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  1. Thank Juice, you just nailed the confirmation that Amico is addressing one of mobiles biggest issues. Moon patrol is basically two buttons with an accelerometer twist, and control wise it doesn’t get much simpler than that for an action game. Amico controllers will not have these control issues. Watch some of the videos on Amico controller and you will see how many resources IE’s invested to ensure the get them right.
  2. Cartoon art style is cool, but the art style should fit the game. Art style for the games on the system should be as varied as the library. If there is a similar art style for 80% of the games, Amico may alienate (maybe not the right word) a portion of their intended demographic. Taking Astrosmash as an example, looks highly stylized and may appeal to different folks if it was a simpler style. Have been traveling and not much time these days to get here too often or leave posts, and as such also running little farther behind then usual. To expand on the above, if there are some simple setting that can be added to games as to make them appealing to a larger audience, that would have to considered be a major positive (there are negatives too). The fore mentioned option in the card game to have a second more mature skin is just one example. Another could be slders in Astrosmash that let the player select the size of the asteroids and a second for the size of the turrets. This allows the user to set things to their preference and also add variations to the game play. Want to bump up the asteroid size and appreciate the graphics, easy; want to balance graphics and scale, just slide the sliders and view the setting impact on the live preview screen; want a vast play area with a lot of real estate, slide it all the way to the left. A second slider could adjust the size (and therefore the speed) of the turrets and bring in additional elements to the game. A third slider could be employed to select the quantity of asteroids. Maybe include an easter egg that if you set all 3 to the correct setting, you get to play the OG game. Of course high scores then becomes an issue, but a note and default button could be added to direct the user to select the IE regulation (default) settings for high scores to be submitted online. If this paradigm were employed on a large scale IE could call it something like the “vantage” gaming engine.
  3. Respectfully disagree. Fact is the system will not be for some folks and arguing that fact (and not respecting those opinions) may come off even worse. If someone comes across as not sure, there is both an opining to try and educate and inform them on the system and the ability to influence their opinion; however for those that comes across closed minded or as 100% sure they won’t like it, why waste time (both yours an theirs)? I like the statement that the system may not be for them. Its short, factual, respectful and acknowledges there is potential for them to still change their mind once they actually play the system and games.
  4. Cartoon art style is cool, but the art style should fit the game. Art style for the games on the system should be as varied as the library. If there is a similar art style for 80% of the games, Amico may alienate (maybe not the right word) a portion of their intended demographic. Taking Astrosmash as an example, looks highly stylized and may appeal to different folks if it was a simpler style. What will make Amico the most successful will be to have games in their library that appeal to all (i.e, cartoon games, pixel art games, classic games, clinical looking games, cute games, etc.). I’ve seen games I am interested in, and games not as much. Do I not buy the system because there are games I don't think I would like, or do buy it for those I think I will? For me the answer is easy, but if the majority of games trend toward one or two art styles, I think IE would be leaving some potential adopters on the table. From what I’ve seen to date, think IE and the developers are generally taking a good direction, but like everything else, there is always room for improvements.
  5. I’m looking forward to this game, but was it just me in that the cars looked hard to control (either that or they were showing some rookies playing). Hoping the controls are great on this game to allow for some heated racing. I used to race off-road RC’s and remember 1 race in particular where me and second place (no I didn't get 3rd 😁) were never more than 3 feet apart, mixing it up the whole race. Being able to foster that kind of competition would no doubt make this game an exceptional winner. In other news; matte, no streaming issues on my end (but was not able to watch it live), slip did not surprise me but the amount of slip did (but understand that getting it right is the important thing) and believe IE is padding things a bit for the continued uncertainty of COVID. Mother-in-law was impressed with the mission, wife was touched by the the reasoning of the original launch date, 18 year old was not impressed with the style of graphics (he's a PC gammer), but did say he’d need to play the games to see if he liked them and for myself liked the vast majority of the event. Was good to see the developer side of things. The card game looked a little too kiddie for me & my family and it would be nice if there were an option for a more older looking skin to the game. Hoping the reticle for Missile Command does not look that large in the finished game. I know they include missile inventory, adding to the size, but for myself typically like a larger scale/volume to the game area with smaller components within, but thats a personal preference of mine and may not be shared by others. 8 months to go and looking forward to each and every reveal between now and the release.
  6. Can’t wait Tommy. I’m sure pushing the event a day wasn't an easy decision, but with everything I’ve seen to date on what you and your team is accomplishing, I trust your decision was based on merit and wisdom. Cant wait, but unfortunately will have to catch it after work and will need to wait just a little longer. Good luck tomorrow! (even if you don't believe in luck)
  7. “The announcement video was pushed 1 day to allow footage for the just licensed Tron Franchise; oh, and the Amico ship date is confirmed for 10/10/2020” - WOULDN'T THAT BE SOMETHING™
  8. 2020 is so screwed it needs its own new acronym - SNNASFUBAR - Situation Not Normal, And Still F’ed Up Beyond All Repair Disappointing the event got moved but l’m sure the upcoming stream will soon make the slip just a blip compared to the news that awaits us. The most disappointing thing for me is it gives the haters another nugget to cling on to before they get schooled (Was hoping today would be that day) anyway - Amico is the system that brings enjoyment to everyone; even the Haters™
  9. If you are telling me to self isolate, and (heres the important part) you are a dr., I could swing that 🤕
  10. I’ll trade ya. 10:00 is smack in the middle of my work day, with no opportunity to break away (going to be a busy day). Will have to wait till after 4:00. Those 6 hours are going to suck.
  11. 100% agreed; but also 100% understandable if it slips - and 100% hoping it doesn't.
  12. I would not be surprised if this becomes available as we get closer to launch; and if Amico is delayed, you may be able to buy the controller/charger combo pack at (or before) launch.
  13. I noticed while watching Papa Petes 125 Microsurgeon episode that the game’s name was trade marked on the box. I wonder if that means Imagic is getting royalties on all the micro surgeons business cards, office signage, adds, conferences, education courses, etc.? Wouldn't that be something™
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