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  1. But the card isn't connected to anything but the USB port to my PC so how can that be? JGroth
  2. I'm trying to get #fujinet working, so I've built a prototype according to the schematics found at github (https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-hardware/blob/master/Prototype-Schematics/fujinet-schematic_20200229_esp32-devkitc.jpg). The board I'm using is a ESP32-DEVKITC-VB Dev.kit Combo ESP32-WROVER-B ESPRESSIF (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07L9JM29R/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1). So I choose fujinet-v1-4mb and build, upload file system image and upload. The monitor shows this: > Executing task in folder fujinet-platformio: platformio device monitor --environment fujinet-v1-4mb < --- Available filters and text transformations: colorize, debug, default, direct, esp32_exception_decoder, hexlify, log2file, nocontrol, printable, send_on_enter, time --- More details at http://bit.ly/pio-monitor-filters --- Miniterm on /dev/ttyUSB0 921600,8,N,1 --- --- Quit: Ctrl+C | Menu: Ctrl+T | Help: Ctrl+T followed by Ctrl+H --- 19:44:02.017 > 19:44:02.017 > --~--~--~-- 19:44:02.017 > FujiNet 0.1.547ff5cf 2020-07-26 16:55:01 Started @ 4 19:44:02.018 > Starting heap: 4133392 19:44:02.018 > PsramSize 3932108 19:44:02.018 > himem phys 4456448 19:44:02.018 > himem free 4456448 19:44:02.020 > himem reserved 262144 19:44:02.020 > SPIFFS mounted. 19:44:02.104 > SD mount failed with code #263, "ESP_ERR_TIMEOUT" 19:44:02.117 > fnConfig::load 19:44:02.119 > fnConfig deleting configuration file and skipping SD check 19:44:02.119 > WIFI_EVENT_STA_START 19:44:02.245 > disk MOUNT 19:44:02.269 > mounted ATR to Disk: 19:44:02.269 > num_para: 5760 19:44:02.269 > sectorSize: 128 19:44:02.269 > num_sectors: 720 19:44:02.269 > Creating a default printer using FS_SPIFFS storage and type 1 19:44:02.270 > SIO SETUP 19:44:02.270 > Available heap: 4057020 19:44:02.270 > Setup complete @ 257 (253ms) 19:44:02.272 > BOOT_KEY: LONG PRESS 19:44:03.446 > OTHER_KEY: LONG PRESS 19:44:03.446 > Shutdown handler called 19:44:03.447 > disk UNMOUNT 19:44:03.447 > disk UNMOUNT 19:44:03.447 > disk UNMOUNT 19:44:03.447 > disk UNMOUNT 19:44:03.447 > disk UNMOUNT 19:44:03.448 > disk UNMOUNT 19:44:03.448 > disk UNMOUNT 19:44:03.448 > disk UNMOUNT 19:44:03.448 > WIFI_EVENT_STA_STOP 19:44:03.448 > �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 19:44:04.506 > 19:44:04.506 > --~--~--~-- 19:44:04.506 > FujiNet 0.1.547ff5cf 2020-07-26 16:55:01 Started @ 4 19:44:04.507 > Starting heap: 4133392 19:44:04.507 > PsramSize 3932108 19:44:04.507 > himem phys 4456448 19:44:04.507 > himem free 4456448 19:44:04.509 > himem reserved 262144 19:44:04.509 > SPIFFS mounted. 19:44:04.593 > SD mount failed with code #263, "ESP_ERR_TIMEOUT" 19:44:04.606 > fnConfig::load 19:44:04.608 > fnConfig deleting configuration file and skipping SD check 19:44:04.608 > WIFI_EVENT_STA_START 19:44:04.734 > disk MOUNT 19:44:04.758 > mounted ATR to Disk: 19:44:04.758 > num_para: 5760 19:44:04.758 > sectorSize: 128 19:44:04.758 > num_sectors: 720 19:44:04.758 > Creating a default printer using FS_SPIFFS storage and type 1 19:44:04.759 > SIO SETUP 19:44:04.759 > Available heap: 4057020 19:44:04.759 > Setup complete @ 258 (254ms) 19:44:04.761 > BOOT_KEY: LONG PRESS 19:44:05.935 > OTHER_KEY: LONG PRESS 19:44:05.935 > Shutdown handler called 19:44:05.935 > disk UNMOUNT 19:44:05.935 > disk UNMOUNT 19:44:05.935 > disk UNMOUNT 19:44:05.935 > disk UNMOUNT 19:44:05.935 > disk UNMOUNT 19:44:05.937 > disk UNMOUNT 19:44:05.937 > disk UNMOUNT 19:44:05.937 > disk UNMOUNT 19:44:05.937 > WIFI_EVENT_STA_STOP 19:44:05.937 > �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� This goes into an endless loop. The card doesn't have an SD card so I can understand that failure but its skipping that step so that should be OK. The thing is that I haven't connected it to the Atari yet. But there is no change if I have it connected to the Atari, still an endless loop of boot failures. Has anyone else seen this and even better know of a solution? Regards, JGroth
