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  1. Thanks all, I have done some more checking and on closer analysis the humming was coming from the TV 🙄 Sorry to send you all off on the wrong direction. Seems as though the telly doesn’t like the composite signal coming from the monitor cable (I bought a proper one from a retro computing supplier). I’ve tried all three connectors from the cable (yellow, red, white) in turn in each of the three composite inputs, but nothing. I can only assume the telly doesn’t have the right sort of inputs. I’ve attached a photo of the back of the TV.
  2. Have just received an 800XL in good cosmetic condition, together with an original power supply. I confirmed on a different thread here that this particular PSU was safe to use. Connected everything up, the 800XL power light comes on but the unit is emitting a noticeable humming noise. No output from the composite video. I've switched it off to avoid blowing anything up, and I await a new USB-based power supply. Is the hum normal? Or does it indicate some issue with the unit?
  3. Me too - have just received an 800XL which came with this exact power supply (UK). Is it safe to use? I also got a 1050 disk drive, which has a power supply. It feels like a heavy brick too - see pic - safe to use? Thanks in advance. Don't want to blow up my new (old) kit!
  4. It’s quite a good deal, right? I guess it’s a bit of a buyer’s market in these dark times. Good luck though - found mine on eBay and made an offer.
  5. Thank you for the pointer, I have just yesterday managed to find a nice looking 800XL with charger and cables, plus a 1050 disc drive and four cartridges for £110. Excited!
  6. The computer I always wanted but never got as a child - the Atari 800XL. Wondering if anyone has one to sell, in good condition and working order please. Even better if it’s with power supply, cables etc. I appreciate that right now people might not be willing to package it up and make what is obviously not an essential journey to the Post Office, but I’m willing to do a deal and then accept a shipment later on when restrictions are lifted. Thanks in advance!
  7. Wow look at all the replies, thank you. I posted the same question on another Atari forum, which shall remain nameless, a week ago and got no replies at all. I’m staying here in future! I am no electrical whizz and my soldering skills could definitely do with an application of the Force, so I think I’ll steer clear of this particular 800XL then. Right now - understandably - there aren’t many on offer on eBay and the ones that are available are silly money. Unless anyone on here has a spare one they’re willing to sell to a newbie like me...? 🤔
  8. Hi all, Brand new to the forum, thinking of getting myself an Atari 8 bit to add to my collection of retro computing stuff (all Acorn so far...) I’ve found an Atari 800XL on sale for £30. It comes with no cables or power supply, and is sold as not working - when connected up it apparently just gives a blank screen. Does this sound like something that’s easily fixed, or are there a million things that could be the problem. I guess really I’m asking whether I should take a punt for £30 or run for the hills?!
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