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  1. You are a gun sir! I am proud to say I got to level 2-3 before dying. I’m a semi-crap player now. Choke on my waffles!
  2. I recently got this totally awesome game and enjoy playing it. I was wondering if people have a technique to avoiding the human-seeking waffles (1-4 I think). My technique is go to the top or bottom and let them move to one side and run like heck. I die before I get past the level. Anyone have some advice for a crap 💩 player? Anthony
  3. This is very hard. 1. Night Stalker 2. Snafu 3. Poker & Blackjack 4. Astrosmash 5. Thin Ice 6. Triple Action 7. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 8. Stampede 9. Happy Trails 10. Qbert I'm biased from my childhood gameplay - only a couple of the games above I didn't play as a kid.
  4. Greetings from Australia! as Canada and Australia have a lot in common, would you consider selling one to me? spiritually Canadian, Anthony
  5. Not sure how I missed this thread but ordered! And Maria turned up today, thank you! Anthony
  6. Very useful! Need to get an NTSC Intellivision now!
  7. I got a boxed copy of Motocross. Unfortunately it works for a moment and then dies - cannot get past map selection. This does the same behaviour on two different PAL Intellivision 1's. I haven't ever experienced a partly dead cart before. Is this a thing? Anthony IMG_6881.MOV
  8. Pressing reset or switching on and off immediately results in corrupted sprites straight away. Once it has been on for a minute - it’s done. It needs time to cool down - maybe half an hour or longer to get a couple minutes of good sprites. Anthony
  9. It sure is a PAL Intellivision. I have a recap kit, could try that! anthony
  10. Great idea. I turned it on and it performs normally. As a minute or two comes along it starts to corrupt and all sprites become square messes. It’s playable - just screwed up. My backup unit had a faulty controller which I repaired last night so I’m not Intellivisioned out - but I’d love to repair this girl. thanks for any advice; Anthony
  11. Today I went to play Intellivision and I began by removing the cartridge. I then noticed that the Intellivision was already ON! Oops! It must have been on for a day or two. I turned it off, turned it back on and phew! Looks good! Except... the main sprite is corrupted on most games. Shown is Stampede and Kool Aid Man. Notice the horse is a bit screwy and the kids in kool aid man are just a block. what have I done?
  12. Sorry @tanuki I am the Anthony in Australia. Anthony
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