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  1. Just checked with a friend who has the C64 version. It is in fact purple and the one I have is a blue box, so it looks like Colecovision version is a different color box than the C64/Atari version.
  2. From what I see online the C64 version is a purple box. The one I have is a blue box. Did they make both colors for C64 or is the blue box specific to the Colecovision?
  3. I just recently started collecting boxed Colecovision games and I received this game recently in a collection I purchased. I can’t find any information on this particular variant. It’s a larger box than a normal Colecovision game and all I can find online is the regular Oil’s Well version. Can anyone help explain the story behind this version. Thanks
  4. I also received tank wars in the collection I purchased. It’s very clear this is a repro since the cover art is slightly blurry and just feels like a newer box. Still excited to have it since it seems to be almost impossible to find either original or as a repro. I also got some other really interesting homebrew games which you might appreciate
  5. Based on your info I think it’s the repro box. Here is the pic of the styrofoam inserts inside the box
  6. Ok thanks for the info. I will check out collectorvision to see if they can provide me with any info on whether the box is a repro
  7. Do you know if there is a way to tell if it’s a repro or original box?
  8. Thanks Pixelboy! I was just looking through the games I got and happened to notice these 2 were the exact same game. thanks for clearing that up for me
  9. Found this in a collection of colecovision games I just bought. Looked online and couldn’t find much info on this game. Can anyone tell by the pictures if this game is authentic. The back of the box is completely in German. But from what it looks like this game was never released in the US
  10. I bought a rather large colecovision homebrew collection. There are a bunch of games I can’t find any info on but these 2 look to be the exact same game with a different name. They also come in a vhs style clamshell box. Does anyone have any info on these 2 games?
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