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  1. Got my boxed copy and really love it! But I'd like to know if anyone else is having a problem with a little "dead zone" where you can't get your paddle under the tiny rocks on the left hand side. I've tried it with two pairs of original paddles that I've cleaned up a lot, and also with a hyperkin ranger in paddle mode, and always this little gap I can't catch rocks in. Is it just me and I need to clean my paddles some more? Talking about the gap between the two pairs of blue paddles here:
  2. My suggestion is to wait 26 more days before worrying. That's how long it took for my order.
  3. This is so great! I've been looking for something exactly like this for a long time! Thanks!!
  4. Oh, you're right. I just checked it on my Atari Jr. and you just bounce off. But on my old Tele-games heavy sixer I get a QR code for the guide. Still not too bad. You don't loose a life. Just the annoyance of having to hit the select button, which is a pretty good deterrent. Really curious what technical difference would cause this though. 🤔
  5. After some more fiddling around, I've found the way to fix it is to turn off this option: "Preserve Code Editor Focus" Which is an option I'd love to have checked because I do want to stay in my code and not pop down to the output terminal every time I compile. But this seems to be what causes the F5 button to "break." And it's not just because focus is in the wrong window. I click back into the code window before I hit F5 and still no compile. No matter what window has focus F5 won't work, until I uncheck this option and then everything works again. Hmmm. 🤷‍♂️🤔 Anyway, that work around works for me. Just mysterious.
  6. What's the normal thing that happens when you touch the bunny? Do you loose a life? I think I like my glitch version better!
  7. No reason to wait, you say? Okay sounds great! I'll see if I can still get one. Thanks!
  8. This happens on my old heavy sixer as well. Is it not supposed to happen? I was confused at first but then I thought it was intentional. Anyone have trouble getting their score QR code to scan? It scans the login page for me easily, but not the score. 🤔
  9. Hi. I'm not a PlusCart owner yet, but I'm definitely going to be. I'm just not sure when is the right time to jump on board. I don't need to be an early adopter. I don't usually buy games in early access, for example. I like to wait for them to work out the bugs, and have a nice polished product to enjoy. I guess you could call me a casual hobbyist. So is the PlusCart there yet? Or is it still in Beta? Pre-Beta? Or did it hit 1.0 and I just missed it? I know it's going to be great. I'm just in no rush and I'm happy to wait for testing to complete. Any perspectives welcome! Thanks!
  10. Thanks, @mksmith! I got it working this time by messing with my assembler path settings. It seems like something wiped out the path I was using. Since the path field was empty, it seems like the built-in compiler should have kicked in instead. Not sure why it didn't. Or why my settings cleared. (Would an update do that? ) I was frustrated that I wasn't getting any feedback when I pressed the button--just a dead button. But then I wondered if maybe some output was being generated and I wasn't looking in the right output window. Where would a message about "there's a problem with your compiler," go? Thanks again!
  11. Hi! Thank you for Atari Dev Studio! I use it every day! Not sure if this is the place for tech support, but I'm not sure where else to ask: One of my most common problems is that the F5 button "breaks." More specifically--pressing the compile, or compile and run, buttons do nothing. Pressing the short cut key, the on-screen buttons, or calling directly from the command palette--none of it works. Sometimes I fix this by just randomly changing things--updating if there is one, restarting, variations on jiggling the handle. But I wish I knew what specific thing I could do to clear this error. Right now it's happening to me and nothing seems to fix it. Any info, or things to try, greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  12. I'm always interested in new vectrex controllers. Especially analog ones. Count me in, depending on final price!
  13. I voted for Glacier Belle because it's nice and clear. But I'm starting to wish I picked Captain Morgan because it's got so much character!
  14. Interesting! I never would have thought power was the culprit! Sounds like an easy fix. Thank you!
  15. Every once in a while my Colecovision games look glitchy, like in the picture below. Extra pixels in horizontal or veritcal streaks, like garbage bitmaps. Not just visual artifacts--they mess up the gameplay sometimes. I thought it was my multicart, but now it's doing it on regular carts like Popeye here in the picture. I've cleaned the carts with alcohol, and when I pop them out and reinsert them five times or so, press reset a bunch, swing a dead cat around my head 13 times, eventually the glitches clear up. But they always come back. Just wondering if this is a common problem with a known solution. Any info appreciated! Thanks! PS Just kidding about the cat!
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