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  1. Yes, I remember reading that sometimes the CF cards just aren't "compatible".... hopefully that does the trick
  2. You're going to have to keep us posted on the progress of this project
  3. Not sure I've ever seen an old style manual for this title.......................... Okay, just checked the Cyc, and there is an old style cover. Do you have the Cyc from CaDD? It's totally worth the ~50$ ....
  4. I've never been able to pull keys off a beige unit (though admittedly I never tried *that* hard to do so, since there wasn't really a reason to). And if they do come off, they certainly don't come off as easily as they do on black and silver units.
  5. I wonder if Schmitzi (with the our help course) could edit his first post, and we can start consolidating all these books there. It would things easier to find. Just a thought
  6. Whoops... these look like some new titles. I'll lookout them when I get over onto windoze later.
  7. My apologies... I meant to try to dig these up for you. I'll do that asap.
  8. Interesting product. They could always be printed I suppose. In the meantime you could use an image of the keyboard as cheatsheet.
  9. I've had better luck recently than in times past with Classic99 running in the WINE environment. Can even do a paste into now :).
  10. That's interesting to know that such leveraging goes back to the Horizon RAMDisk. I wonder though what it is about the nano that breaks some programs. It does seem like the creator did put a fair amount of thought into the design, so it's weird there are these handful of incompatibilities.
  11. Emulation of the nanoPEB could be really helpful I'd think - if for nothing else, testing a program's compatibility with the it. I've had a few disappointments now with breakages - like TI Casino and even Plato (which I was really down to see that isn't compatible with the nano).
  12. That's a shame there isn't a widely favored format that agrees with both MAME and PC99 (fairly new PC99 user - I've been liking it).
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