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  1. I'll work for free. And weekends but i will only wash half of the windows in the office. (Gotta draw the line somewhere.)lol
  2. man sinistar used to scare the crud outta me when it said "I Hunger!". I owned a sega master system it was my third system. My master system had the 3d glasses, i owned zaxxon3d, and space harrier 3d i played the heck out of those games!
  3. I miss games like zaxxon, sinistar (I hunger) life force, and star soldier.
  4. Need my shoot-em-ups or shmups. I have a weakness for shooters i will buy a game as soon as i read "shooter" or "twin stick" .lol but im not a fan of "bullet hell" shooters.
  5. In germany there is a tractor company called dietz. However if Mike opened a soft drink buisness he could sell "diet dietz". Or a beer company whete he could offer dietz wiser or dietz light. But he could always settle down as a peanut farmer. His brand would be known throughout the world as mikes peanuts...what you think i would stoop so low as to say....DIETZ NUTZ ! Lol hahahaha.....I'll sit down now and be quiet. (Heads to corner to put his nose in it.)
  6. I really want the woodgrain edition amico. It will tastefully compliment my home. I wonder why no one does wood grain anymore? By the way marvel has the "true believers" i think amico needs something simular l nominate "Amico Amigos" thats roughly translated into "family and friends" i dont know how about some suggestions? Tommy you can be the judge and pick the best.
  7. Hey good day Tommy and my fellow "Amico amigos". Question for the main man, Tommy Talarico. Is activision and intellivision on good terms? Reason why I ask this question because, i would Love a remaster of Beamrider, River raid 1 and 2, and keystone cops. So is there any chance of this happening? Also are you going to get anymore licsenses from Sega? Reason why? ZAXXON BABY!! YEAH!...(ahem) I mean, I would like you to politely ask Sega for Zaxxon for the amico. They arent doing anything with Alex Kidd either. Go for broke, ask for both. Lol We also need Dig dug, 1982 Smurf game, and Pole position. Thank you for your time and be safe.
  8. Pat and Ian used to be cool. They were at one point affiliated with a company called Retroware, which made a documentary series about video games. This doc had people like pat and ian, the former head of intellivision kieth robinson , Tommy talarico, roo, pixel dan, the guy from LGR, and several more. It was the definative series on video games. Pat also had a hand in exposing the fraud of the coleco vision chameleon. Pat got a ton of views from that. That is where pat got "youtube famous" from. Pat also claims he is the definitive source of nes and snes history. Which he isnt. If anybody could lay claim to the title, that would be John Hancock. He has every thing and is trying to open a museum of videogames. Pat i think is trying to recreate the coleco incident so he can more views and be relevent again. I dont think its about money i think its strictly about the adulation and fans he wants. Right now i think pat is depressed and bitter and lonely. Ian isnt helping, he is just feeding the negative side of his ego. Pat is sad.You can see it all over his face. i think pat needs help. Maybe he will get help and be happy again, but right now he is nothing more than toxic shock press. I really hope he gets help, finds someone who positively affects his life, and maybe sees Ian for what he really is. Until then the best thing you can do is ignore them, pretend he doesnt exist, because if no one is stroking his ego he will have to take a long look in the mirror and realize what he has become. Thank you and be safe.
  9. Exactly! There are a bunch of older games that need "the new coat of paint" treatment like smurfs, zaxxon, beam rider, river raid etc.. That really would be system sellers all over again.
  10. Yep. I had it and donkey kong. The colecovision was my second system my brother and i bought it used. I loved smurfs it was different than most of every game back then.
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