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  1. Yea, this system is kinda funky. The combo of cartridges and floppies makes things kinda nuts. Im fairly well versed in DOS but this Basic stuff just makes me wanna punch something.
  2. The extended basic was the key. Booted right up after that. Thanks for all the help and extra info guys!
  3. Ok, there was a cable hanging from the RS232 when I got it, thats why I assumed it plugged in there, but I just looked at it and sure enough, it doesnt connect to the drive. Will have to check if theres another proper cable in the box of stuff later. Also, I have the extended basic cart but hadnt thought to try that yet. Will give it a shot tomm and post an update. Thanks again.
  4. Lol, no i dont actually type "FILENAME" I use the name of the program files either listed on the sleeve or label of the disk, or what appears in the "catalog" list in the Disk Manager program. I have wrote a few programs copying code from books so i will try writing something small and try saving and and then loading it for some practice. Thanks for the response.
  5. So here is a disk of games I want to run and the errors I get.
  6. When I run the disk manager cartridge, and call for a catalog from DSK1, the floppy drive in the expansion bay runs, and I get a list with the correct files that are labeled on the outside of the disk. And the same happens when I run the OLD DSK1.FILENAME command in basic, so it is the correct drive number.
  7. I have the PEB and a seperate enclosure with 2 drives that i assumed plugged into the RS-232 expansion port. It was included in the lot that i picked up, but perhaps it went to something else. Its unbranded so its hard to tell.
  8. So i have recently aquired a TI Peripheral Expansion unit and external 2 drive floppy with a buncha software. Unfortunately, i am a newb to basic and have only run carts in the 4A before. Can anyone help me out with pointers or links to a detailed guide on how to run games and software from floppy? I believe I have most of the carts/disks needed to do it, just cant figure it out. I have run some catalogs and scans with the disk manager and know at least the drive built into the PEB does work. I have tried the OLD DSK1.FILENAME command in basic but usually get (Check program in memory) I/O error 50. And trying to run them in editor/assemble gives me error code 7. Thanks for any help!
  9. Thanks, i pulled all the ram chips out at once and got the same screen. I will try the other socketed chips and see whether that changes anything. If its a soldered chip, i will save that til i get my hot air station.
  10. Hi, Recently picked up a Tandy 1000sx cheap. Booted it up and got this screen. Removed all the RAM chips but got the same screen, except ram size had changed. Any ideas where I should go next? Thanks
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