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  1. Posting exactly the same sort of stuff as the socks again. Kizza, word of advice, if you don't want people to think you are affiliated with the troll accounts perhaps stop tweeting things THE EXACT SAME WAY THEY DO!
  2. Haven't been here for a while, the socks do seem to have quietened down recently thankfully. What makes me laugh about Keiren is he is adamant he isn't associated with these sock puppets, yet posts crap like this, which is EXACTLY THE SAME as what the sock accounts do/did! He really doesn't help himself does he!?
  3. Interesting, to be honest I still wasn't convinced all these accounts were him anyway. The behaviour of the two most active accounts has been very odd just lately, however I've taken Craig Turners advice and am no longer replying, it just feeds the troll at this stage.
  4. So @Retrolaird has gone again and @64bitforthewin has changed his username for the upteenth time! Does he think it'll throw people off the scent or something? He is aware that he'll always be found using those hashtags!? Will it be in a crappy hotel in the middle of Luton?
  5. It's stopped being funny now with this Shiller Simon account. If it is him or the person corroborating with him, they aren't clever enough. They may think they are but this repetitive posting pattern with blatantly faked tweets and screenshots, additionally saying that they've been hacked (how many times!?) isn't helping their case and quite frankly it's become boring.
  6. That's good, in my opinion one of Twitters admin team really need to be watching the Poppy zx sinclair account. The automated response system probably won't pick up on the Poppy ones targeted abuse, hopefully if the situation is explained to a human and show them the accounts you suspect it's targeting they may finally put a stop to it.
  7. The way the pages are formatted hurts to read, just a mass of text! I appreciate the effort this must be taking.
  8. Who are the sad bastard's? The numerous people who all agree how much of a tit you are, or the one person watching this thread like a hawk(en) creating several sock puppet accounts, which all post in the same. Exact. Manner. Keyrown you aren't fooling anyone you muppet!!
  9. Hopefully whoever at Amazon carrying out the investigation will read the thread and come to the conclusion we all have. This could backfire on him in that regard although perhaps that's wishful thinking on my part.
  10. Wouldn't surprise me if he's reported you for abuse due to your supposed "hatchet job". 🙄
  11. The "not KH" account continues..... It's been retweeting Atari Jaguar stuff as well. Just. Odd.
  12. A devious woman? I’ve followed her on Twitter for about a year. Nothing that she has posted in that time fits that description. Unlike our friend the Lairds behaviour.
  13. As subtle as a sledgehammer. I figured he’d have something to say about the little bit of drama on the last page and surprise surprise there he goes on the ShillerSimon account. (Registered in 2018 and has only just started posting again) Keyron, you aren’t clever enough to do what you are doing with these sock puppet accounts, we can all see through them!! What is his problem with retroprincess? He’s really taken aim at her recently.
  14. I agree. It wouldn't surprise me if one of his sock puppet accounts posts screenshots of recent posts and claim that they are all "turning"
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