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  1. I will be sure to look for games like the ones you mentioned, although I'm not trying to spend to much money on games.
  2. Happy birthday, America!

    1. Magmavision2000


      244 years sure is a long time! According to ancestry.com, one of my ancestors fought in the Revolution!

    2. high voltage

      high voltage

      You won, Brits go home, congrats.

  3. I have K.C. Munchkin!, Pick Axe Pete!, K.C;s Krazy Chase!, Killer Bees, UFO!, Sub Chase!/Armored Encounter!, and the Compute Info! carts. Sorry for not responding earlier, I don't check up on here that often.
  4. My father got me an Odyssey 2 as a gift. I now have 7 games for it. I am enjoying it so far.
  5. Maybe 2 years was an exaggeration, but you would have to factor in the impending recession.
  6. Maybe I'm thinking from a bad perspective, but I was thinking of physical sales ans console sanitation. I think that you have good points, but I suspect that eventually, during this pandemic, availability will begin to fall and people will stop trusting sanitation in online sales.
  7. I think that markets for these types of games and systems aren't going to return to normal after this is over. I think that it'll take at least 2 years to maleup for the lost productivity.
  8. The only second gen game console I have in my modest collection is the Atari 2600. I have around 13 common games for the system. What should be my next step after this? None of my console collections are bigger than like 30 games, and I have been lucky to get some consoles and games for free. I can't afford anything really expensive, and I don't want any clone consoles. I am also not very interested in the 2nd gen computing market, although I might try some of the more popular/common computing systems if it comes down to that.
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