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  1. Hello, Been dormant for some time. In case any one may want PACMAN and MARIO ornaments on their tree, please feel free to bid. All the ornaments are glass and blastic balls (standard 2 1/2" glass balls and 4" plastic balls) http://cgi.ebay.com/ATARI-Pacman-Sonic-Mar...tem130179505672 For those of you who are new to AA... I did launch some starplex contriollers that I hand painted about two years ago. VGA knows and can vouch... I sent him one for Christmas two years ago and I sold several on ebay. If anyone wants to place an order, we can talk prices as it will depend on the complexity of what you want. Thanks Eric
  2. It's already in transit...It departed Thursday... I cannot mark them anymore than they already are. I'm surprised since I have been away from here and ebay for almost a year (selling) that ebay contacted me today in reply to my concerns and they too (at least the person who wrote me) feel that the buyer is suspicious as far as his early judgement on a box that he has not yet received. They gave me a few options and of courese tell me to call the guy. I want no BS from the idiot, so I will probably let him receive the box, but even though my auction did not clarify the no return policy (just said NO RETURNS) but I may open an exception this once but I want him to take photos of the box SEALED as it arrives, and step by step pics as he is opening it should he try a bogus claim. The speakers are marked, so that won't fly and if he files a claim, EBAY says to not refund a dime untill he goods are returned and in my posession for full inspection. They work and they are 100% and Hendra, ntavio, Sr.Ferraz in Brazil and a few others here purchased from me over a year ago and all know I am a no BS seller who packs well for travel. Just don't know what's up this guys ass.
  3. It's already in transit...It departed Thursday... I cannot mark them anymore than they already are.
  4. Thanks, and that's already done but my real question is how do I manage the PAYPAL and EBAY buyer-seller protection since I read theur info but does not come clear with my issue. The box was shipped FEDEX Ground on Thursday so it's scheduled for Tuesday delivery. Being that his attitude via e mail is that as carefull as I packed id and calling me a moron for placing both in the same box that they can get damaged. Not the case as I went as far as atraping the two individual boxes together before placing them in the larger and heavier box with loads of peanuts. There is no way in hell unless it falls off the back of the truck or a fork lift that I am responsible, and at that point since I doubt as it's a rare occurance. What I need to know is if I abort the delivery which FEDEX says I can do so by calling the 800 number and making the request. My wife is saying refund the idiot the shipping and eat the expense and be done with it as he is almost certain they will arrive damaged. Not in the mood to receive his switched speakers if that is his plan. Can't acuse they guy but his attitude even with his 100% pos feedback leads me to be suspicious. Thanks Anyone have a similar experience and was able to cancel a shipment while in transit?
  5. Wow... Havent been here in a very long time. Sorry for the long story but this buyer has me thinking. I recently sold a pair of high end vintage speakers to a buyer (member since 2002) with 100% pos feedback. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;rd=1&rd=1 The speakers were carefully packed (as I always do) and are in transit (buyer should receive Monday the 23rd of July.) Some of you guys purchased from me over a year ago and sskatari2000 purchased my final MEGA LOT that he too was happy with all the items I sold him and of course the careful packing. I mean look at all my old feedback from when I sold ATARI a year ago... "Great packing etc..." Buyer said I should not have packed two heavy speakers together as they will bang into one another in transit and become damaged and destroy the grilles... Hmmm lets see... I cushined each one, after removing and packing the grilles separetely, then boxed each speaker, in tight South American Floral Boxes, then taped both shut so they were nice and tight, then I shrink wrapped them and taped bot together... Hmmm doesn't seem like they will be able to bang one another, then I dumped peanuts into a 24" x 22" x 33.5" high Double Wall Corugated Box, and for final cushioning after topping off about 3" of peanuts at the top, I foled full