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  1. Drugs ... Tammy needs to go back on the drugs ... and clearly he/she spends more time reviewing what goes on here than getting on with life.
  2. I think that the fact it makes no real sense, proves how batshit crazy some are.
  3. Geez that Tammy girl/boy on IGG is seriously unhinged ... the Atari Intern finally clocked in an cleaned up the discussion.
  4. I don’t see an IGG update, has there actually been one? It is overdue if I recall correctly. ATARI seem to be making it a sport to ignore the backers that gave them $3Mil lately ... reflects their ethics and business style I guess.
  5. The FAtari Intern went on a delete spree over in IGG this morning... the sad thing is the the Paint Chip Eaters have been flinging dung for days, but a little pushback from their targets and suddenly action gets taken. French Atari are so obsessed with controlling their fake narrative that they no longer update backers ... simply delete comments.
  6. It would be hard, but Governments *could* stop this (and Donald promised to, but hasn’t) and I would suggest it is beyond time for us to keep putting our manufacturing “eggs” in the one oversized basket.
  7. We ain’t gunna see the likes of that with French Atari
  8. I am sure they have been hoping for some further global disaster to use as an excuse ...
  9. Poor old RivetGun seems to have a real problem understanding global logistics 😂
  10. The comment made after this, regarding the C, were bang on though LOL
  11. Yep ... that’s what I’m expecting. I backed the VCS on the promise I would have it a year before the PS5 ... figured it would be an interesting stop gap until then ... now that I have secured a launch PS5, in November, I have no real use for the VCS. Perhaps, if FAtari were to be believed, I’ll get a month to two weeks of playing with it before the PS5 arrives ... but I seriously doubt it.
  12. FAtari has seriously screwed the pooch when it comes to their marketing and launch window. Fred Cheesnuts: when would be the absolute worst time to release the VCS non-console Anyone with a brain: at the same time as PS5 and XBox X Series!
  13. Pretty sure you are right ... there was even a discussion where FAtari admitted they did not want preview units in the hands of those they couldn’t control.
  14. Agree ... lots of personal attacks based on delusional facts ... oh well, we always knew they suffered from escalating, irrational commitment bias. Given how high the price of the VCS is Australia, I should probably do the same ... I’ve preordered a PS5 so selling the VCS in box would likely pay for more than a new XBox X Series. I’m inclined to wait until delivery is definite though as I am still not convinced they have manufactured more than the initial 90.
  15. FAtari have never given a straight answer on this.
  16. Me too ... I am not even convinced they have produced 11,000+ consoles, let alone have them in the water to San Fran ... or wherever they are distributing from. If they were they would be promoting the hell out of it to increase retail pre-orders. The reality is that F-Atari has gone into silent running mode again and that never results in good news for backers. I will be more than happy to be proved wrong though.
  17. It will depend on what your population of interest is and how you have defined it. In terms of the VCS and the general population, then yes, everyone here is an outlier.
  18. It always amazes me how the ATARI Brand Loyalists never let the truth get in the way of their deluded Atariality.
  19. Not that I have seen and the conspicuous absence of any factory output, photos, videos, production numbers does not fill me with confidence in the promises ATARI have made for the 4th time in 2 years.
  20. So ... “weeks not months” we have been here before.
  21. No way ATARI would support Discord - they can’t delete viewpoints they disagree with 😂
  22. Keep in mind that what was promised to backers WAS something unique and bespoke to ATARI, that promise never came to fruition with the end result being a Linux based, low spec PC in a custom case. I am sure many backers would not have put their hard earned ca$h down if they had know what the VCS was to become.
  23. Plex will be keen to push people into the paid premium subscription, like all of the other optional services being offered. It is sad that this is effectively an expensive box designed to charge even more money on a monthly basis if owners want to get full use of it. In the old days a cable service would give you the hardware free for such a “privilege”. It’s also curious that this announcement of Plex being pre-installed comes at a time when there should be a substantial number of machines already on their way to the USA for shipping to backers ... are those units all going to be repacked with a new OS that includes Plex? Regardless of what happens from here, assuming backers get their units, the VCS has become a lesser equivalent to the NVidea Shield, which does all the VCS claims, but better and with massively more content in terms of games, apps and streaming. I’ve paid the price of entry for one of these things, but I am not confident it won’t simply become an expensive wedge shaped doorstop.
  24. Backers never had a say as the specs were unconfirmed, then changed, after the funds were locked in.
  25. Agree 100%, but keep in mind that when backers stumped up their ca$h they though they were getting something more bespoke than a budget Linux based PC.
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