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  1. Oh sign me up for World of Warcraft for the Intellivision too! 😂
  2. Amazing Rev! Will these just be sold on your store or will it be preorder? I’m in for all! Anthony
  3. It appears I missed out. If any are still available, I’m good to buy.
  4. You are a gun sir! I am proud to say I got to level 2-3 before dying. I’m a semi-crap player now. Choke on my waffles!
  5. I recently got this totally awesome game and enjoy playing it. I was wondering if people have a technique to avoiding the human-seeking waffles (1-4 I think). My technique is go to the top or bottom and let them move to one side and run like heck. I die before I get past the level. Anyone have some advice for a crap 💩 player? Anthony
  6. This is very hard. 1. Night Stalker 2. Snafu 3. Poker & Blackjack 4. Astrosmash 5. Thin Ice 6. Triple Action 7. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 8. Stampede 9. Happy Trails 10. Qbert I'm biased from my childhood gameplay - only a couple of the games above I didn't play as a kid.
  7. Greetings from Australia! as Canada and Australia have a lot in common, would you consider selling one to me? spiritually Canadian, Anthony
  8. Not sure how I missed this thread but ordered! And Maria turned up today, thank you! Anthony
  9. Very useful! Need to get an NTSC Intellivision now!
  10. I got a boxed copy of Motocross. Unfortunately it works for a moment and then dies - cannot get past map selection. This does the same behaviour on two different PAL Intellivision 1's. I haven't ever experienced a partly dead cart before. Is this a thing? Anthony IMG_6881.MOV
  11. Pressing reset or switching on and off immediately results in corrupted sprites straight away. Once it has been on for a minute - it’s done. It needs time to cool down - maybe half an hour or longer to get a couple minutes of good sprites. Anthony
  12. It sure is a PAL Intellivision. I have a recap kit, could try that! anthony
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