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  1. That would be cool, even better if you could see your ranking in your city or country during a certain month or year as well, and if you had the top spot, you would get a certificate of some sort😄
  2. I think you are way off here..I think the primary reason is to keep up with the “Intellivision master” wishlist 😉
  3. The overlays/skins for the controllers are already revealed, i have seen all of the ”packs” (sports, animals, etc) that will be on launch, including the button/discs sets for the smartphones, is that still a secret?🤭
  4. Well, english isn’t my native language, there must have been a misunderstanding as I ment “argument” as in your proposition/idea.
  5. I would rather say that people who had or have a wii would be very attracted to the Amico system, and I dont get your argument of why someone would buy an Amico if there is a used market for older games/consoles to similar or lower cost?? Same reason people are buying any new video game system, because they want something new and/or different. And it’s very different if you speak of a parent that buys a video game for their children, or a non gamer parent that buys it to play with their children (and/or other family members), that’s where I personally think that Amico are in a different league compared to any other system.
  6. Double?? I can’t imagine the postage being hundreds of dollars? If it is more than 25$ it would be cheaper to cancel my preorder as well and order from a European dealer instead.
  7. Great list, I want to play too My top 30 list will probably look a bit strange to some people in here but keep in mind I have never played any original IE games, and secondly, my primary intention with the Amico is to play coop/vs with my family, or my children to play with their friends. 30. Baseball 29. Missile command 28. Blank slate 27. Pong 26. Pool 25. Care Bears 24. Breakout 23. Brain duel 22. Snafoo 21. Biplanes 20. Battle tanks 19. Back talk party 18. Spades 17. Farkle 16. Emoji charades 15. Liars dice 14. Rigid Force redux 13. Dynablaster 12. Finigan Fox 11. Sesame Street 10. Nightstalker 9. Side Swipers 8. Nitro derby 7. Cornhole 6. Skiing 5. Evel Knievel 4. Astrosmash 3. Moon Patrol 2. Shark Shark 1. Cloudy Mountain
  8. Not so sure that they would have interactive lights on their next console, but I’m pretty sure they will have a very different controller, color touch screen for sure.
  9. That you are not allowed to register URL’s of registered company’s names, to avoid having people registering all kinds of URL’s with big company names and then hold it for “ransom”. So if/when IE wish to, they only need to file a claim to get the URL from them.
  10. I would disagree totally on this part, 99% of the people following this project are really grateful for his incredible engagement with anybody interested in the product, regardless if you are a “big” youtuber or just a random follower on this forum. I’m sure that when the product is launched he will probably be forced to focus more on the primary target groups, and most likely will have less time to engage with people in these kind of forums, but his “unorthodox” approach and the company’s philosophy in general is one of their strongest USP’s, not the other way around.
  11. Yes, thank you Tommy and Mike (NLG) for that episode, the part where you went through the gameplay trailer game by game and Tommy gave some comments and explanations to them was really interesting and helpful👍
  12. Yes, we actually suggested this some time back (a “buy all” button), considering there is about 30 games at launch and 6-7 are already packed in, and for the FE/VIP orders there is another 3-5 games extra (gift card), so it will be about 18-20 games left, if all of them are 9,99 it will be less than 200$ to get them all. That way they would secure an incredible attach rate in the first days and get a great boost from the word of mouth marketing. Doesn’t have to be with a big discount, people would just do it for the easiness of pushing the “buy all” button instead of going through the purchase process 20 times.
  13. It looks even more impressive when you see all launch titles listed like that, and the only “disappointment” for me was that the dolphin game was not on there. FYI, the “Asteroids” time stamp is actually Astrosmash. Anyway thanks for making the work of listing and time stamping it all👍
  14. I think you hit the core of this discussion here, and I totally agree with all of your comments. I also grew up enjoying the technical leaps that came with each generation. But since the Wii/PS3, I haven’t seen any technical advances that would make me enjoy a game more until the Amico. Of course better graphics can enhance a realistic flight simulator/racing game, but it will not make a Mario kart style game more fun, because those are two completely different experiences, same as a ultra realistic sports game/simulator are a completely different game experience than a sports game like “Ice hockey” (NES) or Mario tennis, and people can like and enjoy both types of experiences.
  15. Yes, it was a great interview, a part from a few awkward “gotcha” attempts from mr Inglebard, what was that about?🤷‍♂️
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