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  1. I reported that account months ago. Annoyingly then, Twitter found it HADN'T breached their guidelines. Despite...well, you know. EDIT: Thing is, the piece of shit won't ever quit this. As soon as this thread doesn't get any posts for a few hours he's on one of his accounts saying "HAHA LOOKS LIKE THE THREAD'S FINALLY STOPPED" because he's *THAT* desperate for attention. It actually is that blatant. He'll just keep acting out regardless, hell maybe worse if people actually do stop talking about how much of a bastard he is.
  2. You could suppose that by 'license' Kieren's talking about movie/tv/etc. tie-in games? Although that doesn't really make the sentence less inaccurate. Cobra, Batman (Ritman game and Caped Crusader), Street Hawk, Miami Vice, Frankie, Platoon, Rambo, Short Circuit, Top Gun...oh, and Highlander of course. All those and many more before 1989.
  3. It's not really fair to describe Horsenburger as a KH associate, he's just supporting someone he believed at the time he was on good terms with. Like me and many others, he was lied to/manipulated (presumably in this case by Kieren crying on his social media about these trolling reviews and so on).
  4. I see that the ShillerSimon and Poppy puppets have been hard at work again. Kieren: Octav1us and RP create, build and support. How typical that you would use these times to try the only thing you know how to do: Destroy. You are a truly vile, disgusting creature.
  5. He asked me if I'd like to contribute a 250-400 word bit and I agreed to do one (this was not long after we'd first met properly at Blackpool 2018). It ended up on the backburner for whatever reason and nothing ever came of it seeing as the campaign failed.
  6. Bloody hell. Kieren being a tetchy and rude bastard to John Linneman there -- a thoroughly nice bloke and the man behind DF Retro on Eurogamer/YouTube. I and most anyone else would be happy to take advice about getting old games run properly from him or talk about this with -- jeez, he's even passionate to see how these outdated emulators that Kieren a mate used specifically screw up PS1 Doom -- and Kieren throws it back in his face and acts like a total child about it, like he's just been caught with his hand in the biscuit tin. It's so silly.
  7. Hey everyone. Like many I've been lurking this thread for ages but felt I needed to come in especially with this talk of me screengrabbing posts -- specifically, ones where Chris Wilkins and Craig Turner had been badmouthing Octav1us. The only post I screengrabbed is here, in this public tweet: The blocked out person is, of course, Craig. That's it. As you see already, it's not like this was some tweet sent to Kieren through DM's or anything -- it was/is public. And that's it -- this was back in November 2018, and it's a post where Craig is passionately and rather acerbically defending Games Animal TV -- but clearly he doesn't specifically target anyone beyond the idea of Digitiser: The Show in this message, indirectly or otherwise. It's a defense, an opinion. This was all part of a load of banter that quickly got rather meanspirited on both sides for a day or two, at least until Mr Biffo came in and put a kibosh on the bitchfight. Certainly there's no ill will here -- it's in the past, although I do feel a bit of a twat now for screengrabbing it...again, things got unnecessarily mean so I apologise to Craig for that. As for Chris I didn't screengrab anything of his, nor do I recall him saying anything whatsoever during the whole exchange. For Kieren to use this post, or more accurately allude to it, in such a way that manipulates Octav1us and raises her anxiety is beyond the pale. Just when you think this whole situation can't anger you any further, along comes something like this. And then you think that all those sockpuppet accounts were working overtime during the initial Digitiser run... ...You're a real bastard, Kieren. Anyway, that's the mystery of the screengrab.
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