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  1. Interested in the Atari 800 for parts. Sending PM
  2. Very nice collection! Those Speccy(s) look lonely in the cabinet 🙁
  3. This is the silver conductive pen that I used: https://www.amazon.co.uk/MG-Chemicals-842AR-P-Conductive-Silver/dp/B01LYXQE0M/ref=psdc_1938368031_t1_B01LZX06PL It took a lot of "fix then test" cycles, but I was finally able to get the keyboard fully functional. Cheers, Moe
  4. With a little trial and error and a liberal use of my silver conductive pen, I have been able to repair my keyboard. I'm still hoping the pre-order for the 800's mylar will actually be produced. Cheers, Moe
  5. Very cool, thanks. I just pre-order two of them. Yeah, my issue is with the mylar at the gold fingers. I'm trying to fix the issue with my silver pen. On my next Best Electronics order I might try one of the repair kits, if the pre-order that Sugerland found doesn't pan out. Thank! Moe
  6. Hello, Does anyone know where to get a new mylar for a Atari 800 keyboard (not 800XL). I'm trying to fix my existing mylar with silver conductive pen, but I'm not getting great results. I have about half the keys working, but I can't get them all to work. Thanks Moe
  7. Thanks for the info! The CGA2RGB can convert from RGBI to RGBs (https://gglabs.us/node/2063), and the OSSC can accept an RGBs signal. I order a CGA2RGB to test with my C128 and OSSC. Once I receive the CGA2RGB I'll update this topic with my results. Cheers, Moe
  8. Local outdoor flea market picks. $25 for the lot (c64 top case and keyboard only, not a full computer)
  9. Hey everyone, I just got a Commodore 128 last week, and I also ordered a OSSC about 2 weeks ago (I should receive it in a few weeks, I hope). If I want to run my C128 in 80 column mode I need to use the RGBI output. Can I connect the RBGI port, on the C128, directly to the VGA port on the OSSC? Or do I need to use a CGA2RGB to convert the digital RBGI signal to analog, before feeding it into the OSSC's VGA port? I have seen a few posts about doing this with a GBS-8200, but none using a OSSC. Any information you might have will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Moe
  10. I think I might have a problem, my collection is already quite large and then I went and bought this lot off a guy locally ... Everything works except the 64 breadbin in the box, one of the loose 64c, and the 1541-II drive. Also the seller didn't have a power supply for the Commodore 4 Plus, so it's an unknown, but I didn't even know the 4 Plus was in the lot until it picked it up. Of the 3 boxed machines, all the serial numbers match their boxes. I got the whole lot for $800 CAD, that's about $575 USD. It's alot of money, but well worth it IMO. Cheers
  11. I just tested the ribbon cable that feeds power to the main board. The cable is good, I have continuity on all pins. Cheers, Moe
  12. Unfortunately I don't have a scope or a logic probe 😞
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