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  1. Why is Fake Atari being so secretive about something they have already announced publicly?


    What has gone wrong to cause them to bunker down like this?


    Why won’t they engage with the backers who funded the delayed mess to begin with?


    NDAs are usually issued when commercially confidential information is shared? Not when things are going to the publicity promoted plan ... so what have FATARI screwed up this time?

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  2. 28 minutes ago, Stephen said:


    Also - it's so wonderful that a person can be such a brand loyalist (willing to get fu**ed and give thanks for it) that he/she will argue such little petty semantics over a simple 14 word phrase.  I would love to find someone so loyal to me.  Imagine telling my wife "Hey - I said I'd be with you.  I didn't say I wouldn't be with 10 others".

    I don’t think anyone here is excusing FAtari at all, simply pointing out how they seem to prevaricate while appearing to tell backers what they want to hear.  

  3. 23 minutes ago, Matt_B said:

    There's plenty of waggle room in that phrase. They could claim, for instance, to have started shipping by sending out a single unit in October.


    Similarly, I'm not sure what the guaranteed delivery by December 24 would entail if they miss it. It's not like you'd be getting a free pizza or anything.

    At best your money refunded ... better than being a Backer I guess?

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  4. 12 minutes ago, Yarzzz said:

    Wow , now they are gaslighting us to believe that they never said that shipping began in october? This just keeps getting sadder everyday.

    Curiously it seems they never did ... they got others to conclude and say it, giving them, yet another, get out clause on fulfilling backers orders.


    if they do arrive at the same time as Walmart, or heaven forbid GameStop, that’s pretty poor and reason to wipe FAtari from the trusted brands forever.


    Needless to say I am looking forward to deleting my IGG account profile, especially if products can be bought on release at the same time as backers (or is that suckers?).

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  5. 3 hours ago, Mockduck said:

    All of the comments you are looking for are linked in the FAQ, as I've included all official statements on release dates to date that I have been able to see. Ok, though, so if your source is a feeling based on what you thought you might have seen, that's fine. I was of the impression you were claiming this was being done. They have always been smudgy on release date, so all the October-related messaging remains intact without further specificity.

    Yep, exactly why I said I might have imagined it ... it’s entirely possible that the IGG comments on the matter are what fed this impression as, clearly, units are not going to arrive in backers hands in October, despite many, including me, thinking that is what ATARI said.

  6. 32 minutes ago, Mockduck said:

    Do you have a source for this or any evidence? I've gone through all of the links over the past two years that had specific mentions of dates and have not found any adjustment to the copy. As far as I can tell this is incorrect.

    As I said:


    perhaps I have imagined it, but I am certain they had made statements of specific dates for launch in November - these seem to have now disappeared.


    The only definitive statement I could find was an email on 12th July 2020. Atari VCS Team: “ Indiegogo backers will receive their Atari VCS orders in October. Stay tuned for more updates regarding a ship date.”


    ... and even that quote is attributed to someone else, even though reproduced by French ATARI ... 


    I am interested to hear of those, date specific, communications that have had no adjustment to copy (as far as you can tell).


    My point being that, either way, F-Atari seem (to me) to have either avoided or sanitized any commitment to a delivery date for Backers.

  7. 39 minutes ago, Matt_B said:

    They're still taking pre-orders in Australia. At $849 a pop, I'm guessing they'll probably be the ones they want to fulfill first.

    I think they have sucked the Australian distributor right in to their little con-sole Ponzi scheme ... it will be interesting to see how slow on the uptake they will be.

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  8. One thing is certain: French ATARI are very good at saying one thing, then reinterpreting it to mean the opposite later.  They never correct the record or respond to a specific question ... I am also starting to wonder if the dedicated few are actually on ATARI‘s payroll in one way or another ... social media consultants or similar.

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  9. I’m a little surprised that it appears as though ATARI has gone through all of their public statements and removed any specific mentions of dates.


    perhaps I have imagined it, but I am certain they had made statements of specific dates for launch in November - these seem to have now disappeared.

    if true, this is beyond ethically questionable, it is deliberate and systematic deceptive conduct.


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  10. 6 minutes ago, Stephen said:

    Depends.  NuTari puts out more false information than NASA does so it's pretty hard to know what to believe.  Since we don't post links to substantiate our arguments, your guess is as good as mine.

    Yes and their language here can easily be reinterpreted... note that the joystick 🕹 can now be used as the reason why units are not shipped in October... I’m betting a November delivery at best ... which technically means they have missed, yet another, self declared delivery date.

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  11. 8 hours ago, TACODON said:

    I'm sure any delay now will be either blamed on a certain public health crisis or to optimize the VCS again.


    I'm more towards them deciding to "upgrade" the VCS. Now that Microsoft and Sony have revealed what they got going on. This Bomb-diggity Unconsole door stop needs to beat out the Hyper Scan!

    I’m actually expecting them to declare “flood”: We have experienced a preponderance of water that has frustrated and delayed transport of cornsoles! There’s all this water between the factory and our shipping facility in the U.S..


    yes, I typed cornsoles by accident, then decided it was fitting as after consoleting George Forman, the VCS shell now opens so you can add your own corn slurry to make Taco Shells

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