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  1. Please take no offense at my reply here, but as Mr. T. has stated many times, they do offer 100% refunds for anyone who is "tired of waiting", and the line forms to the left for all those in line wanting a Founder's Edition who are on the wait-list, who would be happy to get one from someone who got "tired of waiting". Sorry, I get enough negativity everywhere else in my life, I don't come here for it. If you want to bail, the Exit sign is well marked, the path is well lit, and you even don't lose any of your initial investment, how often can you say that?!?! You just don't have to tell all of us that you're leaving on the way out, o.k.? Just my two cents worth here. I have more then one machine on order, including a Founder's Edition, and I couldn't be happier waiting until they can get me the right product at the right time. B
  2. Hello Sir, Great looking patch! LOVE how it matches the console vibe! I've got a Founder's Edition, for our home on order, and a Graphite Black for my In-Law's to go along with, and one day replace their Wii, on order. If Y'All had a Neon Green model, I'd probably be ordering another one, just to have for another room in my house, as that is my favorite color! I've got two weeks of vacation scheduled around the time that Y'All have on the calendar that You're currently targeting to be landing the FE's on our doorsteps this Fall. I've been scheduling, and rescheduling that time since the console was first supposed to land, STILL CAN'T WAIT!! I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE that I SOMEHOW MISSED you when Y'All were here in Texas recently, the National Videogame Museum is about 12 miles, or so, from where I live! HOPEFULLY someday you will make it back through this part of the world again! Keep up the great work Sir, and Thank You so much for sharing this journey with all of us! I'm sure that you have felt that it was the wrong choice on certain occasions, but I hope that you know what this means to all of us "normal" folks, who will never get a chance to see anything like this in our lives like this in any other way! B p.s. - Sorry for t.m.i. long time since I've typed You
  3. YOU SIR, ARE A VERY BAD, BAD MAN!!! THANK YOU for sharing Your Evil Genius with the rest of us plebes! I KNOW, I FOR ONE, "Am NOT Worthy, Sir!" I will take two please! Thanks! B
  4. Got my vote! I would be worth willing to spend more money to get physical documentation, in my case, along with my physical Media! I also agree that many hours were spent with those old user manuals, especially if you hadn't played a game in awhile, and forgot a particular part of the game control, or needed a refresher. I would be willing to pay an extra $5.00 to $10.00 to make sure to offset the costs of the physical media, documentation, and to make sure that there was still enough to have profit. Hopefully that would be enough in this sad over commercialized world we live in. Tommy, You tell us? You're closer to this than all of us. What's the "magic" number? I'm not asking for an exact number Sir, You can just throw out a ballpark like You normally do when You are discussing these things. And NO, I'm NOT going to hold You to it! B
  5. Another masterpiece for Your collection Sir! May Your creative fountain/Muse never run dry! Thank You for sharing Your work with All of Us'Ns here! B
  6. Cha-Ching! That looks like a great haul there, and a wonderful start towards some new memories! Best of luck finding a console to play them on! B
  7. Thanks for sharing!! I REALLY WANT AN AMICO IN THAT BRIGHT GREEN COLOR!!! It's right around 3:15 of the video. I couldn't tell if it was a hard drive shell, or if it was a failed controller mock-up. Neon green is my jam! Used to have a Jeep Wrangler that color! Please make it so! Thanks! B
  8. How-D All, I agree with everyone so far, DIGGING the dark wood look! It looks like it should match closely with the Founder's Edition consoles. Another Great Job by You and the Team Tommy! Please share these wishes to You and Yours, and the whole Team there, for a Happy and safe 2020 Holiday season, and a prosperous New Year, from Me and Mine here in Texas. B p.s. - Hope everything keeps on track for April! My birthday falls right within Your current scheduled countdown, so I may miss out on my Amico birthday recognition this year, but it will still be a wonderful gift to have right around my birthday time!
  9. Congrats on Your Wife, Susan's, win! You are a VERY lucky man to have SUCH a special woman who would take time out of HER hobbies to try and win You a goodie like that! I sincerely hope that Y'All get many years of enjoyment ahead out of it! My wife, Susan, CAN'T WAIT for some of the new retro-reimagined, and the re-issues of the old games to come out, so we can play them alone, and together, in all their big screen glory! I've got an FE on order for our house, and a Black on order for my In-Law's as backup for their slowly dying Wii. I haven't been able to talk her into getting the Galaxy Purple one so she can play on the other big screen that we have in our master bedroom when I want to play something solo on the one on the big screen in the living room. Hee Hee Hee Wishing You and Yours Happy, healthy, and safe holidays ahead, and a prosperous New Year there! B
  10. Check this one out : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Majesty:_The_Fantasy_Kingdom_Sim A fun one I used to play back in the day on the PC, sounds very similar to what You are describing. My apologies if I am off target, or someone else has gotten to this already, I'm quite a few pages behind. Regards, B
  11. Morning Mr. T, Thanks for providing the update and spelling it out for those of us who don't participate in Facebook! Will there be any additional drawings for this group of tickets? Or are these now ineligible from any future "games" that may come along? I hope that question makes sense! Thanks in advance for your time Sir! Also many Thanks to You and the Team for all of Your dedication and efforts towards getting us the best console experience possible, even if we are unable to make the 10/10 date. I KNOW in my heart that this console is going to be the best thing for my family and I, for a shared family gaming environment, since our last Intellivision, and I also KNOW that with You and Your Team, the sky is the limit! Continue to endeavor to persevere Sir, and We HERE are All behind You! B
  12. PLEASE MAKE 10/10/20 A REALITY! I have ALREADY scheduled TWO weeks of vacation so I can do NOTHING ELSE BUT PLAY Amico! Fingers and toes are crossed here, have lit a candle on an altar, have asked the Intellivision Gods to have pity on us, would even consider throwing caution into the wind! 😉 Thanks for ALL that You and the Team are trying to do to make it happen Sir, and for all of the information that You're sharing along the way to help keep us sane! B
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