flap over flap adding the hard cardboard over the top and once taped shut, those speakers did not even move or shift. So with my description to him the buyer seems to think that even with the care I took to pack his purchase that the items may still be damaged... So I see someone counting the chickens before they were hatched and interesting enough my 99% positive sellers feedback from buyers all say (Great Packing) etc... Also tells me he needs to open the box outside his house. What a jerk. I mean U-Haul sells giant wardrobe boxes through all 35" doors.. I thought that was a standard measurement, maybe the door on this guys house is the size of a closet door. Anyhow, I am not trusting the buyer fearing he may be pre-meditating a false claim, for example: perhaps he has a pair of the same vintage speakers at home already damaged and wishes to file a claim on my sale... Sorry, I have email proof of our back and forth dialog along with photos (before and after packing) and he clearly leads me to believe that he is planning to do something like a switch maybe? My listing states I’m an anal game collector and I too hate receiving purchases poorly packed. I bought a cell phone and the idiot just dropped it in an envelope… Go figure. He complained that he has purchased speakers from ebayers that were poorly packaged and received damaged. Interesting... He has not left not ONE single neg or neutral for damaged package and he tells me he has tons of damaged speakers in his basement. How do I know he won't play a switch on my speakers? I shipped the items FEDEX and FEDEX will allow me for a $10.00 fee to abort the shipment. I am willing to REFUND him on the Purchase Price ONLY of $102.50 for the canceled sale... I don't trust him and I am not in the mood for receipt of damaged speakers if that is his game. The $40.00 that I charged him for shipping was under the actual cost and I politely asked him to send me an additional $10.00 if he didn't mind since the shipping cost more. Trying to get an answer from ebay and paypel is like pulling teeth. I am afraid PAYPAL will find me wrong for prematyrely ending the delivery even with a refund for the cost of the auction and even with our e mails giving me reason to believe he is out to jerk me. His reply: "All depends on how the speakers arrive" Excuse me? I pack stuff so well that the Gorillas in the "American Tourister" comercials could not even damage my contents. I simply don't trust him and I am not giving him the $40.00 for shipping... I did not take profit from that and it's all in FedEx’s account now. Maybe he won't even do that but I feel from his e mails like he is planning something and it's relatively easy if one really wanted to play switch on a purchased item and say the item sent was damaged.
  6. Yeahhhh like this guy's auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/Sony-Playstation-3-PS3...1QQcmdZViewItem Seems like he is trying to get reimbursed or his suite at the Ritz Carlton while he paid misery to a derelict or two to spend two nights on line for him. These people are out of their minds! Yet very demanding on who may or may not bid...
  7. Interesting is that with the guys (s) in Venezuela selling out their stock of IKARI's and MOTO's There is a guy in PA selling a SEALED NTSC Motorodeo for a $169.00 BIN But did any one see the rest of what he has for sale? Anyone looking for a Berenstain Bears Complete w/Shrinkwrap...Atari 2600??? Not mine of course... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...s_promot_widget
  8. Thank you for the well wishes to you mcgrail and nightsprinter... Just 30 miles away. St. Cloud to be exact.
  9. Obrigado grande amigo de Rio de Janeiro. Nao preuculpa nao... Os presentes que vc nos deu, estao embalados para estreiar na nossa nova casa! Update on this large lot up for grabs... The reserve has beem met and to anyone outside of the USA... Shipping to Canada is an absurd! anywhere else around the globe is astronomical. I hate to say that I will sell to bidders in the USA only as it will help avoid any stress and headaches with international shipping of such a giant lot. Not to mention the duties you will have to pay to your governments upon arrival.
  10. Not mine Take a look in this "LABEL VARIATION" http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1
  11. On another note... If anyone would like to see other photos, even though it's all boxed and ready to go, I have dozens of other photos if you're interested. Just feel free to ask any questions.
