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  1. Just received my LTO Flash! cart today. Going to play me some Intellivision games this weekend!
  2. Not the normal type of item shown in this thread, but I figured you guys would still appreciate it. My friend got bored with his Prusa i3 MK3s w/ MMU2s, he also wanted money for a PS5. I was able to get it for a great price!
  3. Moe


    Ditto, I bought 6 x Atari 8-bit carts from adam242. He shipped them out quickly and they were package well. Very happy with my purchase.
  4. Moe

    WTB: Tandy CoCo3

    The CAD to USD conversion, shipping to Canada, and import taxes put all of those Coco3(s) up around $450-$500 CAD. I'll keep looking. I just can't bring myself to spend that much money.
  5. Moe

    WTB: Tandy CoCo3

    I found a guy selling one locally. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1523463104 He's ask $400 CAD. If I got it for $350 would it be worth it? I wouldn't have to pay shipping. It doesn't come boxed, which is disappointing, but you can't have it all ... Thanks Moe
  6. Moe

    WTB: Tandy CoCo3

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to added a CoCo3 to my collection. I'm hoping someone might have one they are willing to part with, for a fair price. It would be shipped to Canada. Cheers, Moe
  7. I'm very happy with VGA only on the first release , with an update path to DVI. Thanks for all your work on this project. Cheers Moe
  8. Thanks for asking, it forced me to get back to it! Yes, I was able to get 80 column mode working with the CGA2RGBv2 & OSSC. CGA2RGBv2 DIP1 to DIP4 = off Jumper J4 - pin 2-3 I created a USB 5V power cable to power the CGA2RGBv2, since the OSSC does not provide the power. OSSC AV3 - RGBHV Cheers, Moe
  9. Interested in the Atari 800 for parts. Sending PM
  10. Very nice collection! Those Speccy(s) look lonely in the cabinet 🙁
  11. This is the silver conductive pen that I used: https://www.amazon.co.uk/MG-Chemicals-842AR-P-Conductive-Silver/dp/B01LYXQE0M/ref=psdc_1938368031_t1_B01LZX06PL It took a lot of "fix then test" cycles, but I was finally able to get the keyboard fully functional. Cheers, Moe
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