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  1. I apologize if I missed this in my searches - but I was unable to find an answer there or the GitHub issues. I am using RespeQt 5.3 on Mac with an Atari 800XL U1MB (if that even matters). For the most part it is working well for disk access emulation. But the times I have tried to use printer emulation (only for program listings so far) I get no 'line feeds' between the listing lines. Is there something I can change/tweak to correct this? I have attached an example below (this is from Mac/65 -- I'm working my way through Atari Roots) but I see the same thing from basic program listings.
  2. If you don't want to desolder an easy option might just be to replace the whole MB and try to sell the board you have. Best electronics has fully populated MBs for the 130xe at about $80. http://www.best-electronics-ca.com part # CB101089. I'd definitely do this over eBay as it is probably cheaper in most cases and these are new old stock.
  3. That was my doing -- I took the shielding off when I was checking it out to see if it was socketed. I'll probably just leave it off for the Ulitimate 1MB.
  4. I'm brand new back to Atari since I was a kid so I'm not sure what a fair price would have been for it, I paid ~$130+Shipping. Based on other eBay sales that didn't seem too outrageous to me.
  5. I have a Ultimate 1MB on the way for it right now - actually! And given the video I'm seeing on my LCD I may do the Sophia upgrade soon too. Any others recommended? Here are some pics of it -- I think it has the Alps keyboard based on the thread mentioned above by cwilbar: Overall I'm happy with the condition -- it isn't new, obviously, but it seems pretty decent. There are a couple of other photos, as well as these, Here.
  6. I got it today -- it was indeed 100% socketed :). Thanks for all the replies!
  7. I hadn't considered that it may not be the original case MoBo combo -- I'll keep my fingers crossed and post a photo here once I have it with what I end up with. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for replying! I’m really excited to get back into this. I want to teach myself 6502 assembler to start. I am a mess with a soldering iron - well mostly with desoldering. I have a bit of that to do on that 130XE I mentioned too so I guess I’ll have to get better either way .
  9. Hi All -- I just joined here and I'm getting back into Atari for the first time since I was a kid (Like 38-40 years go -- jeez) -- I've been looking for a machine for a little while and purchased an untested 130XE with RAM issues from eBay - it was a gamble. So I have some work to do on that one - but on a whim I just picked up an 800XL manufactured in Hong Kong (I had the 800xl when way back then). I'd like to put Ultimate 1MB in it and noted several threads saying that all of the Hong Kong are fully socketed. Then I saw several that said they could be anywhere from partially socketed to no sockets. Here is the label on what I bought: Is there anyway for this impatient back to Atari enthusiast to know what this looks like inside before it arrives?
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