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  1. I’m in and if this isn’t a reservation thread I’ll just wait to hear the order link.
  2. Ok! the link for the ROM was found on thecomments from this YouTube video -
  3. Absolutely. I’m looking forward to getting a pair.
  4. Great idea! I’ll give that a try! Anthony
  5. Uhm, thank you! This post has resulted in me getting a hold of the ROM. And how amazing is it. It is as good as the video shows. On my Intellivision, it does show the deficiency of the side buttons - I am not good at pulling off the run/jump. I am sure with some practice I could get used to having a finger on the other side somehow and making this work. Here is a short video of it running on an NTSC Intellivision II via LTOFlash! I am not a YouTube star. And yes, I am wearing my pyjamas.
  6. Cool, I thought so. I don’t know the reviewer in the YouTube video but he didn’t say where he got the ROM/demo so I thought it must be out there somewhere. Anthony
  7. Hi all - I am sure this has been brought up, did a search, couldn't find anything recent. I came across this video today - I would love to try this on real hardware. Does anyone know where one could find a ROM to put on my LTO Flash? Thanks! Anthony
  8. Hmm. I have been nervous about posting this. I had the opportunity to acquire a collection. I paid AU$2550 for a massive lot a few weeks ago. It was worth it for the 26 Homebrews in brand new condition. I have already sold the purchase price in surplus on eBay. I am sure some of you have bought or seen some of my items on eBay. It was an amazing deal and it has brought me very close to completing my 125.
  9. Turning the title screen to NEVER also fixes this but doesn’t answer my question as to why…
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