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  1. Whoops... these look like some new titles. I'll lookout them when I get over onto windoze later.
  2. My apologies... I meant to try to dig these up for you. I'll do that asap.
  3. Interesting product. They could always be printed I suppose. In the meantime you could use an image of the keyboard as cheatsheet.
  4. I've had better luck recently than in times past with Classic99 running in the WINE environment. Can even do a paste into now :).
  5. That's interesting to know that such leveraging goes back to the Horizon RAMDisk. I wonder though what it is about the nano that breaks some programs. It does seem like the creator did put a fair amount of thought into the design, so it's weird there are these handful of incompatibilities.
  6. Emulation of the nanoPEB could be really helpful I'd think - if for nothing else, testing a program's compatibility with the it. I've had a few disappointments now with breakages - like TI Casino and even Plato (which I was really down to see that isn't compatible with the nano).
  7. That's a shame there isn't a widely favored format that agrees with both MAME and PC99 (fairly new PC99 user - I've been liking it).
  8. Totally see that. They're gonna have to break back into the analog equipment if they're really going to get serious about making vinyl again.
  9. Seems like this was a hot topic about a month ago:
  10. I guess I should have done more testing. It appeared to be working, and starting playing [StarBase Raiders], but ran into trouble when I realized no keyboard input was being accepted (though the joystick still works). When I tried it again after loading and checking the disk version (which was fine of course) the gameboard doesn't display properly. I'm attaching the final bin file that Module Creator produced which I used on the FinalGROM. Also attaching the three EA5 program files that I used with Module Creator to create the .bin file. StarBase_R.bin Raiders.zip
  11. Okay. So I got this to work after a bit of messing around. The following is what I did. DISCLAIMER: I won't be covering how to set up Fred's Module Creator, that is covered in the README and his website. Extract the PROGRAM (EA5) files from the .dsk image using TIIamgeTool Use TI99Dir to make sure the headers are V9T9 not TIFiles Bring the extracted files to the folder were Module Creator lives Run Module Creator and give a title in Program 1 box Select the first (in my case first of three) PROGRAM file in Program 1 box (do not worry about selecting the rest of the PROGRAM files, Module Creator will take care linking them) Uncheck the "inverted paging" box Hit the create module button And that's it. Enjoy your new module
  12. Anyway, I'll get off the soapbox. I really like this aquarium. Great find @oddemann - nice work, too @TheBF . I might just have to save it for late use on the real iron
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