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  1. I checked and was just about writing why it is impossible to fix I had the right idea. It will be fixed in the next beta due this weekend. But I found a even more severe limitation I need to check and perhaps fix: You can't use CASE in a BEGIN/END block yet. I need a bright moment to fix this one ... Concerning the "ON GOSUB" limitation with the GOTO ... With the set of language extensions in the current TiCodEd / SXB beta there is no need for GOTO anymore. The last case where a GOTO is needed was the IF-THEN-ELSE line-length limitation made it necessary to jump around a set of statements if it was to large to fit on one line. With the upcomming BEGIN/END this is solved in a smart way.
  2. I consider these definitive answers, thank you both! I kind of like the #1, but the # gave me hell for the syntax-highlighter in TiCodEd. But I finally managed to apapt it for the next version I am currently working on. It was interpreted as I don't know what until the end of the line. will finally become as expected.
  3. Hi, Extended BASIC uses # for sprite- and file-numbers, like CALL MOTION(#1,16,0). I have build a subroutine for a sprite with XB256 and it feels somehow wrong to use just the sprite-number without a #. SUB SPEED(S,X,Y) CALL VREAD(1920,112,A$) X = ASC(SEG$(A$,S*4-3,1)) IF X>127 THEN X=X-256 Y = ASC(SEG$(A$,S*4-2,1)) IF Y>127 THEN Y=Y-256 SUBEND With CALL SPEED(1,X,Y) I can read the speed of of sprite #1. It would look better and more consistent if I could use CALL SPEED(#1,X,Y) instead, but this gives me a syntax error, no matter how I try to define the SUB. [The CALL VREAD() will be replaced with CALL LINK("VREAD",1920,112,A$) by SXB in this example if you want to use the routine in standard XB/XB256] Any ideas?
  4. Well, when you north-americans are the only ones playing this game ... the rest of us is playing Football, which you call Soccer .. When it comes to sports, America is an island. Baseball, Football, NASCAR, ... only Basketball and Ice Hockey became really international. But for a while we had the NFL Europe .. with only German and one Dutch team in the end. Go Frankfurt Galaxy!!! They went. 😉
  5. Website is now updated. It's still strange to have an International Word Fair in a country that currently does not admit most international travellers.. like me from Germany. I will try to join online and perhaps it will be possible to join the 40th in person next year. Any ideas to sell a trip to Chicago to my wife? @KB9ZQT please ask your dad to announce next years dates as soon as possible next year as international flight tickets are much cheaper when purchased 3 or more months in advance.
  6. Except for the CALL SAY this is all TI BASIC and not Extended BASIC. IIRC in TI BASIC there is no "IF .. THEN RETURN", you can only give a line number.
  7. I am actually working on some kind of import of XB code in TiCodEd, but I will restrict it to remove line numbers and assist in naming the labels for all used "destination lines". The free jumping makes any further translation a hopeless case. You may also use TiCodEd just as a fancy editor for any XB capable of writing tokenized programs to a FIAD. On the other side I designed TiCodEd to create maintainable XB code. There should never be a lock-in to SXB, you should always be able to continue any project in XB at any time. This is much easier when you design the language yourself. A trans-piler for Pascal to C needs to fit both ends, at the price of readability. I've seen awful C code there...
  8. Hi, is it just my setup or is F3 "Erase" not working in this version of XB 2.8? I used to erase the suggested "OLD DSK" on startup when I didn't want to load something in XB. CALL KEY correctly reports 7 on F3.
  9. I haven't found a way to convert all unicode chars to their ASCII counterpart, so I just added a check for non-7-bit ASCII characters. With the next release you will at least get an error pointing to the "* UNRECOGNIZED CHARACTER". Thank you for the nice example. I now know how many days I lived ...
  10. Pascal is somehow my digital native language, even though I started with TI BASIC / Extended BASIC in 1983. I congratulated Niklas Wirth on the 50th anniversary of his "child" Pascal and he sent a nice "thank you" mail. Something to keep ... The underscore will be in the next release, not sure yet about the IN Statement.
  11. No, this is in the upcomming version 1.3 I am currently working on. I will join the source-next line when the last command is a THEN the last command is a ELSE the last command is a :: the last command is a .. and remove the .. inbetween is this the desired behaviour? In my development-version 1.3 alpha it gets translated to: 100 IF MOUSE=1 THEN MOUSE=0::MFLAG=1:: CALL LINK("MCLR"):: CALL DELSPRITE(#1):: GOSUB cursor 110 ELSE mouseon As I do a sequential read and do not know the next line the .. after the GOSUB is needed, then it works like 100 IF MOUSE=1 THEN MOUSE=0::MFLAG=1:: CALL LINK("MCLR"):: CALL DELSPRITE(#1):: GOSUB cursor ELSE mouseon I will send you a private message when I am in a beta-state with 1.3, also to test the CASE and BEGIN-END feature, if you like. Steve
  12. As I try to keep TiCodEd RXB-compatible I would need to add them as well in my tokenizer.
  13. Rich, would you need a new token for this?
  14. That is actually true! I had forgotten that... I was just ready implementing it ... Okay, now when the line ends with THEN or ELSE the next line is joined as well.
  15. very elegant! I fell in love with those boolean expressions when a friend of my father showed it to me back in 1983 .. often much faster than IF-THEN. But I didn't know the "AND" trick for MOD. I guess I have to update my TiCodEd Standard-Library, currently sub mod(n,d,m) m = n - int(n/d) * d subend The AND calculation takes only one third of the time. Talking of IF-THEN, we did not really answer the original question this way...
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