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  1. Yeah, my flash cart collection is getting quite large 🙂 Super Everdrive X6 Everdrive N8 Everdrive GG Turbo Everdrive Mega Everdrive X5 LTO Flash Harmony Encore AVG Cart Ultimate Cart ez flash omega (this came with a DS I bought. I'd rather a Everdrive) Ez flash junior (this came with a GBC I bought. I'd rather a Everdrive) I want a Master Everdrive, but it's a little to pricey for me ...
  2. Got 3 things in the mail today 👍 Switch-a-roo RGB scart cable for my CoCo3 Mega Everdrive X5 Turbo Everdrive v2.5
  3. I bought 4 replacement switches from best about 8 months ago. They probably still have some in stock. I'd try there. https://www.best-electronics-ca.com/addendum.htm Yup, they do ... XE Game Machine Best Upgraded Start, Select, Option and reset mother board vertical mounting small black switch. CB101777C $6.95
  4. Hey everyone, thanks for all the good feedback. If you guys want, I can take close-up pictures of the MOVs other items, if requested. The top and bottom of the case is magnetic. I order some of those clip-on ferrite inductors and will test them on all the lines. I will 3D print some cable spacers and try to keep all the wires equidistant from each other. I'll post an update once I have the clip-on ferrite inductors and printed some spacers. Cheers, Moe
  5. Small update to my old consoles table, pull SNES and XEGS off the shelves and set them up.
  6. Thanks @CatPix, Yeah, I love this power strip. I had one on my childhood computer. I'll be disappointed if I can't keep it under my monitor. I didn't provide a good first picture, but you can see what they look like from these new images. I opened up the power strip, not much to it. I'm going to try and wrapping the exterior with tinfoil. If that works I'll place tinfoil on the inside power strip. Though, I don't think a thin layer of tinfoil will be much help. I don't have a lot of experience with power interference. Could I add ferrite ring to all the internal wires? Would that help? Moe
  7. Hey everyone, I have one of those old power strips that you place under your monitors. The power strip works BUT it is interfering with the CRT when I'm in DOS (has to do with DOS refresh rate). When I use this power bar the image shacks and wobbles on screen. If I use a modern power bar places a foot or two from the CRT, no wobble. I've tried to different Carts, same results. I know it's the power strip causing the issue, but I REALLY want to use it in my setup. Does anyone have any recommendations on how I could remove the interference? Re-wire the internals of the power bar? Line the inside of it with some kind of ferrous metal? Wear a tinfoil hat while holding a clothes hanger? Thanks Moe
  8. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my collection.
  9. @4300 your collection must be crazyyyy! You are always posting cool shit in this topic. The USPS guy/girl must be at your place every day!
  10. Sorry, your story just doesn't add up
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