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  1. lol, every time you say that, it immediately makes me think of this...
  2. That was pretty cool!!! Although, it looks like the author removed the video shortly after uploading?? Thanks to whoever put that video together. As you can tell, I have a great deal of fun using Photoshop. Also a big thanks to everybody here on AtariAge!
  3. Who's looking forward to a reimagined Utopia? What types of things would you like to see in the new game?
  4. Not surprising to see Amico's on eBay, listing for $1,999.99 each. Supply and demand = $$$$$
  5. I've got about 2 hours sunk into Sneaky Sasquatch. It's been a fun and intuitive game so far. The way he eats his food and the sounds he makes is comical! Paste YouTube links directly into the editor. It's as easy as that.
  6. I feel your pain, I'm a Leafs fan. At least we got back to back World Series Wins in '92 and '93. Those teams were STACKED! And we all know having the best players does not always equate to a championship. *cough Atlanta Braves *cough *cough
  7. Physical Media? Heck yeah!!! @AtariSociety gets all of the coolest stuff! If you haven't joined the Intellivision Amico Society Facebook Group or Subscribed to his YouTube channel what the heck are you waiting for???
  8. Another intermission incoming.....Cheers! @IMBerzerk
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