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  1. FArtari thinks it is slick when it ain’t LOL!
  2. ‘perhaps we should launch an IGG campaign? will likely be more successful then than the VCS @ 1/20th the cost ... could even put a R-Pie in it LOL
  3. Yo momma’s so gullible she bought an Atari to play Tempest 4000! 😆
  4. Yo mama’s so poor ‘cause she invested her retirement savings in Atari Token 😆
  5. Yo mama’s smells so bad, she’s the poster mom for Atari Pong!
  6. You mean like: Yo Mumma’s so dumb she bought an Atari to watch Netflix? ... certainly fits the emotional intelligence of some over on IGG 😂
  7. Most certainly... an Atari Lynx doesn’t change it spots.
  8. robbing Peter (pre-sales and tokens) to pay for Paul’s long overdue ConSole?
  9. A Ponzi Scheme relies on bringing new money in in order to cover those who (despite false incentives not to) choose to withdraw their funds ... all the time the total claimed value if stock is a fraud. I seriously suspect that Fake ATARI are desperate to get funds in from presales (and other silly ventures) in order to fund their long overdue promise to backers. Ponzi is not an effective long term strategy... the house of cards will collapse eventually... I just hope backers get theirs before it does.
  10. Yes it is, but review what they have said ... they are not in a position to ship next week ... nor will they be by mid November ... perhaps last week of November when you add up all the things they have said ... New Years may happen for USA backers, but not international Backers if they are shipping via Standard Mail ... I’d love to know what happened to that US$45 I gave them for shipping ... what a rip off.
  11. I think they mean November... but I don’t think ATARI is keeping track of their dates and lies anymore
  12. Wishful thinking- given previous prevarication by ATARI there is no hard evidence of anything they claim - my bet is they will supply Walmart before backers and no one will see anything before year end ... if it ever happens
  13. French ATARI could not get drunk in brewery
  14. But in Fake Atari’s case ... it’s likely delusional.
  15. They haven’t released the Un-Console yet ... they may still make the “strategic” decision not to.
  16. I’m not so sure these hotels will actually see a paying customer
  17. There are lots of people out there with these skills, but Fake ATARI are too cheap or arrogant to employ them
  18. No, now they are prevaricating about paperwork. Import to the USA details I suspect .... Fake ATARI are clueless on some very fundamental things about manufacturing and retail.
  19. Fake ATARI apologizing? LOL ROTFLMAO 😆 ... they are simply the most arrogant and incompetent bunch I have ever come across.
  20. Yep, ATARI has said as much on IGG ... another broken delivery promise
  21. Backers have received nothing but promises to date
  22. So in a rush of honest disclosure on IGG: Atari 7 hours ago PROJECT OWNER We are waiting for internal approvals/confirmations and plan to provide a fresh shipping update within the next couple business days. Thanks for your patience. We promise it won’t be much longer! I read this as Fake ATARI had not even done their due diligence on how to import a product into the U.S.? I assume the original pallet was delivered as “sample stock” and that exempt status gave them false confidence?
  23. Paddle Controls is the only real reason
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