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  1. Like a yearly Charle Brown Halloween special when we were kids. Maybe instead of a day, they stick around for a few weeks to a month? Would be a system differentiator for sure.
  2. @Tommy Tallarico, will the physical editions release at the same time as the digital? Will the store front notify you if a physical version is, or soon will be available? $10 for a digital version and $20 for a physical version releasing 2 weeks later = (for me) $30 and a non-needed second version of a game. Has this been considered WRT value for the consumer?
  3. Agreed, great interview. @Tommy Tallarico, one thing I have not heard in any recent interviews was how you started all this with listing everything you and the team felt was wrong with the current industry, and worked to address each one with the Amico as a system (console, game shop, partnering, curation, etc...). I always felt that was a very powerful statement and it has stuck with me almost a full year later. Here is a prediction - 14 days before launch there will be a breaking huge news story - “Amico has been outed as a large and intricate scam!”. Then 13 days before launch - April fools! It would be 1 great day for the haters (and likely their last). There’s a joke in there somewhere regarding haters and fools, but just can’t quite pull it out...
  4. Thanks. Nice read and they either know something about Tron and let the cat out of the bag, or they caught it wrong. Also found it interesting that there are 12 lights around the disc. Wondering if these lights will be utilized to reference (or set) a clock.
  5. I’d vote for Speed Racer. Mystery, racing, gadgets, allies and enemies and a story; heck even the art style isn't that far off from some of the games presented.
  6. If I give my employer info, can you just take it out of my check?
  7. Well said. Guess it depends on where your focus and perspective lies. Unfortunately it wouldn't be the first time some is judged based on another...
  8. Not any more 😭 Congrats to Brad, that new score (37,200) will be very hard to beat.
  9. That makes sense, guess I just assumed the same game was owned by the same folks. Thanks.
  10. @Tommy Tallarico Has any thought been put into naming Burning Rubber, Bump ‘n Jump instead, given the INTV history with the latter name? Have been looking forward to this one being remade and would love it to see it keep the original (to me anyway) name.
  11. Has anyone found any easter eggs in the Moon Patrol demo? I would have thought there might be a running man hidden in the background somewhere (or the fore ground if they wanted to really hide it), but havent found anything yet. Also, a Moon Patrol Sequel suggestion - Moon Patrol - Battlestar Galactica, 12 Colonies Chronicles Wasted Studios wouldn't even need to update the buggy graphics given the similar BSG flying shuttle and Landram set styles 🤓
  12. Please, canoes is a little close to home; bags works just fine. if it aint broke...
  13. Sorry, one last thingtm, skeptics and people with critiques are not (at least by my standards) considered haters. Haters (by my definition) are those that make up facts, obsess on following and trashing something they are “not interested” in, yelling at every roof top and investing considerable time and effort in dispensing lies to anyone willing to listen in order to try and sway (influence) peoples’ opinions. If you wish to retire the Hater moniker, what term would YOU like used in stead; cause if the term fits, it fits.
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