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  1. I realize I forgot to include step 2. That's because I didn't have a step to back then. But now I do! 1. Compile and Run in Stella 2. Come back and check forums to see if anyone's posted a response to this question. 3. Go into OPTIONS->GAME PROPERTIES->CONTROLLER...
  2. I fear I am in store for bad news, but let me ask anyway just in case! Is there any way to make Stella remember your controller settings for a game you're working on, and not forget when you compile? I'm working on a game that uses keyboard controllers. I think the steps I have to follow every time I want to test the game are these: 1. Compile and Run in Stella (F5 in Atari Dev Studio, so easy!) 3. Go into OPTIONS->GAME PROPERTIES->CONTROLLER and select "keyboard" for both the left and right 4. exit Stella (I don't understand why this is necessary but it seems to be) 5. start Stella up again 6. enjoy! I understand that Stella uses a checksum to ID your rom, and that's why it forgets your settings when you compile. But maybe there's some other file somewhere that you can use to save settings for a whole project that is remembered by some other identifier? One that persists between compiles? Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. I've found a few lists of all 2600 roms, and they are the best thing ever, and now I'm looking for the same thing for disassembled or original .asm source code for 2600 games. I've found this: https://github.com/johnidm/asm-atari-2600 And this: http://www.bjars.com/sourcecode.html Is that all that are out there? I feel like someone must have made One List to Rule them All, but I just can't find it for some reason. Anyone have a link to share? Or are the lists I've found the biggest? Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! PS Sorry if it's location is obvious. I still haven't figured out how to find everything around here.
  4. This game is super cute and fun! Thanks!
  5. :HEAD EXPLODING EMOJI: Oh wow, that's brilliant. I'll try that! Thanks, Andrew!
  6. Thanks for the response! That's really interesting. I'm confused though. Wouldn't it always decrement PlayerX if you were subtracting, whether PlayerXFrac went <0 or not? Lets say PlayerXFrac is 4, PlayerXVel is -1. Then the X register would get -1. PlayerXFrac would end up a 3, still within it's range, but PlayerX would also get a one subtracted from it, wouldn't it? Or am I reading that wrong? I only want PlayerX to be decremented if PlayerXFrac dips below 0.
  7. Short version: I'm adding a signed number to an unsigned number. What flag(s) will tell me if the sum has fallen below zero or above 255? Longer version: I'm driving a rocket around with driving controllers, 16 directions, but the movement is chunky. I wanted more precision so I tried added a fractional component to the x and y coordinates. So PlayerX is the horizontal position, and PlayerXFrac is the fractional portion. I have the player's horizontal velocity in PlayerXVel, and it's either positive or negative. I add it to PlayerXFrac, and if that takes PlayerXFrac <0 i want to dec PlayerX. If the addition takes PlayerXFrac >255, I want to inc PlayerX. But I can't figure out the right flag or flags to detect if the addition of PlayerXVel to PlayerXFrac passes the 0 or 255 boundary. I could check the N flag to see if I've gone under zero (bmi) but the N flag is also set if the result is anywhere $80-$FF, right? Carry flag is cleared if I go <0 but it's also clear if I add a positive number. I feel like there's some super simple test I'm just missing, or else I just set this up to be more complicated than it needs to be. Any thoughts? I appreciate any and all suggestions! Thanks!
  8. Okay, so after looking a little bit closer at that vox-compatible games list, it's actually not as long as I thought and it was easier than I expected to check them all out. Wizard of Wor is still the best voice, though, I think! I look forward to Gorf, and many future vox-enhanced games, hopefully! Thanks!
  9. Hi! I see a few comprehensive lists of games that support the Vox, which is great. But many of these are just using the savekey feature--which is also great! But I'd love to find out what games have done the best job with the voice feature. I just got my VOX, and Wizard of Wor Arcade is amazing! But that's the only game I have so far that talks. I want to build my collection of talking games! So, more than a comprehensive list, I'd love to hear some recommendations for the best talking games, in your opinion. Especially ones that I can buy from AtariAge in nice, shiny boxes. All opinions appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Wow, this list is comprehensive and years in the making! Okay, now a quick question: Of all these, what are the TOP FIVE? My daughter just turned 12 and sometimes when she's walking by my desk I can tempt her with a quick game of Freeway, which is super fun for us, but I want to add some variety to the mix. Which are the all time greatest? Thanks!
  11. Hey, that fixed it! I put in my own Stella path and now I'm getting 00-10-11-01... Thanks!
  12. Thanks for helping! I'm on Windows 10. So does ADS have it's own copy of Stella? I thought it was just calling the Stella I already have installed on my machine.
  13. Thank you, RevEng! That's very helpful! Yes, the zero was missing. So when I do auto-detect in Stella, it detects "joystick" but the driving controllers work, with the zero omitted. If I force the controller setting to "driving" nothing works at all. The numbers don't change, the controller is unresponsive. But if I then go back and pick auto-detect, it then will detect "driving" and then go back to 'working' like before, with the zero omitted. BUT I am coming from my editor--Visual Studio Code with Atari Dev Studio. I compile and start Stella from there. If, instead, I just boot up Stella from scratch and then load my .bin, the driving controls work great. 00-10-11-01! The strange thing is, here is what I see in the options screen when things are working great. Both controllers are set to "joystick!" :0 That's confusing. But if it's working, I'm happy. But I wish I knew why, and I wish I knew what my editor was setting that's messing up the driving controls. Because that workflow sure is convenient. Are there other places besides game properties/Controller where controller options are changed?
  14. I'm sure this is due to me having the wrong settings in Stella but I've tried everything and can't make it work. Any help you can offer is appreciated! Here is the story so far: Hooked up a driving controller using a 2600-daptor II. Playing Indy 500 in Stella and it works great! Everything normal. Then I write a simple number drawing program to display the contents of SWCHA. Running this in Stella, turning the controller to the right, i get the sequence 01-10-11 repeated which is bad and wrong! 😠 Moving this .bin to hardware on a Harmony cart, and everything works great. The sequence when I turn right is 00-10-11-01 which is right and good! So how do I have things set up wrong on my Stella? Including a screenshot of OPTIONS/GAME PROPERTIES/CONTROLLERS page. It's weird that auto-detect shows joysticks detected, but remember, this WORKS in Indy 500. When I change that setting to "driving" Indy 500 stops working. So confused. Anyone know anything about this? Or just some random guesses? I'm in total darkness here. Thanks!
  15. The trick is to hold the button just the right way so you start the race in 2nd gear! Ooh, look! Getting better!
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