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  1. *tallies up the 'Likes' to 'Hahas' ratio* Hmm, seems this joke didn't... tank....
  2. Perhaps making 'Armor Battle' a series name might be a nice tip of the cap to the original, while allowing you to build name recognition in the series. Something like 'Armor Battle: Tanks' or 'Armor Battle: Fighter Pilot'.
  3. Battle Tanks. Because then you can release a more tactic centric "Armor Battle" at a later time if you want. This, seconded!
  4. Beauty and the Beast Demon Attack Dracula Burgertime Microsurgeon Adventure
  5. I've always wondered about the 'infinite wishes' clause. Technically, a genie can totally grant you infinite wishes, providing said genie never grants any of the extra wishes. I believe that would satisfy both clauses: the genie allows the person to wish to their heart's content, but only grants the first three of those wishes. Does that read right?
  6. Cloudy Mountain Biplanes Baseball Cornhole, on name alone Safe Cracker Evel Kenievel Missile Command (this was the toughest pairing, looking forward to both)
  7. Well sir, you've beat me. I feel as though I might have covered the spread, though. Thanks for posting this. Fun stuff!
  8. It's from R.B.I. Baseball My son keeps running into the room when I start a game shouting, "Open Every Box, Pete!"
  9. 3 player Cloudy Mountain sounds like a riot. The gameplay teaser had a bit of a Gauntlet feel to it, but I'll most likely be harkening back to the PS2 days and Champions of Norath. Interested to see the mini game for revival.
  10. If I might indulge you for a minute, of the announced games, are there any you're looking forward to?
  11. I see I've wounded you on an emotional level. For this I am sorry. At no point did I intend to hurt you in any way, shape or form. Please, take some time. Enjoy the little things in life. Those can be the most fulfilling. Seiously, hope all is well. I've nothing more to say. I'll bow to your expertise, no sarcasm necessary. Now, as I've gone far too long down this path with nothing productive to add to the discussion - has there been any talks with Lego in regards to a game? Not anything tying into a franchise, such as a Lego Batman, for instance. Rather, with Lego for an edutainment title. Reading the instructions, building the kits. Schools around here actually do these as teams. Thought it might be a fun idea. Having it on a console that's very accommodating to multiplayer would make this a natural fit, in my humble opinion.
  12. Thank you for letting me know. It's good to have people like you around. Please, allow me to learn more. I... must learn... your ways... That, my fine friend, was sarcasm. When I employ it, it cannot be mistaken. Let's not pretend you didn't Google your examples in this post.
  13. ... Folks, I hope you all are doing well. Honestly, I do. The passion this project has brought out of everyone in absolutely amazing. My son is turning 6 soon. What he thinks is 'cool' differs in some cases to myself. Not always, mainly in taste of music. Y'know what he doesn't find cool? Like, at all? Assumption. He does like Shark! Shark!. Hates it when the shark turns around just as he goes to bite the tail. Also enjoys a game of chess every now and then. He's a very bright child. Stillagamer, my fellow on this forum, I point this out not out of a sense of anger, but one of confusion. Your opinion is stated in such a way that makes me think you've some real insight to the market for children this age range. If so, then I'm sure your wealth of knowledge on the subject would be an absolute asset in this discussion. However, if you're experience is no greater than mine (parent, uncle), perhaps we might be best off putting the... tiniest bit of faith into the people who've been working on this project every day. Not going to lie, there are some things that I don't necessarily agree with through this process. I don't know if the sports licenses, for instance, will turn out to be worth it with all of the confusion the world in 2020 has brought us. It seems the ongoing delay in the baseball season has also indefinitely delayed any early glimpses we could get into a baseball title for the Amico. This has me sad, as this looks to be the first console I'll be able to play baseball with my father on since the Genesis (in all honesty, he didn't much care for the Genesis, but played because we played). With that said, I've never launched a game, or a console, or been CEO of a company. I've never worked at NASA, or headed a Disney toy line. The list goes on, but my point is simple: you have to trust in the people, and the process. They've done well with what I've seen so far, for what weight my opinion may carry. In closing, I would like to reiterate my sincere wishes that all is well with everyone.
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