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  1. Yes, but after four false starts, even Rodger Moore with a Zimmer frame has a chance to cross the finish line ... what we don’t actually know is if those promised units are actually being produced? Given the increased efforts to raise funds by pushing more preorders and retail arrangements, it is fair to wonder in the latter is funding the former and at what pace?
  2. Do we actually know that the Factory is producing VCS’s at all ... I really thought we would have seen more pictures of packaging, pallets and shipping containers by now?
  3. Agree, despite all the recent hype giving the impression of progress, there have been no reports from fATARI (or elsewhere) that production is actually underway. If it was, they would be crowing alongside the recent PS5 production announcements. At this point it is still marketing hype and wishful thinking ... scam when the presales continue to be open and pushed in the way they are.
  4. This is telling: Atari 12 minutes ago PROJECT OWNER We use Indiegogo language: Projects on Production Stage must show clear evidence that they have begun the process of turning the prototype into a mass-produced product. Campaign Story Requirements: - Non-rendered photographic evidence of production runs, tooling, molds, components, or final inventory in the factory - 3D renderings and digital mockups are not acceptable SO - this single pallet is actually more about compliance with IGG? AFAIK they could all be empty boxes ... I will believe them when independent reviews start hitting YouTube.
  5. The 500 were just an excuse to give consoles to their friends before it all falls over IMHO
  6. Those pre-orders are new money ... they may see theirs before backers 10,000 units
  7. I see no untruths here ... they are spot on, especially as they have intercoursed their backers multiple times now
  8. Kickstarter is full of frauds too ... whilst a working prototype is required for entry, many of these are faked ... look at GearEye tracking tool, 3 years and nothing and the prototype was the creator running around on video pretending it worked ... a complete scam IMHO. no more crowd funding for me, unless for compassionate/donation reasons.
  9. Yep ... reckon IGG has smacked them for deleting legitimate questions to avoid responding to them ... at least that’s what I suggested they do LOL!
  10. ... I tend to think the same, no more IGG or Fraudstarter for me ... if the product is THAT goo it will make it to market without me and I will buy it then. going by the Walmart page, backers are paying $50 more than preorders - that sucks and proves crowd funding is a con
  11. Those reviews have been there for over 6 months now
  12. The ATARI Mod seems unusually active and is actually addressing questions from backers ... I suspect IGG May have given them a big kick in the pants. The response about no more crowdfunding makes me wonder if IGG have made that decision for them ? LOL
  13. Away from UV light because, like a vampire, it will continue to suck you dry if out in the open? LOL!
  14. Pictures of how to use one to hold a door open?
  15. Do you really think ATARI is a ‘Usual company’? ... what he does is precisely what social media teams do, it’s the new, cheap, marketing. why are you so emotionally invested in defending him?
  16. Agree! I still think he is an ATARI Stooge - many youtube and other social media posts have been driven to the top of rankings, largely (sometimes soley) as a result of Martial's repeated posts championing them ... It really seems to me that he is a paid influencer and the one thing that I really can't explain is how would he know when ATARI are posting on a social media platform, within the very minute it is posted? The only rational explaination is that he is part of the social media team.
  17. for a Cheerleader he certainly gets his links at the same time as Atari posts them ... the few I have followed were posted, by Martial, within a minute of them being uploaded ... coincidence or creator of the same?
  18. Curious the Atari Intern didn’t delete it ... perhaps it’s sinking in that that is bad PR? btw, is what I asked bullying, really?
  19. I have a feeling they are going to start selling nonsoles in order to fund the nonsoles already bought and paid for
  20. He’s an absolute Atari stooge isn’t he LOL! I would also add that involvements with charities is a rolled gold hallmark of Con-Merchants ... a little bit if cash buys a lot of profile, public goodwill and makes the organisation appear clean.
  21. It’s not like this area of the forum is hidden and it has been mentioned multiple time on IGG (that’s how I found it) ... you can’t have looked that hard before ... kinda like searching the planet for ATARI parts hey? P.S. what you label “a nest of losers” were ALL ATARI Fans until the brand was dragged through the mud by a bunch of morons that couldn’t build a computer if the design was left on a table for free by Tin Giant
  22. Progress for ATARI is nothing... so steady progress must be absolutely nothing.
  23. Recycling the same stuff is NOT an update “Weeks not months” was clearly a lie.
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