  3. SIDE2.COM seems to have worked. What I don't understand is that I could upgrade another SIDE2 with UFLASH on a 800XL without any problems. UFLASH freezes both the 600XL and the 800XL with the new cartridge. The U1MB is configured to use RAMBO (1088KB) memory.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to update my SIDE2 cartridge to the latest version of firmware and SDX but I have no success. I've mounted side2_full_oss_carts.atr on D1: (RespeQT 5.2) and started uflash.xex. I press enter on the chip entry (top entry) and I get the dialogue where you are supposed to select the ROM file but the entire machine hangs and a power cycle is required. I'm following FJC's video tutorial how to do this (I also have a U1MB installed and configured according to FJC's instructions). The SIDE2 boot screen looks a bit odd though: Ultimate clock installed SIDE Driver v1.0 (c) 2011, FJC SanDisk SDCFB-256 Drives(s): C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J SpartaDOS X 4.46a 4-02-2013 Copyright (C) 2013 by FTE & DLT The CF card was partitioned and formatted with another SIDE2 which I could upgrade to the latest firmware. I've tested the SIDE2 cartridge on both a 800XL and 600XL with exactly the same behaviour. My setup is: 600XL 64KiB RAM (Lotharek Lair's version) U1MB (upgraded to F/W 3.1 and SDX 4.49) VBXL SIDE2 (Can't upgrade and boot message displays what looks like a very old version of firmware and SDX) SanDisk 256MB CF card 800XL U1MB (upgraded to F/W 3.1 and SDX 4.49) VBXL SIDE2 (Upgrade worked just fine) SanDisk 256MB CF card So basically the machines are identical part from the SIDE2 cartridge. Just to check that my upgrades to 600XL isn't at fault I tried to upgrade the SIDE2 in the 800XL but with the same result, UFLASH.XEX hangs when you are supposed to get to choose ROM file. I've also put in the 800XL SIDE2 cartridge in the 600XL and UFLASH.XEX lists the ROM files just fine. So my question is, I guess, how do I upgrade a SIDE2 cartridge that has firmware from 2011? Regards, JGroth
  5. I wont be using this PSU for anything else but one Atari computer at a time. My 1050 has its own PSU, which is just a AC/AC transformer. The 1050 has its own power regulators. I should probably recap it and replace the regulators in that drive, I think. I use it almost everyday. He said the Commodore doesn't care for a switching regulator because of the noise on the line. But Greisis showed that his PSU only produces very little noise under full load and no overshoot when powered on and everything is discharged correctly at power off. I think the current filtration is good enough. The VBXL produces a very good picture. The 600XL is fine as well, I certainly can't see any difference in the picture quality between stock PSU and the one I built.
  6. After trying most things in this thread I finally tracked down what was wrong. The original PSU gives a voltage of 5.3V, the one I bought from Lotharek's Lair gives 5.1V and mine 5.081V. Both mine and the one from Lotharek simply didn't give the 800XL enough juice for the MB, a U1MB, a VBXL and a SIDE2 cart. So I adjusted mine to 5.336V and everything has been rock stable after that. Thank you all for your help. Regards, JGroth
  7. I also said "in the works" ie its a DIY kit. You download the Gerber files and get the PCBs, after that you buy the components and solder it your self. The guy that designed it made a Youtube video (Greisis Workbench) of how to assemble it and how he tested it. It is the thorough testing of the PSU that make me trust it. As you can see the PSU was originally made for a C64 and a 1541-II (disk drive). C64 requires +5V DC and 9V AC so don't connect the 9V AC part and you have an Atari PSU. OK. As you can see only half of the PCB is populated, that is the 5V DC part, the other part is for 12V DC or 9V AC which is not needed for that Atari.
