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  1. So this troll came by my stream to talk smack. He's also been spewing blatant lies about the Amico on his channel. Figured I'd give him a taste of his own medicine...
  2. Hey folks I been out of the loop the past week. Just curious when there will be another round of Pre-orders?
  3. Yeah! That's what i meant! I confused him another Turbo guy, lol.
  4. Tommy, great interview on TurboJoe's youtube channel! btw, the final battle scene in Return of the Jedi is my all time favorite as well. It truly culminated to that moment. MUSIC.IS.IMPORTANT... MUSIC.IS.LIFE.
  5. Yeah Tommy, the group is really cool and chill, but they also know how "turn on the heat" when it's needed. That's what I admire... attitude, backbone, and leadership.
  6. Watching this interview right now, just recently met Generational Gamer:
  7. HAHAHA! sorry about that! and thank you for not taking it personal, was just busting your chops!
  8. is there an Intellivision Amico facebook group that's run by the members of this group?
  9. omg, just signed up the other day, THIS FORUM MOVES FAST 😅 Anyways, I know my interview was pretty long (2.5 hours), so I made a fun teaser trailer/re-cap. I plan to do a 'live reaction' to the latest Amico trailer on my next livestream. See ya soon!
  10. Hey folks, Tommy swung by my channel for an interview this evening. Just a heads up, I didn't realize my Sub Notification gif would block Tommy's face during the interview. My stream setup wasn't 100% prepared, my show is normally a solo show. The issue was fixed during the live show. Thanks 👍
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