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  1. I’m curious if IE is going to update the shifty eyed dealer and give him a handlebar mustache
  2. Tommy has moved to Argentina; said something about winning $13M on the lottery 🤣
  3. Thanks! Are you talking about remakes of the original titles, or re-releasing the original Intellivision games? My question was for the latter.
  4. Anyone remember hearing if the 3rd party original Intellivision games are also planned to be re-released for Intellivision? Would love to be able to re-play these classic games too. Hoping IE will work an arrangement with the license holders and include these in some retro packs as well. My top original would-like-to-see list: 1) Burger Time 2) Bump ‘n’ Jump 3) Atlantis 4) Swords and Serpents (with bug fix) 5) Microsurgeon 6) Beauty and the Beast 7) Pitfall
  5. Anyone else having an issue viewing this one? Watched live for the first hour or so, but haven't been able to get it to load to watch the rest
  6. I like the larger option and my choices for good looking iconic box art would be: 1) Auto Racing 2) Sea Battle 3) Sub Hunt 4) Utopia Edited to add Space Battle, can’t forget that one! Above are previously posted opinions. Thanks Curly!!
  7. Some cool new stuff. I’m holding out for the box art prints myself. I recommend that site be updated to identify the color of the shirts. I noticed for the Las Vegas Poker shirt, it will put your selection at the top, so that works (if people figure that out) but the Utopia shirts (for example) do not, and see that there likely could be some people getting a color other then they were expecting.
  8. Could Amico be substantially bigger than we are all hoping for? I recently read that chip manufacturing is (and has been for a while) at 100%. The issue (to my understanding) isn’t that chip manufacturing is less than it was pre-pandemic, but that current demand is higher than pre-pandemic levels and the manufacturing infrastructure in place cannot meet current demand. Reiterating; the issue is not reduced manufacturing capacity, but rather increased demand. Given that Amico is a new product on the cusp of coming out, maybe its pre-release demand is larger then we understand and it is what has broken the system. Tommy did say he wanted Amico to be a disruptor. Just sayin... But for ‘reals’, my true understanding is that with Just In Time Manufacturing the temporary reduction realized in chip manufacturing (and everything else) has created a backlog. Now everything from assembly, shipping, customs/ports, etc. is backed up trying to burn down the backlog. My point to this; if you really want to help Amico get released in big numbers this year, stop buying other sh&#.
  9. @Tommy Tallarico - Been fun watching all the recent Amico related videos, especially seeing Amico out in the general public. Looking forward to seeing more of those up-to and beyond launch. I was also happy to hear (via AAA) you address production plans beyond the initial launch and your targeted number of units you are trying to hit for Black Friday, as I was beginning to get concerned there might be a significant gap between the 1st and subsequent runs due to the cost/availability of components. Thanks again as always for being so transparent. Its a shame that some have doubled down on their negativity and have squandered a very rare opportunity to be apart and enjoy this journey like the rest of us here. Looking forward to meeting you soon, when my wife picks up her Moon Patrol Contest prize.
  10. Yea, by “ditch” I meant more take it out of the cabinet, not sure I could part with it. I even kept my old amp when it dropped a channel, but it was such an awesome sounding 7.1 integrated amp, I cant part with it; even though it doesn't support HDMI. It sounded better then my current Yamaha flagship receiver. Maybe its time i get it fixed, hook it back up to the mini-disc player and set them up in the garage
  11. Yea, was going to just get 2 Amico’s (and with it have 4 controllers) but my LR entertainment cabinet is full. Thinking it may be time to ditch the Mini-Disc player...
  12. I was going to get a second power cord (hopefully via pre-order) as I wanted to be able to move my Amico between the Living Room and another room; with the above, realize I’ll need a 3rd for when I take Amico on the road.
  13. Pretty great investment draw for a product “with no market demand”; others’ words, not mine
  14. Amico 2.0 controller early design work. Was going to say something about them using a certain someone for the experiment, but didn't want to insult the monkey with the joke.
  15. Thanks, pressure sensitivity might be a good feature to use in games where the screen employs several zones (buttons) to ensure only intended inputs are registered. That would allow your finger to hunt the correct area and then press harder to register the input. I am really looking forward to seeing the re-release of the original games and IE’s solution for the keypad buttons and overlays; although the latter isn’t to hard to imagine.
  16. I think (could be wrong) pressure sensitivity is based on area of contact, with more finger area touching the screen when pressing harder, and not any sort of mechanical depression force type sensor.
  17. Does anyone know if IE kept the screen pressure sensitivity in their design? If so and they use grids, would be good to set an input trigger on the original games to require a bit of pressure to avoid erroneous brush type touch inputs.
  18. Thanks again. These shots make it appear the screen may actually be very close in size to the original keypad. If grids are employed, they may be able to use thinner walled dividers between the buttons, allowing for individual buttons to be a little larger then the originals, although I’d think the screen would utilize some input dead space between the buttons as well. Also, loving the blue lanyard.
  19. Thanks Grudge. Its nice to see the scale (disclaimer on uncertainty of final disc design acknowledged). Looks like the Amico screen may be a smidge larger then the original keypad as well. It will be interesting to see how IE navigates Amico’s use of displayed overlays for the original Intellivision’s games. I’d hope to see a reusable vinyl (or other material) grid that you can apply on the screen that provides tactile locations for the “button” zones. If so, will be interesting to see if they leverage that and keep the original 12 “button” design as an option for any new games in work and believe doing this would bring even more versatility to the controllers. Taking it a step further, IE could also include 4, 6 and 9 “button” grids for the developers (and us) to utilize for their games.
  20. @Tommy Tallarico - Was there any design iteration on the size of the disc? It looks smaller than the original and was curious if the disc was purposely sized for optimized control, or if it was more simply a fallout of fitting within the size of the controller ascetically.
  21. I wasn’t there, unfortunately, but I’m sure there are many folks who would not likely agree to be filmed, especially those with kids. I’m sure there will be more as more events are planned.
  22. Oh, the stories we tell. Nice! Makes me wonder if Zamboni will ever get into the elite automobile game. When I was dating my wife (before we got married) we went to Palm Springs for the weekend and I told her I was bringing her to the highest rated restaurant in Palm Springs. She was really surprised when we got to the sky tram, as it was then when I told her we needed to take to get get to the top of the mountain, where the cafeteria was 🤣
  23. Would be cool if you built a boat or a car and then get to race it, or turn based play where you build a castle which then gets attacked with large gauntlets, after which you then need to try and repair any damage before getting re-attacked; at least until your opponent causes enough damage in one turn that collapses a stronghold within the castle. Could be repair time or piece allocation based turns. Half the fun of building something with legos was always getting to destroy it.
  24. Has there ever been a lego CAD-like program where you could free build or build to a print, then view as you build from all angles and zooms? I think there could be some unique opportunities with Amico’s controllers with something like this. Think this could be fun and would help prevent people from stepping on those plastic blocks that got away when cleaning up; I can still vividly remember the pain that caused.
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