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  1. Yes, that is very easy, they are not made with the exact same parts, among other reasons, but now you have to explain why there is no toilet paper yet no shortage of paper 🤔
  2. Yes, and it is the difference Amico games will have from majority of ”mobile” games, its not the graphics, but the well thought out game mechanics and well balanced gameplay that makes them fun. And I’m getting tired of hearing that the Switch also focus on making the games fun, but the guys at Nintendo isn’t spending any time thinking about how they could make Zelda BOTW more fun for grandma or a non gamer, they have a very different focus/primary target audience for the majority of their games.
  3. Yes, and those are the people that when Minecraft or Roblox was first launched said ”no kids would ever want to play those crappy looking mobile games over Mario or Zelda” 😆
  4. Yes, he has mentioned numerous times, even gameplay details like the multiplayer frogger where you are for example four players, but only three “openings” on the other side, I think it will be a fantastic family/party game 👍
  5. If the pre order deposit was non refundable I would agree with you, but you can just ask for your refund and get your 100$ back tomorrow, if you are worried about the quality of the games or the system as a whole, just wait until it is launched and you can judge it before purchase, Tommy/IE has said this many times, since this is not crowdfunded, you are not obligated to put in any money until it is on store shelves, the preorder is only an option for people that wants to make sure are among the first to get it, as the availability probably will be pretty scarce even after launch.
  6. Haha, really, you went from ”all in” to ”less enthusiastic” because of the E3 video, how come? I was just happy to see new gameplay of the 🐬 game and that new vertical shooter looked nice too, the rest was pretty much things we already seen a few times (but most people haven’t followed this for 1-2 years like a few of us on this forum).
  7. I’m half Spanish half Swede, so once Sweden is out of the competition (which is usually pretty early), I cheer for Spain 😁 I like the “underdogs”, so I have to cheer for Finland as well in this Eurocup.
  8. Why time limit? As long as they have docked one controller at a friends house they can’t play any of their games at home, so it would basically be the same as exchanging each others complete consoles, I can now play all of your games and you can play all of mine.
  9. Mine is: 1.Cloudy mountain 2.Dolphin quest 3.Utopia 4.Texas Hold’em poker 5.EWJ4
  10. I think it is pretty probable they wont have the 100 000 units ready at launch (oct 10th), but I feel there is a lot of signs that points to IE making a limited launch with possibly founders editions and maybe some of the other pre orders (12-13000 units), and regardless of what happens I’m keeping the 100$ deposit since that would secure I’m one of those first ones to get a system whenever it comes out, if you give up your preorder now, you will probably have to wait at least 6 additional months to get one.
  11. I can’t find any “episode 12” of Amico after dark, anyone knows if there was an episode on Wednesday? Or has it changed day or something?
  12. This is the second game with photo realistic graphics on Amico (farkle being the other one), i thought you said the casual gamers didn’t like that 😉
  13. This layout but the the previous puffy image instead (i like puffys expresion better in the other image).
  14. Well, on one side, it is true that you normally dont use the absolute latest firmware for pre-launch demos since you want to be sure it is a stable (even if all features and functions are not yet working) and you dont risk getting any surprises or bug crashes. But it is mind boggling how the rep could show this poorly working controller to IGN if that is already fixed since long time. And why wouldn’t he quickly fix it (by updating the firmware) and show them it is actually not at all like this so they could have amended (or never even written) this in the article, that is more puzzling to me..
  15. Having a lot of money is no ”vaccin” for being a scammer, in fact i would argue that rich persons would often be more likely to come up with complex business scams. However, in this case it’s not only Tommy, he would have had to get all these industry veterans to leave great jobs/careers to be in on the scam, well known and established manufacturers and developers to actually create “fake” hardware and software, make licensing deals with known and established company’s, distribution and marketing deals with distributors and dealers, for example Media Markt sending out a Press release and taking preorders, and GameStop having in store marketing campaign and taking pre orders. That’s a lot of people that is going to have to get a cut of the fully refundable pre order money, not a lot of money considering the incredible amount of work put in over several years and involving that many people, just saying, to actually release a real console might be easier 😅
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