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  1. Wow! Love seeing all those labors of love under one roof.
  2. I’ve got an Atari 7800 and provided it’s available for purchase I would totally buy that cartridge for the purposes of beta testing a game.
  3. It’s an early-bird Floridian winter weekend kind of day sometime in the mid-2000’s and I am walking through the thunderbird drive-in parking lot. There’s a swap meet going on and I’m picking through boxes of old hair dryers, wires and discolored plastic bits looking for stuff. At the bottom of a black plastic Publix basket I find an Atari Lynx and a Sega 32x. Took both home for 7$. Not my best swap meet pickup but definitely close to it. It was one of the chunky models and worked just fine after a good cleaning to remove some sticky business. Ah, I miss those carefree days picking through garbage looking for treasures.
  4. Oh man, that’s wonderful to hear! A boon to Jaguar accessibility that will have echoes probably as long as people are playing their Jags.
  5. As I’m sure many of you feel, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the Analogue Duo since its announcement. However, I have been looking into the marketing materials and the only information that I could find through their marketing and website information was that it would have an “original fit” but the photos don’t show any HuCards or TurboChips actually in use so I suspect we’re not seeing 1:1 what the final fit will be. Has anyone seen anything more conclusive regarding how exactly chips will be fit in the unit, maybe a diagram of a mock-up showing the depth? I was thinking of selling my boxed us Turbo to pay for a Duo but I would hesitate if I wouldn’t be able to use my Everdrive.
  6. No? I love Pitfall, I own two copies. I don’t think anything I wrote would make someone who would’ve otherwise been interested not play. If anything, if they’re invested enough to read almost 3,000 words on it maybe they’d be able to enjoy the game and learn a little about the culture it was created in.
  7. If I inspire someone to take a stand for something they believe in, I would consider it among the greatest honors of my life.
  8. Y’all, I’m not cancelling Pitfall! here. Just acknowledging where the cultural tradition it takes its imagery from originates from. You’re not a bad person or a colonizer if you play the game.
  9. I don’t think any of that is mutually exclusive with what’s in the essay. It’s pretty much in alignment, just not going into the weeds on where those ideas came from and why it’s specifically the jungle and the explorer and not the mountaineer in the tundra or what-have-you.
  10. It’s a bit of rhetorical overkill, talking about Skinner box mechanics in all games with a little purple flourish.
  11. It’s a sincere attempt to think through the implications of what the game leaves unstated, whether intentionally or not, trying to explore the internal logic holding the simple game world and presentation together. Not as funny as your thought exercise but a little more grounded in balance.
  12. We don’t have to pick either a lasting legacy or not offending people. But we can also acknowledge where imagery comes from and once we’re aware of it, enjoyed media more fully without it being able to intentionally or unintentionally indoctrinate us into outdated word views. This piece isn’t attacking Pitfall! just pointing out where some of its ideas came from and how that influenced its design and the games that came after. Characterizing this as "everything you like sucks and you should feel bad for liking it" is reductionist, this isn’t attacking Pitfall! just examining its imagery and the culture surrounding it.
  13. Not tongue in cheek, but perhaps written to be fun to read while also making you think.
  14. An essay on how the colonial influences on David Crane’s “Pitfall!” affected it and the platformers that followed. https://rjb.report/pitfalls-of-colonization image is licensed under CC 2.0
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