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  1. WOW! This is amazing. My wife bought me a Flashback 9 for my birthday a couple days ago, and all I was searching online for was to find out what to do with the SD slot lol. I had no idea of all the fantastic work you guys have done with these systems. Thank you, especially to @Brad_from_the_80s and @Draxxon for bringing back some childhood memories and allowing me to show my kids all of the goodness Atari offered to an 80s kid! So, I've downloaded and installed the CFW, the control file, and the startup emu from Brad, as well as the ATARIv9 rom file from Draxxon, to a 16GB SD card and things are working great. However, I'm having trouble playing Zaxxon or ZaxxonArcade. When I try to play those 2 games the screen freezes. I am able to menu button back out to the home screen and proceed to play other games. I copied the .a26 file from the ATARIv9 rom folder, as well as a .bin file from a different thread that was posted by Arenafoot, and put them in a Game folder and tried to play them from that location and the same thing happens. Do you guys have any suggestions I could try? A little background on me, I'm extremely new to this being just 2 days in, I have zero programming knowledge or experience, but I'm not afraid to try anything and I can follow directions fairly well. Hopefully this is something very simple and you guys have already worked past this before. Even if you can just point me to a site I could try downloading a different .a26 or .bin file I'd appreciate it.
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