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  1. How-D Jake67, Nice to hear that You're still 'All-In' on the Amico! I know I sure am! I have a Founder's Edition, for myself, and a VIP Edition, for my In-Law's who still play their Wii almost daily, on pre-order. Can't wait! I'd like to throw my two cents out here about Your # 1 above, I hope that You don't mind! Maybe one of the thoughts behind the IE Team's decision is that the hope that one of these things below could occur after purchasing the game, as an alternative to providing a demo up front : 1 - Either one or more people in the family would end up completely digging the game right out of the gate, and determine that it was money well spent! ( WIN ) 2 - Nobody ended up liking the game, but they found a friend, or neighbor that they were able to trade them a game at a relatively comparable price point, so that everyone ended up with something they were happy with ( TIE ) 3 - Even if no one in the family was 100% over the moon with the game on purchase day one, the more time that went by, opportunities to play, different strategies to learn how to play, different people to play with, etc. Could all eventually make a difference ( TIE ) In the above examples, the buyer is at least coming out with a positive experience on each of these different scenarios. Hope this helps provide some other ways to look at this for You and everyone else! These were just a couple of things that popped into my head when I read your interesting post. Thanks B
  2. COULDN'T DO IT! TOO MUCH LIKE looking for my hidden Christmas presents around the house ahead of time! B
  3. Hey Tommy, I was listening to the show that You and Pete did last night, Thanks to both of Y'All for Your time and effort, it was awesome! At one point You were going through and giving out as much information as possible for all of the launch date game names as You could, and THANKS for that Sir! That was TOO COOL to hear all of those titles! I had not heard that much detail previously! Makes me want my Amico RIGHT NOW that much more, if that's even possible! With all of those names it did make me think of something else, one title I haven't seen mentioned previously is Pinball, and I think, the original Intellivision version of Pinball was not half bad, I can remember playing it for many hours when no one else was around, and I wanted / needed a decent time killer! But now we have all of these wonderful pinball "emulation" type games, available on any of the consoles, where you buy a particular front end, and then can download the tables that You want to play from out in the "real" world. LOVES ME SOME Pinbot! 🙂 Have Y'All talked about a pinball game yet? And if so, have You talked about which direction You're going to go in? More of the classic non-branded type, or with the branded style, which would be difficult to do if Y'All don't want to do DLC for the different table packs. Just curious Sir. Thanks for All that You and Your Team are doing, and BTW, belated Congratulations on Your new hire, it looks like he fits right in with the rest of everyone, and can hit the ground running for You! B
  4. How about we start our "Wish Lists" for classic arcade games to get ported to the Amico! My apologies if I'm late to the party, and this has already been done in the previous ~600 pages. Here's some of mine : Scramble Qix Phoenix Gorf Robotron Sinistar Rally-X Time Pilot Zaxxon I'm sure there's others that will get jogged loose if I see other people's lists. Hope this brings back good memories for some folks too! I know it gave me a few good moments trying to shake the cobwebs loose of all those spent quarters in the dark arcades of my youth!
  5. Please don't forget Qix! And here's another vote for Phoenix please! Thanks Sir!
  6. Hi Tommy, I thought up another question, and I don't remember seeing it asked/answered anywhere yet, my apologies if I missed it! For those folks who ordered a Founder's Edition, will we be limited to just the pack-in games until everyone else catches up on 10/10? Or will the software store and some games already be available by the time the FE machines land in our desperate hands? Hope ALL else spiff-E there for You and Yours Sir! Thanks as always for Your time! Can't wait to see more goodies from You and the Team! BF
  7. Hello Tommy, and Everyone Else, Long time lurker, first time poster. I finally found the time to put something together to share. ( SORRY in advance for the brain dump! ) # 1 - Thanks Tommy to You, and all Your Team! Ever since I first began hearing about the new Intellivision Amico, I have been trying to spread the word to anyone I know that I think would appreciate this type of new gaming system. I have already put down money for a FE for myself, and a VIP for my In-Law's who still play their Wii religiously ( primarily bowling ) # 2 - Thanks to All the members of 'The Posse of Positivity' who hang out at this forum! Y'All are the highlight of my day! # 3 - Tommy, I'm sure this has already been mentioned ad nauseum, but when I first saw the new console, and controllers, some of the ideas that popped into my head were games like : A. - Battleship - Where the main T.V. screen starts out in a state of "The Fog of War" and each controller shows each players ships on their own battle grid, and as each player takes turns shooting, "The Fog of War" will dissipate, and if a 'hit' is registered, it would show a little bit more battle grid on the main T.V. screen than a 'miss' would illuminate B. - Texas Hold 'Em - ( or most any other poker/card game ) The players cards are on the controller screen, and the 'shared' cards are on the main T.V. screen C. - Shuffleboard - Where the controller is used to send the discs to the other end of the playing field D. - Curling - ( For our Brothers and Sisters to the North ) where the controller could be used to simulate each of the motions used in the Curling game, either launching the rock, sweeping, etc. E. - Pinball - Where the controller could be 'tapped' on the side to mimic bumping the pinball machine to affect the flight of the ball in the cabinet minimally There's a bunch of other ones, but this is what this console has done for me is to make me think of all the possiblilities that are out there, and I just can't wait! My apologies if You've already heard/seen these, I'm late to the forum, and didn't go all the way back to the beginning and read all the posts, but wanted to share in case any of these ideas might prompt thoughts for You, or someone on Your Team there. THANKS AGAIN! Can't Thank Y'All enough for bringing back the system of my youth! p.s. - Congrats on all of You and Your Team's to date successes, and here's to wishing You MANY MORE! May You All stay hale and healthy there Sir! BF
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