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  1. Sorry for the late reply, but don't the regular ST use composite out? In which case plugging in the cable into my Mega would only give me a white screen if this thread is anything to go off of: I know he's connecting to SCART but it would be the same if it were an RGB cable like I'd use. Also, I managed to find this 13 pin DIN to VGA adapter but it's only for multisync monitors which, in that case, I might as well just buy an original color monitor. https://coolnovelties.co.uk/coolnovelties/atari-st-video-cables/290-atari-st-to-vga-multi-sync-rgb-colour-monitor-cable.html
  2. Hi everyone, I recently dug out my dad's old NTSC Mega ST2 and the first thing I did was buy a game for it, Dungeon Master. The only issue is my dad only has the monochrome monitor which makes the game impossible to run as the graphics become garbled. I am wondering if anyone has a procedure on how to make my own RGB output connector for the computer, or any other video out if you know it works for the Mega line of ST. The issue is the machine only has a proprietary 13 pin DIN video output. I emailed David The 8-Bit Guy and he said the best way to fix this was finding a color monitor which is easier said than done, especially living in the US. The machine does not have a modulator which leads me to believe I won't be able to get composite video out of it either. I searched high and low looking for a third party connector and couldn't find a single thing. All of the ones I did find were not for the Mega machines, only the regular ST.
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