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  1. But isn’t it all a scam? Atari 2 hours ago PROJECT OWNER Backers, Shopyzaz VCS page is a SCAM page. Do not spend $ there! Warn your friends. Authorities are being alerted. Nicky thanks for heads up.
  2. Many of these Crowd Funded Cons are simply about keeping it going while they draw down a salary against the funds obtained ... they never intend to produce, it’s about running the con long enough to empty the coffers .... any excuse to extend it, or find more “suckers” is happily embraced and presented as progress. this stuff is way easier than a Ponzi Scheme because they don’t even need to pretend the pot is growing AND “Suckers” are hostages to the scheme, they can’t leave, even if they wanted to.
  3. Asset strip and sell? The press release just stops short of saying the VCS is dead in the water.
  4. If F1 JV doesn’t care, then why is he reading this forum .... it wasn’t for his emotionally charged rants, I never would have known this forum and thread existed. I’m glad I joined as there is a noticeably elevated discussion here about the VCS compared to IndieNoNo
  5. I don’t think you are as it was your last post that alerted me to being locked out, I had tried either side of you posting. Biff and Jesse Scrotums are both developmentally delayed.
  6. A series of emails to IndieNoNo staff and I am magically allowed to post again ... quite curious. i think the ATARI Intern really does have no idea about PR and Corporate Communication ... fail to address negative comments, or worse openly deleting them, can only make things worse in the long run. That ^ is assuming things CAN get better for ATARI.
  7. Yep, I’m done with all crowd funding, it is all a con. that ATARI refuse to communicate with me via any method demonstrates their absolute distain for those who backed them ... their attitude toward backers alone would spell their downfall with no customer loyalty ... even before their bankrupt operational performance.
  8. Well it seems ATARI has managed to block me from posting on IndieNoNo to be expected I guess given they blocked me on their FB site 3 months ago. Curious that you can still post Don Taco? Not being able to post a question in a campaign I have paid quite a bit for seems a denial of natural justice.
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