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  1. This story is about another game called Climber which was supposed to be completed in 1981. When Atari was supposed to discard the completed project. Supposedly someone found the only copy of this game in the trash and disappeared. Could this not be the real story?
  2. :? :? Yesterday I heard the story about the first prototype of a Atari Climber on 2600 (VCS) Apparently in the first version of this game Atari did not like the face of a Character who was allegedly deformed. Atari rejected the prototype and said that the main character looks like a sick child and the lines that disturb him are people who want to beat him. Apparently after a few years someone found the only one cartidge with this game but then suddenly the photo and trace of that person was lost. I was looking for something about this strange story but I found nothing, is it fake? or indeed something like that happened? :oops: :oops: I am sorry if my spelling is not perfect.
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