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  1. @woobman made me do it. Perhaps he can further elaborate on this peculiar concoction.
  2. If you are a fan of the original Intellivision (and Atari 2600) be sure to check out Papa Pete's YouTube channel.
  3. Look who won the auction. @AtariSociety Happy B-Day TJ.
  4. A nice Intellivision games compilation video. Any notables missing? Has anybody played them all? I've never seen the game Hard Hat before. Looks like it could be a fun re-imagined multiplayer game (I'm beginning to sound like @Intellivision Master ). Reminds me of Hard Hat Mack on the Commodore 64.
  5. The Sesame Street gang think the new shell design is awesome! Especially The Count! (he's been an early adopter of the Galaxy Purple since the very beginning, "AH AH AH!")
  6. Credit due to the artist that captured the retro look and feel of the old-school original Intellivision box art. Very nicely done imo! I look forward to seeing more!
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