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  1. Yes ... Nazi accusations are next I would guess
  2. The VCS is back ... just unavailable now.
  3. Australian retailers have removed the VCS from their online catalogs ... a month from retail release ... curious but not surprised.
  4. I’m in Australia... would have cost a bomb to post it
  5. Sold my Collectors Edition “all in” bundle today, for a nice profit ... it feels so good to be free of FArtari’s clutches, lies and attempts to monetise worthless nostalgia. Woo Hoo!
  6. Me either ... he might have shares in FArtari?
  7. Some might also believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden ... there is a clear theme of deceit with this project and it always points to FArtari and they always try to blame someone else ... almost as though they have been reading one of Donald Trumps “how to be a success in business” little golden books.
  8. Surprise, surprise, more lies from FArtari
  9. LOL ... Moz or the Wormy brothers in disguise by the sound of it?
  10. Are you still on the naughty list over there? I’ve decided life is far better without FArtari.
  11. LOL! .... Uber chilled here, it’s the Fan-at-dicks that need to chill ROFLMAO edit: I think I just got your point ... the Atari VCS “is” a loss leader ... it’s just the backers that funded the loss? LOL
  12. Most “successful” consoles are loss leaders because the real product (and profit) is the games - this is where FArtari really fails, it was never going to be viable without some proprietary software elements. Relying on 3rd party developers to do this for them (for free) was never going to work. Relying on early adopters to alpha-test is also a failure of a plan.
  13. Hmmm ... might still sell it then and buy a mini PC for mame duties ... I have a Raspberry Pi running retro arch, but it’s built into a rather large controller deck and is a PIA to drag out and hook up.
  14. I don’t think Playing Roms can actually be done yet? Has anyone got Retroarch or similar running on it? FArtari’s love of litigation in protecting (what they claim is) their I.P. would tend toward prohibiting this? All in all making Raspberry Pie a better option still.
  15. The hilarious thing is that this campaign was only risky as a result of the repeated incompetence displayed by FArtari coupled with their persistent hubris. Many other campaigns have successfully met their goals without the obfuscation, dissembling and downright poor project management. No one within FArtari seems to have even a basic understanding of Marketing, let alone the concept of Consumer Loyalty nor Customer Lifetime Value. All elements of the Goodwill they purchased when they bought the ATARI brand, that they have now so foolishly destroyed. FArtari assured everyone that there was absolutely no risk in their use of the IndieNoNo platform ... yet their abuse of it, once they got their funds, was rather deliberate in the end.
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