  8. I haven't tried anything since I posted the original message, real life started to interfere (darn work). Will try to make a more thorough investigation tomorrow evening. If it is the power supply I bought from Lotharak's Lair is too weak, I've got a new one in the works that is fused at 1.6 A (should be enough). I will also check the connection between PHI2 on U1MB and PHI2 on the motherboard and make sure it is solid.
  9. Tried that and got an error message. Same thing, error message. Power supply is brand new, bought from Lotharek's Lair. I do have a U1MB, VBXL and a SIDE2 cartridge installed. I can dump the entire CF card (256MB) with dd if that is OK? Block size would be 512 bytes. Don't know where to put it though. Got a backup on a diskette which I made just before the move attempt (thank God for a working 1050 ). Is CLX part of SpartaDosX, sorry but I've never heard of CLX. I'm sure I can figure out how it works though. Regards, JGroth
  10. Hi all, I tried to move a file from one directory to another but that corrupted the file system on a SIDE2 CF card. Had a file called CFS.TXT made with TLW in directory >ASM. Tried to move it to >ASM>PROJECTS>CFS directory with command: COPY /M CFS.TXT >ASM>PROJECTS>CFS (tried several permutations of that command like copy >asm>cfs.txt /m. Current directory was >ASM>PROJECTS>CFS but it didn't work). It says something like 'file not found', 'files are the same' or something like that. So I tried to move it with sc.exe and that worked, at least no errors, or so I thought. Directory CFS was empty and CFS.TXT had been moved to the root and the directory structure was corrupt. It used to look like: ASM>PROJECTS>CFS <DIR> BASIC <DIR> MAC65 <DIR> Now it looks like ASM>PROJECTS>CFS <DIR> <HEARTHEART>BASIC <DIR> <HEARTHEART>HELLO C <DIR> The <HEART> is CONTROL-, on the Atari keyboard. BASIC and HELLO.C directories are inaccessible. ASM still is OK but I don't dare to store or change anything there in case this spreads to other partitions. Is there a way to recover from this situation or do I have to reformat the partition? Regards, JGroth
  11. PAL country. According to the pictures I've seen it has an ECI port. Do you got any instructions or links how to upgrade it to 320kB? Regards, JGroth
  12. You are a flipping wizard. The instructions worked perfectly. I can now use the CF card as an HDD and have MAC/65 with DDT. So going from nothing 4 months ago I got today: 800XL Ultimate 1MB VBXL SIDE 2 1050 with Happy upgrade SIO Splitter SIO2PC over USB SDrive-Max In the works 600XL It already got a: 64kB RAM upgrade and will get: U1MB VBXL Bidding on a 65XE (on eBay) that will get a 64 kB upgrade basically making it a 130XE. The 65XE is a later model I think because it has an ECI port that together with the cartridge port makes it a PBI port (or have I gotten that wrong). As it is a later model the PCB should be ready for a memory upgrade. Regards, JGroth
  13. Hmmm, 1050 with a Happy upgrade to store source code For now that is just fine. The optimum would be of course if I could start MAC/65 with DDT from SDX command line as a normal program using SIDE2 as an HDD. Disk based MAC/65 exist but you won't get an integrated DDT debugger with it or rather I haven't been able to find that combination other than on a cartridge. Regards, JGroth
  14. I have searched the Internet for two weeks for that gold nugget! I can finally use MAC/65 with DDT cartridge and U1MB together. You are a star! So BIOS 3.10, is that bug fixes or new features as well? I take it I can download the ATR from your website?
  15. I don't have that setting as I'm running the U1MB on a 800XL and not a 1088XLD. The setting I have says: SIDE Cart ROM: Disabled and is greyed out. The BIOS version is 3.02. Don't think there is a newer one.
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