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  1. Well, on one side, it is true that you normally dont use the absolute latest firmware for pre-launch demos since you want to be sure it is a stable (even if all features and functions are not yet working) and you dont risk getting any surprises or bug crashes. But it is mind boggling how the rep could show this poorly working controller to IGN if that is already fixed since long time. And why wouldn’t he quickly fix it (by updating the firmware) and show them it is actually not at all like this so they could have amended (or never even written) this in the article, that is more puzzling to me..
  2. Having a lot of money is no ”vaccin” for being a scammer, in fact i would argue that rich persons would often be more likely to come up with complex business scams. However, in this case it’s not only Tommy, he would have had to get all these industry veterans to leave great jobs/careers to be in on the scam, well known and established manufacturers and developers to actually create “fake” hardware and software, make licensing deals with known and established company’s, distribution and marketing deals with distributors and dealers, for example Media Markt sending out a Press release and taking preorders, and GameStop having in store marketing campaign and taking pre orders. That’s a lot of people that is going to have to get a cut of the fully refundable pre order money, not a lot of money considering the incredible amount of work put in over several years and involving that many people, just saying, to actually release a real console might be easier 😅
  3. Yes, looks amazing, and seeing other family’s play make it easier to imagine your own family playing it 😀
  4. Haha, totally agree, let’s not bring those “flat earth” type theories in here as well.
  5. Well, don’t know if the Ethernet port was ever showed in any design of the console, but it was for sure something that was talked about in the first presentation/specification but very early on was taken away/discarded. I don’t see any benefit to have it personally..🤷‍♂️
  6. Yes, but to me it is not a question of being willing to pay a small price for a game, it’s that this business model denies me the possibility to be able to know and evaluate the “actual cost” for the product before making the “purchase”/commitment. I have no problem paying 50$ for a game if they let me know beforehand that this is the total cost and this is exactly the content I will get. Also, if the game is based around micro transactions in gameplay, it now ceases to be a video game and have crossed over to be a slot machine. Another aspect is of course when you ad small children to this, that does not have any real concept of money and value, and therefore could spend hundreds of dollars for a “game”, when they could have purchased a whole collection of great games for the same money. I don’t know if Amico will be the product that will alter the course of video game industry, but maybe it will be remembered as the system that “paved the way” for a new business model in the industry. But if I had to guess, the “Netflix” model is more probably what the industry will end up in pretty soon.
  7. Any video showing off gameplay and the unique controller features is always cool, my most anticipated game (that has not been showen since the first trailer) is the “dolphin game”/ecco, would be great to see a new trailer of that one😃
  8. This is such a ”day one purchase” its ridiculous 😄👍
  9. That would be cool, even better if you could see your ranking in your city or country during a certain month or year as well, and if you had the top spot, you would get a certificate of some sort😄
  10. I think you are way off here..I think the primary reason is to keep up with the “Intellivision master” wishlist 😉
  11. The overlays/skins for the controllers are already revealed, i have seen all of the ”packs” (sports, animals, etc) that will be on launch, including the button/discs sets for the smartphones, is that still a secret?🤭
  12. Well, english isn’t my native language, there must have been a misunderstanding as I ment “argument” as in your proposition/idea.
  13. I would rather say that people who had or have a wii would be very attracted to the Amico system, and I dont get your argument of why someone would buy an Amico if there is a used market for older games/consoles to similar or lower cost?? Same reason people are buying any new video game system, because they want something new and/or different. And it’s very different if you speak of a parent that buys a video game for their children, or a non gamer parent that buys it to play with their children (and/or other family members), that’s where I personally think that Amico are in a different league compared to any other system.
  14. Double?? I can’t imagine the postage being hundreds of dollars? If it is more than 25$ it would be cheaper to cancel my preorder as well and order from a European dealer instead.
  15. Great list, I want to play too My top 30 list will probably look a bit strange to some people in here but keep in mind I have never played any original IE games, and secondly, my primary intention with the Amico is to play coop/vs with my family, or my children to play with their friends. 30. Baseball 29. Missile command 28. Blank slate 27. Pong 26. Pool 25. Care Bears 24. Breakout 23. Brain duel 22. Snafoo 21. Biplanes 20. Battle tanks 19. Back talk party 18. Spades 17. Farkle 16. Emoji charades 15. Liars dice 14. Rigid Force redux 13. Dynablaster 12. Finigan Fox 11. Sesame Street 10. Nightstalker 9. Side Swipers 8. Nitro derby 7. Cornhole 6. Skiing 5. Evel Knievel 4. Astrosmash 3. Moon Patrol 2. Shark Shark 1. Cloudy Mountain
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