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  1. I place a pre order, hopre you have receive it 🙂
  2. Hi, Thanks for your amazing work. I have finally get back to home my lynx I and I'm very interested by this fantastic Retro HQ game card. Is it still available for pre order ? I saw in the FAQ, there is no save support, but in my memory no games have it ? I'm wrong. In my memories there is only a password in order to recovery his game.
  3. Hi all, I follow the atri lynx facebook page, so I'm sorry I'm not familiar with this forum. this pcb works with an sd card, where we can put isos ? I have understood well ?
  4. Could you share a link for ordering a LCD Mcwill screen for atari lynx model I, with vga output please ? I'll found only ebay link, I want to be sure to have an official.
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