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  1. This week I have forced my wife to watch Top Gun and then Iron Eagle  ... she might try to smother me with my pillow tonight ;-) What 80's movie should be next?


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    2. jaybird3rd




      It's not an 80s movie except in spirit, but I would also recommend Rambo (the 2008 movie).  It's over-the-top violent, so you might consider saving it for after she makes you watch a chick flick.

    3. GoldLeader


      Revenge of the Ninja.

    4. Vanman1979


      Last week was her week to pick movies, I still have credits in the bank!


      I was thinking "Revenge of the Nerds", or "Showdown in Little Tokyo" ('91, but it feels like an 80's movie),  but I like some of these ideas!

  2. LOL, I don't have a lot of other TI options do I? I guess I could try and find a TI-99/4 or get one of white TI-99/4A. I'm currently trying to get some Atari 8-bit stuff to offset all the Commodore stuff!
  3. I'm thinking of doing the same thing. I have another C64 that I have been fixing up. The case was broken in places and yellowing. I used some JB Weld to repair the case, and then tried my hand at Retr0bright. It looks OK, I think I'll use this second one as my daily driver, and put the silver label model away. Cheers, Moe
  4. It must be the angle or something. It's a really 64. It's actually a silver label model with a 5 pin video DIN and a 326298 Rev A mobo. Thanks!
  5. It's a Sinclair ZX81, which is the same thing as the Timex you used to have. I did the composite mod on it and it displays quite well on the LCD on the left ... It doesn't work on the LCD in the middle though. Thanks!
  6. I ended up just buying two LumaFix64(s) from a seller in Ireland that I have bought from in the past. I'm still interested if anyone has tried the ClearVideo for the VIC20. Cheers Moe
  7. Hey everyone, Here is my new retro computer desk that I just built! I very happy with it, but it's already to small! I'm going to add two sliding keyboard trays to it, so I can add a few more systems
  8. Hey everyone, Does it matter where I buy a LumaFix64? Are they all the same? Can I just buy the one with the best price or best delivery time? Also, has anyone tried one of these in their VIC20? https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/775553994/clearvideo-for-vic-20-lhm?ref=shop_home_feat_4 It's basically a Luma/video fix for the VIC20. I saw a video by Jane Beta installing and using the ClearVideo64 (C64 version) and wondered if anyone has tried it for the VIC20? Thanks for any info you have. Cheers Moe
  9. Thanks guy, I think I'll keep the two NonCR models. Cheers Moe
  10. Keeping it for parts. I haven't had a chance to test all the socked chips yet, but I will get to it.
  11. Hey guys, so I have been buying a few "broken" VIC20(s) from local people, and eBay. I now have 3 working units. 2 of them are NonCR with the two prong power plug and 1 CR version. I'm going to sell one of the units, and I'm not sure which I should sell; the second NonCR or the CR model. The advantage of selling the CR model is that I still have two matching NonCR models. If something goes on one of them I can pull the chip/board from the other model. The Advantage of keeping the CR model. The CR models run a lot cooler because it doesn't have the internal voltage regulator. Which one should I sell? The second NonCR, or the CR model? Thanks Moe
  12. So I was able to buy a "broken" VIC20 locally, and use its' keyboard. So I now have an extra VIC20 case and this bad keyboard. I decided to use the keyboard and case and build a RetroPi console with a Keyrah v2. I also ordered a set of these Commodore keycap sticks ( https://www.amazon.com/COMMODORE-NON-TRANSPARENT-KEYBOARD-STICKER-BACKGROUND/dp/B003BOUNSQ) and cut out the symbols and stuck them to the front of the keys. I wouldn't want them in my real VIC20, but they are good enough for my RetroPi setup. Cheers, Moe
  13. So I screwed up. I tried cleaning the key caps of my VIC20 with 99% IPA and I ended up dissolving the symbols on the front of the keys, and the characters on the top have faded by 30%-40%. All that being said, I need a new keyboard or key caps for a VIC-20 or C64. Anyone has an extra keyboard they are willing to part with? I'm in Canada.
  14. Yeah .. live and learn. I just feel like an ass though! I guess I'll be posting in the "Wanted" forum next. Thanks Moe
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