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  1. So, assuming the technology works, but FAtari install an OS full of paid/subscription based content and gambling, will I be able to reformat the internal SSD, install Windows and watch Netflix in my bedroom?
  2. Someone posited this a while back: FArtari never intended to make the thing in the first place, they thought someone else would buy that “privilege” off them ... time moved on and they were forced to do something.
  3. Nup ...FArtari will mess this up on the try line so bad that they will be blaming the shipping company for delays in picking them up.
  4. Admiral Motti: Your sad devotion to that ancient Atari religion has not helped you conjure up the missing joysticks, or given you clairvoyance enough to find the VCS actual shipping date. P.S. The narrative will change from “when are you shipping” to “how to a lodge a warranty claim on this POS that you shipped”
  5. Which, in your understanding, now is? just curious as to what conclusions you might have drawn from the carnival of incompetence that the New Atari is?
  6. Yes ... I walked away after a few days ... silliness incarnate. the real VCS threat isn’t speculators, it’s scalpers given claims that all GameStop and Walmart stock has been sold ... next they will be on eBay for more than a PS5! 🤣
  7. Defensive bunch those IGG fans ... Stefanie Wormer has a real potty mouth on her.
  8. Do you want me to write the Forward to it? I can even spread rumours that you didn’t pay me for 6 months!
  9. One day, once upon a time, the ATARI VCS might actually be delivered to backers ... if it ever does We can all claim our part in that victory
  10. FAtari have posted another update: ” The good news is that a small number of the Classic Joysticks we have been waiting for were finally released by customs and delivered to the fulfilment center. While there are no guarantees, we anticipate the balance will be released and arrive very soon so that the sorting and packing may begin. Yes, for the first time, finished VCS units, controllers and joysticks are all in the same place at the same time! Accordingly, and in anticipation of imminent shipping” ... more talk and no indication of actual action
  11. So addresses have been locked on Backerkit. I’d bet this is simply FArtari pushing buttons to make it look like it is doing something. I seriously doubt we are going to see this thing ship soon, certainly not by the promised Thanksgiving LOL! It’s sad that stating the obvious, often before another FArtari delay, results in accusations of Trolling ... the IGG crowd are in some serious denial of who is responsible for their pain.
  12. I did wonder if we had a Delorean situation?
  13. ^ cocaine and whores is what I meant ... the edit box is against me at the moment, I think FArtari have hacked me LOL
  14. Neither are capable of managing a lemonade stand at this point, so I ain’t too concerned ... especially if one intends to stick his head up the other’s ass in order to fight LOL (a la Master Blaster). FArtari is the big dumb guy on the bottom?
  15. LOL ... it really is a devoted bunch of cheese sycophants LOL! FArtari now has an excuse to drag delivery into next year, I’m betting March by the time the New Year blow an hoes are expended: Atari 5 hours ago PROJECT OWNER Latest update on joystick shipment is that there is no update. Customs does not provide any info, it only holds or releases. Based on experience, our agent thinks the products are being held for random inspection and therefore it’s just a waiting game for now. This is normal and actually happened with some of the Collector’s Editions. It took extra time, but the shipment was eventually released. We will continue to keep everyone updated.
  16. All true, I stand corrected ... it is still not going to help FArtari meet their obligations this year sadly
  17. More and more I am thinking that half of the IGG posters are on FArtari’s payroll in some form or another... their ridiculous, repeated responses to some pretty reasonable questions seem to indicate that they are really just trying to get negative facts/commentary off the front page. At least FArtari has now confirmed they are using a Freight Forwarder. I suspect because I suggested they were too cheap to, so there may be a slim hope of U.S. backers getting a CONsole for Christmas (better than a lump of coal?). Given the caravan of incompetence, I seriously doubt we will be seeing anything in the wild until long after New Years.
  18. Get serious! Mosaic would be the real retro game changer! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mosaic_(web_browser)
  19. Time to invite the IGG Crowd to a Thanksgiving Pity Party
  20. Do we really think the warranty will be worth more than toilet paper?
  21. This is now well beyond farcical, FArtari have just blown yet another promised delivery date and most Backers didn’t even notice : Atari 2 hours ago PROJECT OWNER Quick update: As of today, joysticks have not yet cleared customs and not at facility yet, so we unfortunately can’t start sorting. More info as soon as we have it. 11 6 Stolen from Reddit:
  22. It will end in tears if SNK does own the rights to the title. Has FArtari shipped any CONsoles yet?
  23. It has been pointed out that SNK own the rights to the title “Spirit of the Samurai” buys popcorn, sits back and waits for another FArtari sh1tshow to start LOL!
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