started cleaning/refurbishing them in preparation for this!
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