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  1. Here's a take on NES Ice Hockey (a favorite of mine) only this moves at a slower pace but is still a great game. I bought Super Blood Hockey on sale for 70% off from Steam and it cost just $4.49! In this video I am playing a 12 vs 12 game.
  2. I played Circus Convoy on my original console and really like it. Wasn't sure if it would work on the Retron 77. Most of my original carts worked on my Retron 77 but Pitfall would not play. Why wouldn't Circus Convoy play on the Retron? And is there a way to once again play the carts that did work?
  3. Thank you for the info but maybe I was not clear. I was able to play carts before using Stella. I bought Circus Convoy and want to play it in HD on my Retron 77 but do not have the rom for the game How do I get cartridges working again?
  4. I use my Retron 77 to play roms with Stella but now I can't get cartridges to work. How do I fix this?
  5. The person who made this did an excellent job. And although it only took 13 minutes to finish the game it's still worth playing again and again. I didn't see a group for the Master System so I posted it here.
  6. I'm seeing questions about the Phoenix so I give some answers in this video. It's such a great system and I hope you're able to get one if you have not already.
  7. In this video I'm playing Jr. Pac-Man with a Trooper 2 controller by Hyperkin. This is the best way to Pac-Man/maze games in RetroPie.
  8. Frostbite gameplay with commentary on the CollectorVision Phoenix!
  9. There's a TI99 core for the Phoenix?
  10. I try to spread the word and promote the Phoenix but I have small YouTube channel. Even though ColecoVision is my favorite console, I still recommend the Phoenix because it's HD, FPGA, and has a built in Super Game Module.
  11. Using my LTO Flash! cart to play a Burgertime hack on my Super Video Arcade.
  12. My pc would not recognize my cart until I downloaded a driver from https://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm There is an option for Mac on that page. I got that step working but roms are not showing up on the cart when I put it in the console.
  13. Here's gameplay and commentary of Ms. Pac-Man for Atari Lynx played in Retro Pie with a Hyperkin Trooper 2 2600 USB joystick which I made a video about last week. Each maze starts off slowly then picks up speed, even the later mazes get off to a slow start. Is that normal of this game or is it just the rom?
  14. In this video I go over the LTO FLASH! cart that arrived yesterday. And I ask the question, where's an HD Intellivision clone console already?
  15. Stargate is the sequel to Defender and on the 2600 utilizes both controllers. The left controller is used to maneuver and shoot while the right is for smart bombs, hyperspace, and invisibility. Kind of tough using both controllers but the game looks and sounds awesome.
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