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  1. The 7800 would have put up a much stiffer fight if it'd shown up on time in 1983 instead of coming out when it did, oh what cold have been.
  2. Atari 5200 manual is quite easy to find with a google search.
  3. This isn't journalistic writing it's pop history, decent overview for someone who's coming in cold and doesn't have deep prior knowledge of the Atari story. Definitely reads like it was written by a researcher who was given a topic and not a gamer passionate about the history.
  4. Kung Food is a pretty rotten beat-em-up(?) action game. The idea is cute but the control is terrible, your character looks like a love child between the Jolly Green Giant & Captain Planet, and all of the music sounds like it is out of key.
  5. Rebecca Heineman has talked about the difficulty of doing work on the Jaguar in multiple interviews, here's a quote from one she did in 2015:
  6. Oof, this is the same terrible game but crammed into a much smaller space. I don't know if I would say one is worse than the other maybe that the TI version is a far more concentrated hit of bad video game. In the interest of keeping it positive though apparently the same guy who made this game also made Sierra's home version of Frogger so on the plus side he got to move on up towards bigger n better things
  7. I have sought this out after seeing it here and from others in this thread and I gotta say this is one of the worst games I've ever played in my life. It's like if Pac-Man was made by someone who hated fun. I like Fishing Derby for the 2600 a whole lot, it was the first video game I ever played and I still break it out from time to time for some fish-catching action.
  8. I would imagine the homebrewers probably have something but for us general audiences the best option is probably to whip something up in photoshop.
  9. That's just what Canadians look like.
  10. This is utterly useless, I love it!
  11. Damn that looks cool as hell, I wish they'd stuck with either of the older styles instead of the one they went with. Ah, the path not taken...
  12. I use a composite cable with one of those RF adapters at the end, it gives excellent picture on my 1997 Toshiba CRT. If you want better than good enough picture you'll need supplemental devices or hardware modification.
  13. Just popped it in to check and, I'll be damned. Didn't think the old girl had any surprises left for me to find but I guess we all learn something new every day.
  14. So they only took more than half a million dollars from their customers in exchange for broken promises and no product? My point still stands, the writing has been on the wall for a long time. The fact that they're still accepting people's money is a bad joke. It doesn't matter that this is a technically small amount in the grand scheme of the company, it's still taking money from potential customers who are now burned because of Amico's abject failure to deliver anything resembling their promised product in a timely manner. They've got nothing, they should have folded when they still had the resources to refund everyone's money.
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