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  1. Okay, (P)rinting to (F)ile did the trick, without having to reinvent the wheel. Nice - thank you @atrax27407 . Exactly why I needed a "clean" DIS/VAR 80 file
  2. I guess I'll give that a try after trying atrax27407's suggestion Sounds simple enough a fix - I'll try that :)
  3. I was noticing how all of the editors I tried left artifacts at the end of the file. I've tried both the stock (40-Col) TI-Writer and it's 80-Col version, BA Writer, and the 40-Col editor from FunnelWeb. They all leave artifacts, and to top it off, files saved with the 80-Col TI-Writer will not load under the 40-Col version (the system hangs - which could be because I'm running all this on a nanoPEB, but also could be because the file doesn't agree with the editor version, which is what I tend to suspect). So the question is, is there an editor out there that doesn't leave these EOF artifacts? (I had to write a small program to write a small DIS/VAR 80 file I needed without artifacts, but it would not be very efficient for larger DIS/VAR 80 files)
  4. I've been checking it out too. Just thought I'd see what OS/99 has to offer in contrast. No TIPI yet, but I'll remember that. Thanks!
  5. No, but thanks though! I've got the Disk Memory System manual. See whtech listing here at /Cartridges/MAME/rpk/os99_40.rpk That's the OS/99 I'm speaking of. It is also on the 'stock' Finalgrom zip under 'TOOLS'.
  6. I've been looking for the OS/99 Manual. Anyone got that?
  7. Interesting... the command line reminds me a bit of Vim.
  8. SLOAD isn't a normal part of the MFM package. My MFM disk has a readme, an EA5 program file, and an Extended BASIC LOADer.
  9. The following suggestions assume you have the correct hardware: via RS232 with MFM, TELCO, or TIMXT via the nanoPEB/CF7+'s CF card and Fred Kaal's TI99Dir I don't know much about it yet, but the TIPI I'm sure provides yet another means, and as you say there being many ways to approach it, these are just a few more methods.
  10. Is the Alpha Lock down? (Hehehe - just kdding) Seriously though, are there even many programs on the 99 which can make use of a mouse?
  11. That sounds good, but if you knew the "long story" then you'd know that really isn't an option. For better or worse, the computer is going to have to stay as is for the time being (i.e., no updates can be made now).
  12. MESS 0.152 (I know its a bit old - long story)
  13. I couldn't get the rpk to load
  14. Salaams and Ramadan Mubarak. Great idea - looks cool...! 😎 👍
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