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  1. My top 10 advertised in-work titles list (plus honorable mentions) 1 - Cloudy Mountain 2 - Skiing 3 - B-17 4 - Biplanes 5 - Burgertime 6 - Utopia 7 - Bump ‘n Jump 8 - Nitro Derby 9 - Night Stalker 10 - Texas Hold’em Others that make my excited-for list: Hockey Golf Load Runner MLB Baseball My future games top 10 list (advertised or otherwise) 1 - Raiders of the Lost Ark 2 - Space Spartans 3 - Space Battle 4 - Sea Battle 5 - Treasures of Tarmin 6 - Swords and Serpents 7 - any Tron game 8 - any Star Wars game 9 - Craps 10 - Commando @Tommy Tallarico I got a few questions on the above list. 1) Assuming IE gets the Indiana Jones license, would you envision a Raiders of the Lost Ark story arc or do you think the game would be keyed to something different (like a tie-in with the upcoming movie)? Hoping for a RotLA based game... 2) Would you look to seek a Battlestar Galactica license for the Space Battle title? There is both a series reboot and new movie reportedly in work... 3) More a comment than a question - While I generally agree with you on the pixel art argument, I can say that I dont really like the switch version of Burgertime; as for one I find it too cartoony for my taste (for this particular game)and two, you end up blowing through so many levels so quickly that you don't really get to appreciate them individually. Thanks and take care.
  2. I’m allergic to cats, but same argument can be made for Amico cat items. Queue the bird lovers on where they are covered - 5, 4, 3... (FYI, not allergic to birds)
  3. IE needs pet items in their store. Banking, pharmaceuticals, kids and pets; that’s where the money is to be made. Examples - Running Man with leashed dog graphic dog bowls, pet bags and auto vinyl stickers, Amico dog hats & running man leashes and collars.
  4. In order - 1, 4, 2, 5, 3. Would also love to see a cut of market testing and the reaction of folks prior to and after playing on the system. Would assume there are issues with permissions on this one though, but that would be cool.
  5. I’m totally game when the feature hits. You’ll all be able to see just how casual of a gammer I really am. Will just need to keep my wife (Amico Club Moon Patrol contest winner) off the list as to not advertise how much she schools me on Amico. 🎓🎮 😁
  6. @Tommy Tallarico - Hi Tommy, Question above from last week is still open, if it is anything you can talk about. Looking to confirm if there will be a physical media running theme option for collectors looking for uniformity in their collection; i.e., uniform box size, art style, category bannering like the original games (space, sports, for example) & running media theme? Thanks!
  7. Forget the $400 consoles, auto makers have reportedly cut back on car production due to chip shortages, and its much easier for them to bury cost uppers for their chips given their small percentage of the total costs that are required for build (parts, labor, facilities, etc. and especially given their $30k+ price tags) then for consoles with much lower cost and chips representing a higher percentage of the overall component cost. The take away is that despite the low percentage chip cost (or more likely availability) required for build, the chip shortage is preventing auto makers from bringing their $30k+ products to market.
  8. A quality Amico System with optimized store front, games, viable supply chain and completion of required certifications. Alternative to waiting is an unfinished, non-certified (i.e. illegal to sell) hardware, higher production cost (due to higher part costs - and that is assuming all parts are even available) system. My vote is for the delay. Agree its not the news we were all hoping for, but unfortunately current reality trumps wants.
  9. Thanks Silverbot, i did watch it earlier and the newer version definitely looks fun. Ideally, if IE ends up making something like this, that they combine the rescue aspect of Retro-X with the fighting aspect of whats in the video you provided the link to. I’m bumbed Retro-X is no longer available in the US on IOS 😫. The motion control play mechanics were spot on.
  10. Here is a more modern take. Already provided the suggestion and developer info to Tommy, said he would look into it. @Tommy Tallarico, any news on this suggestion? https://toucharcade.com/2008/12/25/a-look-at-cave-flyer-retro-from-big-head-games/
  11. If god modes were added to games (unlimited balls in Breakout, for instance), the game should not allow the score be eligible for leaderboards. Seems simple enough.
  12. Agreed, and since Tommy apparently has pulled back on Blarneo’s Math Fun Title, maybe he’d be appeased by getting a “Blarneo’s Unlimited Balls Mode” in Breakout.
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