  12. Ok guys... Call It spring cleaning or call it what you will. We are moving and we accumulated wat too many atari extras. My personal and glorified collection is allready packed away for our new home. But all these games and systems MUST GO as I have no more time for selling individual carts or lots. Some of you here have purchased from me in the past and I have purchased from some of you as well, and it was all mutualy good. Not to mention that those of you who have purchased from me in the past know that I do pack well, so rest assured, if you win this huge mega lot, ot's packed to arrive safe, and I will not place a knife at anyone's throat for shipping gouging, as that has never been my policy. It's just taking up room and it has to go. Many items I have sold loose or in smaller lots here and there, and it has enabled me to build our personal collection to what it is today. Any item that is not in 100% working condition is so stated. If you are handy at repairing systems, thare are about three or four that need minor repairs. There are lot's of rare loose carts and over 150++++ manuals and some rare... Anything in this lot is there because I already own one, so take this oportunity to look at it and place your bid. Local pick up is available... If you are elsewhere other than the Orlando area and may be around on vacation, not a problem. Put the boxes in the trunk for the ride home or I'll even drive you to the airport. No charge, just give the driver a gratuity for the toll and gas on the 528 to MCO. Here it is: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 Thank you for looking... Ends at 10 PM EST on June 14th. Eric sorry.. I had added the wrong link earlier
  13. I agree totaly... I like to lurk my auctions and snipe live... It gives me a rush. I'll bid the highest I'm willing to pay and most times it's a few dollars more than I originaly decided. Last night for example I tried to snipe on a cargo cover for my car, I sniped with about 8 seconds left and two other sniped after me and it was gone... Ohh well. Better luck next time.
  14. Yeah... You're screwed buddy.. I feel for you... Same shit happened to me late last year when I bought a lot from a seller who didn't know a single thing about packing. I just don't understand these people... They jump the ebay I wanna sell it all bandwagon and simply throw our purchases into inadequate boxes and expect them to arrive ok. My first question is... Does the Lisa at least work? And if so, the exterior damage, does it look as if it can be repaired rather easliy? Reason being is that you may want to negotiate a partial refund with the guy. I think Franzman replied to you that UPS will not cover the damage if it was inadequately packed by the shiper. And their right. They pay up the ass for liability insurance and they sure is hell arent going to shell out money on bogus claims... No.. your claim is not bogus, it's 100% legit. But this stupid prick things that a large box full of peanuts is enough protection. If he packed like I do, he would have packed it well into one box nice and snug with bubble wrap, and peanuts or shredded paper. Then he should have placed that box into another one slightly larger do dampen any side, top or bottom impact, not to mention that it to should have closed tightly to avoid the electroncis from shifting or the box from crushing easily. The problem is they are lazy as hell and probably placed a knife to your throat in the shipping charges and used old shity box and some peanuts. If you go the paypal way for a refund thay will do thair part as negotiators. Once the agreement comes to your favor as it was in my case, YOU willl have to shell out the shipping charged back to the idiot for a FULL refund of your 400 or so bucks you paid for the AUCTION ONLY. That's what happened to me and I gave up... Who should I have been beat for some 60 bucks in a round trip shipping cost when I was not at fault at all. Try to reach an agreement on a partil with this guy and fix the Lisa... If it's not working as it appeared to be in his photo, well I just don't know what else to tell you but give that prick a negative and expect to get one back. I know I did. http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=79406&hl= Take care
  15. Jetset... You're right... They should at least give sellers some kind of notice. I've only been around ebay since Feb 05 and since then, I noticed a sharp decline of ebay traffic (not just video games) I mean everything for some months now. I feel it's their way of trying to re-build confidence with sellers and buyers alike. For sellers, it's a way to get you to list, "and list more" for them to build on sellers fees. Even if they dro the fees a little as they are doing here, they anticipate on making it up in volume. Notice how we as buyers on ebay alike are receiving a mass flooding of sweepstakes and raffles, a chence to win a dream vacation to Las Vegas. It's their way to entice the ebay public to buy, thus taking their cut from the sellers final selling price and such. They looked the other way one time too many as countless and unsuspecting ebayers were burned by scammers and got loads of bad publicity. Remember this thread? http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=81043&hl= We all use ebay, whether to sell, sell excess items we aquire for our collections or the games we bid on for our collection, and not to mention the countless other things we look for on ebay... We use e bay but at the same time we hate ebay. When it was founded, it was a great idea, and still is... A little corporate greed and mismanagement I would say and the giant is slowly comming to a halt. That's how I see it... Just waiting for a strong, competent and not so greedy competitor to come around.
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