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  1. I absolutely love retail boxes, especially the boxart of them. So, I just made some miniboxes for some lynx carts(as well as for gameboy and gamegear) as I barely have any boxes of them.
  2. I have to admit that I absolutely enjoy springboard diving games. I played one in the early 90s on my game gear. I just cant find it as it was a multi game cart which was bought by a friend in thailand. Anyways, it had simple graphics but was tough and so addictive.😂
  3. It's interesting that you posted this repair as currently I'm trying to fix a gamegear cartridge...but to no avail🤪🤪
  4. I like physical copies. However, it' so much more convenient to have all your favorite games on one cart. On one system in particular, the PSP, I prefer roms. Although technically I love the cartridges (miniature cds!!), loading times can be excessive sometimes. Moral wise, I try to own all my fave games though which is/was easy on the psp and difficult on gameboy or gamegear without breaking the bank.
  5. Omg, that would be so kind of you🙂 I'll write you a pm. Many regards, Dan
  6. Hello all, I'm a long time Atari fan. My parents bought an ATARI ST in the late 80s so I was thrilled when I saw the Atari Lynx and later Lynx 2- but of course I didn't get one... However, I always so much wanted a Lynx 2- so I was very much excited when I won an auction for a working unit a few days ago with a few games. I paid too much yes, but I really wanted one- so I was devastated when I switched it on to see this: Dots on Display So my question is... if it's fixable? They don't seem to be dead pixels as it depends on the viewing angle: Different viewing angle Also these marks can be seen when the unit is switched off: On switched off unit (opened it) I somehow expect the answer to be no , so is there any way to get an original screen? A mod with a Mcwill or Bennvenn is not an option to me, currently. I'm really sad about this issue as a lynx was my childhood dream. Yes, I talked to the seller and after some hassle I agreed for a small discount. Just not in the mood for arguing in these times. Thx for reading, Dan
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