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  1. Directly from the Disk Memory System manual: 100 CALL CLEAR 110 DIM TYPE$(5) 120 TYPE$(1)="DIS/FIX" 130 TYPE$(2)="DIS/VAR" 140 TYPE$(3)="TNT/FIX" 150 TYPE$(4)="INT/VAR" 160 TYPE$(5)="PROGRAM" 170 INPUT "MASTER DISK(1-3)? ":A 180 A=INT(A) 190 IF A<1 THEN 170 200 IF A>3 THEN 170 210 OPEN #1:"DSK"&STR$(A)&".",INPUT, RELATIVE,INTERNAL 220 INPUT #1:A$,J,J,K 230 DISPLAY "DSK";STR$(A); " - DISKNAME = ";A$:"AVAILABLE = ";K;"USED = ";J-K 240 DISPLAY:"FILENAME SIZE TYPE P":"---------- ---- ------- -" 250 FOR LOOP=1 TO 127 260 INPUT #1:A$,A,J,K 270 IF LEN(A$)=0 THEN 350 280 DISPLAY:A$;TAB(12);J;TAB(17);TYPE$(ABS(A)); 290 IF ABS(A)=5 THEN 320 300 B$=" "&STR$(K) 310 DISPLAY SEG$(B$,LEN(B$)-2,3); 320 IF A>0 THEN 340 330 DISPLAY TAB(28);"Y"; 340 NEXT LOOP 350 CLOSE #1
  2. Interesting. I have a TI disk controller, so I've never seen this. You got a screenshot?
  3. I'm ashamed to admit I haven't heard of this place, but sad to here nonetheless.
  4. Sounds cool and interesting. I'll check out the thread - thank you! B)
  5. I'd like to know more about this before i vote. Is there a thread for some more information?
  6. Sorry it took a bit longer to actually finish the video than expected - good one! ("Learn to love the taste of spaghetti code" 🤣). Excited to see this one released into the wild.
  7. New to me - I'd like to have a PDF copy once it's all cleaned up.
  8. If memory serves wasn't the TMS9900 designed for mini computers? That in mind these all look to me like they're out of some TI-brand minicomputer.
  9. Interesting find and bit of history. Also rather sad to see the state that it is in.
  10. It's not native and it is "C.O.D." software, but PC99 runs well in DOSBox+Linux. I rather prefer it nowadays.
  11. Definitely find a good home for them - I'd pick them up myself but I'm not in WA.
  12. Same. I went to a Montessori school for a year before going to the regular public elementary, and it had probably one of the first computer labs in town, chuck full of TIs. There was even a robotic turtle that we'd have move around.
  13. Hehehe - well that's good at least There is the patented startup beep: I assume then that the sound chip is turned back on only after the VDP is initialized? The would seem to suggest as you say that it isn't the VDP.
  14. Maybe it was you who'd said it - I distinctly recall someone saying as much recently as it stuck out in my mind as being strange and anomalous
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