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  1. $30 or $50 more may not sway you or me (and preorders not withstanding), but it would likely result in thousands or 10’s of thousands less units sold. That being said, think typical business practice for current supply would be to release the first non-presale units at a higher price then reduce as things are able to scale (from a purely supply/demand price perspective, there are always other considerations)
  2. So maybe a new car was a bad example. What about a startup company not many have heard of and you are counting on buzz to help sell your new to market, first product launch item. You don't want that buzz peaking 9 months before people can find it in a store, you want it peaking when it benefits the company most; when the buzz can drive sales, which in turn can drive additional buzz.
  3. I’ll try an example I’m developing a car that does 0-60 in 2 seconds, looks awesome and gets 200mpg. Car won’t be ready to sell for another year. Me telling you about how it looks here costs me nothing, but me telling you about the specs above now costs me a timed impactful release of that information. I (as the company owner) wouldn’t wan’t that info getting out to the masses until I have something people can act on, like buying my product. I personally don’t thinks it dumb to hold back, quite the opposite I’m fact (not that I think you or your opinion is dumb, it’s your opinion, just like mine is mine). Any decisions Tommy and IE make for what I think will lead to a stronger launch has my vote, even if it means I don’t get info earlier.
  4. Think the key is they are holding on to some of the bigger nuggets until just before people can go buy one, in order to maximize impact. I think It’s a balancing act right now - show enough to keep people who are interested…, well interested; keep enough in the bank for later, greater and what will be a larger audience impact
  5. This was AWESOME! If you havent taken a listen, do yourself a favor and take 3 min and give it a spin. so cool!
  6. It released yesterday, did you miss it? Hearing they sold out and will be out of stock till 10/10/21 (est) 🤣
  7. We didn’t get to the vs skiing. There was discussion in that Tommy was wanting to show it to us, but after a few single rounds we were off to the next game and missed that one. Dynablasters was more fun then I had originally envisioned and my wife liked it as well. My particular character was fitted with some big head ware which made it look/feel like they they would have a hard time navigating the intersections (it didn’t) but don't think I’ll personally be outfitting my character this way. On the flip side, it’s cool you can customize to that degree and with my eye’s, I might find in the end that bigger is better.
  8. A big thanks going out for Tommy, Kevin and Mike at IE. IE awarded my wife her hard earned Moon Patrol Marquee Light Box (which is awesome BTW), signed by Tommy and the producer of the original Moon Patrol, Scott Tsumura. Such a great award that my wife (and me 😁) will cherish and appreciate for years to come. I’ll post some pics, once we get it hung. We also got to meet a few others at IE, including John Alvarado (EYHO Michael Garvey 🤢), and got a tour of their new offices. Such a great space filled with great, friendly and talented people; how could Amico not be great when it’s finally released? We were given the royal treatment and even got a preview of an upcoming Crayola Experience video short they were editing together when we arrived. You all probably know I’m already sold on Amico on the concept alone, but its nice to see first hand that the execution won’t disappoint; and as my wife is not as invested as myself, I was eagerly looking forward to see what she thought about the system after getting a chance to play it. Beyond having a great time with the tour and meeting everyone, she also really enjoyed playing the majority of the games we sampled. We saw/played Astosmash, Dyna Blasters, Shark! Shark!, Evel Knievel, Skiing, Finnegan Fox, Pool, Emoji Charades, Moon Patrol, Bi Planes & Missile Command (think that was all of them). We only got to really scratch the surface on these, but I thought they all looked to be really well done, and as important, really fun to play. My wife wasn’t so much into Missile Command, but did specifically mention she’s looking forward to playing more Astrsmash, Evel Knievel, Moon Patrol and the Charades game. My wife is not much of a gamer, much less so then myself (and I rate myself as a very casual gammer), so its nice to see her be excited for Amico. Some of the other highlights was seeing what I assume was a late iteration of the UI, and think they’ve got some pretty smart and artful elements that people will really appreciate. We also got to see the white Amico in person, and got to say I think it gives the black one a run for its money. I believe anyone who’s ordered white will be happy with their choice when they get it. I thought the controllers were really, really well done and I’d put them about the weight of my cell phone but a little bulkier. l thought they would be a little heavier, but I liked feel. The best way I can describe the disc is that it is silky smooth. Best example of the precision of the disc that we saw was in Shark! Shark!, as you use all 360 deg in the game and it really shows off the capability of the disc system. I also thought the disc was perfectly sized, balancing speed (smaller = faster) and precision (bigger = more precise). Sound was great (really great) across the board, but what else would you expect from a company run by an audio guy. Some of the things that really stuck with me and took me a bit by surprise was the colorfulness and art style of Shark! Shark! that really just sucks you in; the complex and realistic stall mechanics in Bi Planes (Tommy kicked my butt in this one, and considering I was an ace in Triple action, it goes to show that while the versions are similarly based, there’s enough of a difference to require a learning curve - for one, there is a lot more going on on the screen then the original); Evel Knievel is now a must-get for myself (before I played it I was only luke warm to it - and if it wasn’t now on my list, its on my wife’s); for those who’ve played the Moon Patrol demo, there are many new elements in later levels that you’ll get to experience; pool has a very well done interface/shot/aim mechanic that really takes the game up a level (and the sound effects are spot on!). Missile Command aiming will take me a while to get down. I believe the screen-as-a-track pad type input is a huge improvement over any of the non-playable D-pad controlled versions, but the screen input is so fast on Amico (thats right, the control is almost too fast here) that it is harder to control with precision until you get some practice under your belt. You can literally cross the screen in a 1/10th of a second, and what size was that TV Tommy, guessing 85”? Was a great day, saw and did some great things, but most importantly we met some really great people! Looking forward to playing this in our own home and being able to dig in a bit deeper into the system and the games. A special shout out to my wife for making this all a possibility for me; and not only did I teach her to play Moon Patrol, but the student became the master, and I’m her biggest fan!
  9. Thanks Tommy, excited to finally be able to get down there, meet you and some of the team, play some Amico and have my wife collect her award. With all we’ve had going on here, the pandemic and the delay with is being able to get down there, I started to feel a bit like a P&I WRT not taking advantage of the IE invite. Sorry for the “lag” on our end. We’ve been really looking forward to this for a while and excited to finally be able to get down there. See you soon.
  10. For 1, I’d be surprised if they didn’t employ dynamic zoom to address a large part of this. Guessing once thats been maxed, the lagging (there’s that word again) player would fall off and be placed back on the course closer to the rest of the pack, along with an accompanying time penalty.
  11. Very good article, and while Amico is not mentioned, a highly likely future consumer is. https://apple.news/AlVVLJSduS-GmZBfVWk8JEA Looks like we’re moving on from Amico lag to boomer lag, self included 🤣
  12. Congrats! Honestly, I’m not surprised at this type of recognition. Working with passionate people with an invested common goal leads to great working environments and noteworthy company achievements. Now to just get your products into passionate consumers hands... thats when the real fun starts 😁
  13. I’d be curious to know how E3 has impacted the average number of daily pre-orders...
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