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  1. Ordered Imager and light pen from Madtronix last week..
  2. Looking for a light pen also.. Might do a combo 3D Headset and Pen order from Madtronix
  3. Thanks for the info! I put one on my holiday wish list...
  4. Check Facebook Market sales in your area.. I scored one last year in nice condition for $120 USD
  5. This also happened to me when ordering, no confirmation of sale or shipping. Then the package showed up.. Shipping was quick and packed great. I still need to order the 3D Viewer form them, if anyone has one I would love to see a review.
  6. Cant wait to see what they find when they dig into the file. Hope for a completed cart ver one day.
  7. I was not lucky in the draw.. I was number 33
  8. For being such a simple concept Beluga Dreams keeps me coming back to beat my previous score. My record at the moment is 236.
  9. The 31st is almost here.. Hope the draw names get posted ASAP
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