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  1. My preference for the order of games I would like to see first is as follows:- 1- Beauty and the Beast 2- Demon Attack 3- Microsurgeon
  2. Thank you for your replies, that was very helpful, I will do some further investigating to find the right phone for me. Thanks again, your help is much appreciated
  3. Can anyone advise me if the Amico Club app is on the huawei mobile services app store on the HUAWEI AppGallery and if not will it be likely to be put on in the future, as I am thinking of buying a Huawei phone and the phone does not use the google app store (I am new to using mobile smart phones so I do not fully know the pros and cons) It is android operating system. I have also just found information you can download the amazon app store on the phone as an alternative way of getting some common apps.
  4. What about this song:- I'm Mad/Fancy Man/Framed/Riot in Cell Block Number 9/Trouble It is a 1977 medley from a UK band called 'The Darts', they were a UK 'Doo-Wop' revival band (though there is no Doo-Wop in this track). I am not normally a fan of medley songs but this one is done well. It sounds as if it is just one song musically(sonically) and lyrically. You would not know it being a medley if you did not know the songs. The singer takes on the persona of a gangster and sings about his life. I did a little research into the song:- I'm Mad song was originally performed by Willie Mabon in 1953, he wrote this himself. Fancy Man part of the song written by the Darts band themselves. Framed was originally performed by 'The Robins' in 1954, written by Lieber and Stoller. Riot in Cell Block No. 9 was originally performed by 'The Robins' in 1954, written by Lieber and Stoller. Trouble was originally performed by Elvis Presley in 1958 (it was also featured in the 'King Creole' movie) and he also sung it in his 1968 comeback special show, written by Lieber and Stoller. You could say these old songs on this track have been retro re-imagined You can follow the words in the title of the song as the song plays (they are in the same order) The link for the track I'm Mad/Fancy Man/Framed/Riot in Cell Block Number 9/Trouble is below:- I think 'The Darts' were quite clever with what they did with this song as the song can stand alone in its own right. For your reference for those that are interested, here are the links for the original songs:- I'm Mad by Willie Mabon:- Framed by 'The Robins':- Riot in Cell Block No. 9 by 'The Robins':- Trouble by Elvis Presley (1958):-
  5. Would something like this be suitable on the Amico:- A game called Split Personalities published by Domark Software in 1986 (Developer : Ernieware). It was originally published as Splitting Images but due to the name sounding like a famous comedy show in the UK; they has to change it to Split Personalities (I played it on the ZX Spectrum but it also came out on the Commodore 64). It is a sliding jigsaw puzzle game with arcade elements. The tiles were 'off screen' and you could bring as many pieces out onto the playfield as you wanted (they came out in a random order). Sometimes a bomb would come out and you had to throw it out through a side door of the playing field before it exploded or you would lose a life. There were 10 pictures/levels of famous people to create. It started easy and got more complicated on later levels eg with a spider on one of the walls - you had to work the tiles around it, if you throw a tile at a spider - the tile would rebound back off it and risk losing the tile through an opposite side door. I started thinking about how to make the game multiplayer otherwise it would not be on the Amico. For 2 player you could have 2 square grid playing areas. Player 1 on the left grid and player 2 on the right. The point of this is so both players can play at the same time, and the winner will be the person who solves it first. Possibly to spice the gameplay up a little - when a bomb comes on the screen - instead of trying to get rid of it and it disappears, a players could fire it out of one the connecting doors into the other players grid - which would then explode and delete 1 or 2 of the other players tiles
  6. I have been looking at old retro games, and one that took my interest was Warlords first published by Atari in 1980 (since then I believe there have been several remakes since). According to a game description - the game is a combination of breakout and Quadrapong. It is a 1-4 player game where each player has to protect their fort (in each corner of the screen) whist attacking the other players fort. Are there any plans to re-update this game or make one in a similar style, as I thought it might be a good choice for the Amico. I have not included any links as I did not want to inadvertently break any forum rules with regards to advertising.
  7. Thank you for the information, that has put my mind at rest, I now know what I need.
  8. I have pre-ordered the Founders edition Amico, I am situated in the UK so I will need to buy an Adapter kit (according to Amico VIP pre-order FAQ). I am not sure what type of adapter I need as I do not want to blow-up the unit when I plug it in. Will the Amico be dual-voltage which means I can use a travel adapter (I can get one that has POWERFUL 10A OUTLET will this be sufficient - it says it can be used for consoles) Or if not will I need a voltage converter/transformer ? (I have not looked into this yet)
  9. I think Intellivision are doing a fantastic job (I'm hyper excited!) I will be buying new games that I would not normally consider trying. I am interested in every release - especially the retro games, I am interested in the multiplayer aspect of the system and would look into the board game genre as well (as well as other genres the system makes). I have a few questions:- 1)What will be the maximum storage capacity of the SD card and also the USB (if its used for storage) in gigabyte size that the Amico will take? 2)How will I be able to find out about the games on the Amico? eg on the Amico on-line shop:- - will there be a synopsis of the games - will there be user ratings for each game or a place for mini reviews - will there be game demos you can download
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