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  1. Estoy intentando crear para el Atari 2600 mi favorito, aunque me esta costando bastante ya que es una consola muy compleja y solo consegui modificar graficos y aun asi me costo. Por cierto, soy de España Sevilla se me olvido decirlo en el anterior comentario. Y si, se que los comentarios son de hace bastante tiempo pero queria intentar haber si seguias activo en el foro. saludos
  2. Como me has alegrado, por fin alguien español compartiendo mis aficciones, yo encantadisimo poder hablar de retro y encima Atari con lo que me gusta , te entiendo perfectamente a mi me pasa igual, les hablo de atari y pasan y me digo a mi mismo, pues ellos se lo pierden, encantado de verdad tener a alguien asi, yo estoy intentando crear algun juego atari o almenos hackear imagenes es mi ilusion. Saludos
  3. BEETHOVEN my first hack game based on one of my favorite composers, Beethoven. Story: Beethoven is trying to compose his masterpiece Fur elise, but a cleaning lady is teasing and constantly drops the inkpot, so she avoids the inkpot and tries to play the musical notes. Beethoven.a26
  4. Thank you very much, I got it, the result was great. 😊
  5. good morning everyone. I have an Atari Flashback 9 and when I add my games to the SD card the covers of the game are not seen, is there a way to be able to add the covers to the games?, Without covers it looks quite rare.
  6. The Atari 800 is having a hard time memorizing it. I would like to program in Atari 2600. I am going to test the batari basic. thanks for answering friend 😊
  7. It seems that the game maker is not the best option, I see that it gives you errors, I am watching basic tutorials on YouTube. I hope in the future to make this game in atari, but now I have left to study the basic. Thanks for commenting on the error. Sorry 😕 I use the Altirra emulator to program, which one do you recommend for programming in atari?
  8. I know that you want these games on the Atari, but my programming knowledge is not that advanced. If you know of any way to convert it to Atari, tell me. I wanted to continue creating more games, but I observed that this one did not have many people, I am confused, I do not know whether to continue.☹️
  9. Updated with more details, I put details on the map and on the death of the child in bed. greeting A_Nightmare_On_Elm_Street.rar
  10. here is the game. The game changed in some ways and you may like it more. A_Nightmare_On_Elm_Street.rar
  11. The world of the Atari that are curious, thanks for your response. I believed that colors were created by straight lines, that was what made me think.
  12. Friends, I'm confused about the Atari 2600 colors. I know that the Atari 2600 colors are colored by lines, but on some occasion I saw Homebrew games that put different colors where it couldn't be put. How do they do that? 😕
  13. Friends, could you tell me if there is any program for making Atari 2600 games that is not the Basic program? This program is very difficult for me.☹️
  14. the game has a lot of bugs, sorry, I'm going to try to improve it.☹️
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