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  1. I got it from thebrewingacademy -- it's just a little 2AMP 5V center positive wart. Looks like it is just a cheapo Chinese thing.... I never really considered worrying about the power -- is there a particular type that is most trusted? I don't have a DIN plug or I could just wire something up with an apple charger or something. (Pics in Spoiler)
  2. Thanks :). Thanks for the suggestion. I gave it a try, I have a spare parts machine and pulled the pokey out of that and it exhibited the same behavior :(. I also reflowed the solder on the Pokey socket and the SIO socket for good measure.... no dice there. I'll keep it going by turning off HSIO or experimenting with just turning it on for disks -- to see if that works. Thanks again for your assistance.
  3. Thank you both for your replies; and your help! With HSIO on in U1MB The fuji flasher serial monitor keeps freezing up and beach balling (M1 MacBook Air) on me when I try to capture a log file (I did manage to get the last few minutes of the log during the print) but there are NAKs all over the place (attached as fuji_log.txt). Clearly something is wrong with this 800XL. The SIO suspicion seems spot on with all the NAKs in the log and a new problem emerged in the last 24 hours or so -- the screen would get all wobbly on composite and go black (remember I had removed the Sophia to test without it). It did this a little (intermittent wobbles) all along (before the Sophia -- but not a lot). But now it gets so bad, especially during heavy SIO activity, I am losing composite signal all together. So I put Sophia back in. I also tried temporarily removing the UAV with Sophia reinstalled (just pulling UAV from the socket -- not disconnecting the wires) -- it didn't change the logs; there are still NAKS everywhere so I put it back (I think this log file fuji_log.txt is from my final attempt with HSIO on and UAV & Sophia re-installed). The ironic thing though is that the original problem seems to somehow have kind of gone away (sometimes -- after a try or two getting a bad copy -- I am getting the print to download after it finally finishes). With HSIO off in U1MB I turned off HSIO (which I had done earlier as well -- but who knows maybe I thought I did but it stayed on or whatever) in U1MB. The Naks seem to have gone away. For now I'll probably run it like this. See log segment for HSIO off (fuji_log_no_hsio.txt - again only the last few minutes of the print here). The print is immediately and consistently over two or three prints available on the fuji web interface at this point. Any thoughts on what might be wrong causing my HSIO to be so flaky on machine and any ideas on how I might mod/fix it? Thanks again to everyone who has tried to help! fuji_log.txt fuji_log_no_hsio.txt
  4. Update: Tests I tried using my mobile hotspot as a network -- I wasn't able to keep that up long enough to fully test (I don't think this had anything to do with the Atari/Fujinet -- I think this was just my mobile service) I tried the 130XE (presumably Unmodified -- came from Ebay and there are no obvious mods that I can see -- but I'm not an expert on Mods). This worked perfectly 👍. (but I'd still like to try to get the 800XL working). I also noted that both loading Print Shop and printing in Print Shop seemed to take longer on the 800XL than the 130XE (I didn't measure this -- but it seemed a lot faster especially on the printing). I failed to mention in my previous posts that the 800XL has UAV installed and then after that I installed Sophia DVI. I read on The Brewing Academy (tonight) that Sophia could cause interference so I removed it to test it. Same issue (print doesn't download correctly). 👎 I also tried changing the channel selector on the RF modulator (didn't change anything) (nothing is connected to it -- I just changed the switch from Channel 3 to channel 2 or whatever it is).👎 Finally I have one of those SIO splitter things from Lotharek, so I used it to move the Fuji about 3 feet away from the 800XL -- still same issue.👎 Thoughts/Ideas I am open to removing the RF Modulator and/UAV if I can figure out how to do that without screwing stuff up if anyone thinks that will make any difference. If there is a mod to improve SIO (I seem to recall reading about such a thing I'm open to trying that if it is within my ability) Finally (though I couldn't get the file to Download from the web interface) I did pull it off the SD card as I mentioned before. And I have noticed that the print isn't quite right in some cases (not always). This may just be a Print Shop bug but I thought maybe it could represent something strange with the SIO too? Attaching the pdf here. BTW I'm not obsessed with 8-Bit Print Shop :). I just want to make sure I get this resolved so this works reasonably reliably for other things. Are there any thoughts on what this might be? Finally -- this may be somewhat off topic now that it is obvious this isn't the Fujinet itself causing the issue (130XE just worked) -- If I should ask about this in another forum please feel free to lock this. paper.pdf
  5. I appreciate you trying to see if you could duplicate it! Nothing odd on my Chrome Installs. On the windows machine I have my adblocker (I'm not near that machine right now but it is probably just adbock plus iirc) and my password manager + default google extensions. On the Mac it is just the google extensions. I mostly use Safari on the Mac and there I have just an Adblock (Adguard Advanced Blocking) and password manager. Password manager for both browsers is 1Password (but again, not even installed this on the Mac Chrome install). Additional Experiments/Info: I have also determined this happens, in my setup -- outside of just the Print Shop situation, longer program listings (basic or mac65 that are nearly full printed page or more) seem to intermittently do it too with different output printer types selected than just those two Epsons -- but the Print Shop behavior is consistent. I also just did a wget (on the Mac / with wget from home-brew) against the print url http://fujinet/print (FujiNet is the host name for the device on my lan) and I got a corrupted PDF. Looking at the files that get downloaded (from wget or any of the browsers), there is no consistency between their sizes and smaller than the file on the SD card. It is like they are just giving up before they finish. I also tried with the FujiNet on and off external usb power (no change). Next Steps: I have an unmodified 130XE available to me to try with -- I am going to try that later this week to make sure it isn't the Atari itself. But given the symptom here it seems unlikely to me that would be it. I mean by the time we are dealing with delivering the file from the web server it is really all on the processor in the FujiNet and not the Atari I would think. I am also going to try setting up a hotspot on my phone and connecting my computer to it -- to isolate my network as a possible cause.. but again that seems unlikely as I have lots of devices/items running on this network both 2.4g and 5g without issue. Edit:typos
  6. Thanks -- that is what I am doing and that is what is delivering corrupt PDF files to me. When I try to download it by pressing the printer icon (prior to removing the card and doing it manually) I get a corrupt file. I've tried with a windows machine and a Mac. Chrome and Safari on Mac, Chrome on Windows -- same deal. But the paper file on the SD card , if copied to my computer and renamed to paper.pdf gives me a correct PDF.
