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  1. Cooking meat on the top grill would void the warranty pretty quickly...lol 😅😁
  2. Quickest draw in the west. They don't call him Master for nothing. 😄
  3. I would agree to disagree...Ahmed Best IS the character Jar Jar Binks. His portrayal is indeed his very own, just as any other actor playing the role would make it their very own. Personality traits and mannerism's play a big role in a characters on-screen persona. Actors at often times BECOME that character and completely lose themselves in the art form of creative self-expression. Is Andy Serkis NOT Gollum from Lord of the Rings? Is he NOT Snoke from The Last Jedi? King Kong from Rise of the Planet of the Apes? Is he NOT any of those characters??? What if they got Pee Wee Herman to take the role of Gollum? I think you'd see 2 vastly different portrayal's of one character. "He is just a guy they paid to read some written lines and to act a part for a few weeks/months" is really just throwing wind at the character creation process. They don't just pick these actors randomly from the streets on a whim. There is a lot of careful planning and articulation that goes on behind the scenes.
  4. Poor Jar Jar... I feel even worse for all of the hate that the actor (Ahmed Best) had to endure. People can be REALLY cruel. 🤕 Here's a guy trying to establish a name for himself in Hollywood and put food on the table. Instead he gets ripped apart and shamed for his role. Being a passionate Star Wars fan is one thing. Being a racist, foul mouthed asshole hiding behind a keyboard is another.
  5. Cheers @Zeptari1, for me, half the fun of creating something is the brainstorming and gathering of ideas. Sometimes, I get carried away with too much content/design and it ends up having a visually negative effect. Short and sweet is often times the best way to go. A blank canvas can be overwhelming at times (especially when you have a client, a deadline to beat and a bad case of artistic brain block (hate that!)). Glad to hear you have been inspired! You are only limited by your imagination! Keep it up! 😁👍 Zaxxon took A LOT of my quarters as a kid. It's probably only one of the very few games that I never really got that good at. Might of had something to do with the 3D isometric perspective that threw me off. There wasn't many games back then that had the look and feel of Zaxxon (which also had a very visually appealing logo).
  6. I can only imagine what that kind of technology could bring to the porn industry. 🙈🙉🙊
  7. That's a great commercial 😁👍 ...reminds of Strafe on Kickstarter.
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