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  1. I know before I used this custom update I used bin/cue for sega CD roms along with the bios and it worked I haven't tried it yet with this update!
  2. I think she got it as a gift she also had an Atari and Nintendo So to put it in perspective as of 2021 she is now in her early 50s I'm in my mid 20s
  3. Early 20s before she got married and had me lol
  4. Sorry for the late reply but actually it was originally my mom's sega genesis awhile back I got my mom one of those hd genesis systems for Christmas she liked it enough that she just gave me her old system I also have the original box too guess it's in ok condition unfortunately I have no manuals I might post a pick of it if I remember
  5. I haven't checked up on this in a while as I broke my laptop and from what I see on here so far I am very impressed with these new updates for the legends flashback I'm sure it's already been posted somewhere here but I was wondering before I update my legends I finally got a 32gb sd card if I did the new update on the new sd card I can just start with version v.0.6.0 and than add the later versions to it? Thanks again for everything!
  6. I was wondering the same? I see alot of very cool new updates for the Atari flashback nexus! I tried to see if I get some parts of them to work on the legends flashback ultimate but I'm not too good with editing the ini files with notepad! I screwed everything up I just loaded everything back to normal! I'm sure there's alot more to it?
  7. I saw on the Atari nexus update that there's going to be a new video player in the next update! is it going to be ported over to the legends flashback? If so that would be awesome!
  8. I noticed that the .zin and .zi3 arcade roms don't always load? I converted my .zim TMNT and .zim Simpsons to those format's and the .zi3 runs those the best but it doesn't always work?
  9. Thanks Draxxon! Snes works great now! It's cool to see some new emulators like pico-8 working on the legends flashback I haven't tried anything else yet
  10. Honestly It all sounds good! I saw someone mentioned something about the long forgotten Emerson Arcadia 2001 that's also something I'm interested in
  11. Is there going to be another update for the legends flashback?
  12. Honestly for me I think it runs fine! I have the 50 game's version I was updating the firmware on a 100 games flashback for my brother and I think it runs a little slower on that version I tried it on different tvs to see if that was the problem and I had the same results
  13. Thanks again for everything! I hope I'm not being difficult? I'm just being honest it does work alot better on the original legends flashback I only noticed the difference because I had both systems on hand
  14. I got my 100 games legends flashback back from my brother to update so I downloaded the custom firmware update from the first page to an sd card and I did the update after that I used my preloaded legends flashback ultimate sd card from my 50 game's flashback and I noticed right away that the 100 games flashback runs snes .fig games slower I don't know if the overclock settings are any different on the custom firmware for the 100 games version I even tried my original sd card without the legends flashback ultimate setup and the SNES .fig roms still run slower than the 50 game's legends flashback also mame roms ran a little slower on the 100 games legends flashback I tried the built-in star wars games without an sd card and they ran slow I guess for now I will stick with the 50 game's version and load the 100 games version back to stock for my brother
  15. 4.2 works for me! but only the SNES folder I'm going to have to play around with it to get the super star wars .fig games and the .fig.gme in the game folder to work
  16. I honestly don't know? I will try look it up that would be a cool addition if it's possible!
  17. I was wondering if there is some type of video player cores that would work on this that would also work on the legends flashback also? That would be incredible if we can use these systems as music and video players!
  18. Thank you! I appreciate everything believe me! I keep thinking that I'm doing something wrong?
  19. Nope I just tried the super star wars .fig is still not working for me
  20. Neo Geo pocket and 32x! I don't know how virtual boy would work from what I remember I think the original controller had 2 d pads? And what is wonderswan?
  21. I will check it out in my computer I might have screwed something up? but yes I got Mario kart and pilot wings to work using .smc
  22. Thank you! Everything is working great I like the Intellivision Pac-Man! Snes works except .fig snes roms I renamed everything to .smc to get it working but I think it is running a little slower I have the 50 game's flashback version if that matters?
  23. Thank you for everything that you all do I wish I was better with programming things We are all glad to have this mod available on the legends flashback system I have been getting more into the TurboGrafx 16 lately I didn't realize how many great games were available on that system! I'm definitely getting curious about the Intellivision!
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