  7. I wanted to post an update -- this appears to be an issue with downloading the file from my web interface rather than the file itself. After swapping to a new SD Card I was able to take the file off of the SD Card on my Mac and rename it to .pdf and it was fine.
  8. Thanks for the reply Thom! The ATR files I am mounting are on atari-apps.irata.online/PrintShop/SideA.atr on Slot 1 and atari-apps.irata.online/SideB.atr on Slot 2. The setup (within Printshop) says I am set to printer: Epson MX-, FX-, RX- (80 or 100), JX-80 The printer I have setup in the web interface is Epson PrintShop on P1 The process goes through design and print, swapping disks a couple of times along the way and a long time of (printing/thinking...). From the program stand point all seems to have worked fine. The only issue is when I go to click on my file I get a corrupt PDF file. I have attached my latest attempt here -- in case it's helpful. I will also note I am running Ultimate 1MB (on an 800xl). But I have attempted to minimize U1MBs impact. I had Spartados Disabled, Basic Disabled, XL OS 1.3 Rom, PBI Bios Disabled (and as a result HSIO disabled as well). Thanks-jeff printout-15.pdf
  9. Hi! I just got my FujiNet today (1.3 from TBA) and I flashed the latest firmware: 0.5.570061a6 2021-04-25 00:00:38 One of the first things I tried was to get Print Shop to work -- but no matter what I try it just produces unreadable PDFs. I have gotten the PDF function to work fine with program listings and stuff like that -- and it is really cool to see my text that looks like my old 1025 printer when I was a kid! But so far I have had no luck at all with anything using graphical printing. I searched all over the forum, and perhaps it is here and I missed it, but is this a known issue? Or is there something I am missing in my setup? I have tried several copies -- all end in the same result (bad pdf) I have set my HSIO as slow as it would go (it was initially at 6 and I tried it higher). I have tried the Epson Print Shop Printer and Epson 80 (incidentally I tried the Epson printer -- I can't remember which one -- in a program listing and it worked fine -- except it cut off the top line. So it doesn't appear to be the printer type itself at issue) The test print (the page with the diamond) in Print Shop works with both of the Epson Printers and the PDFS are successful. I'm not really sure what else to try. Thanks in advance for any assistance -- and to the developers for all of the work they put into this device and the software -- truly one of the coolest things in Atariland!
  10. I apologize if I missed this in my searches - but I was unable to find an answer there or the GitHub issues. I am using RespeQt 5.3 on Mac with an Atari 800XL U1MB (if that even matters). For the most part it is working well for disk access emulation. But the times I have tried to use printer emulation (only for program listings so far) I get no 'line feeds' between the listing lines. Is there something I can change/tweak to correct this? I have attached an example below (this is from Mac/65 -- I'm working my way through Atari Roots) but I see the same thing from basic program listings.
  11. If you don't want to desolder an easy option might just be to replace the whole MB and try to sell the board you have. Best electronics has fully populated MBs for the 130xe at about $80. http://www.best-electronics-ca.com part # CB101089. I'd definitely do this over eBay as it is probably cheaper in most cases and these are new old stock.
  12. That was my doing -- I took the shielding off when I was checking it out to see if it was socketed. I'll probably just leave it off for the Ulitimate 1MB.
  13. I'm brand new back to Atari since I was a kid so I'm not sure what a fair price would have been for it, I paid ~$130+Shipping. Based on other eBay sales that didn't seem too outrageous to me.
  14. I have a Ultimate 1MB on the way for it right now - actually! And given the video I'm seeing on my LCD I may do the Sophia upgrade soon too. Any others recommended? Here are some pics of it -- I think it has the Alps keyboard based on the thread mentioned above by cwilbar: Overall I'm happy with the condition -- it isn't new, obviously, but it seems pretty decent. There are a couple of other photos, as well as these, Here.
  15. I got it today -- it was indeed 100% socketed :). Thanks for all the replies!
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