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  1. A quick 3 minute video where I ask about mobile games on the Amico. Seems they're looking to bring mobile into our living rooms with a multi-player experience. Will it work?
  2. I have not found the easter egg. I'll look for it but if you want to tell me I'm okay with that because I will never find it on my own.
  3. Yes, the back of the box says copyright 2010 by Locomalito and Gryzor87.
  4. Yes, most new ColecoVision ports are similar to MSX games. Penguin Land is one for example but I can't think of others although there are plenty.
  5. L'Abbaye des Morts 2019 Collectorvision for ColecoVision. A platformer that plays like Montezuma's Revenge. A lot of time needs to be put into this in order to learn where to go, when & where to jump, and what to do in general. Nice box art, cart, and manual. The game itself is enjoyable but a real challenge. 💀
  6. Nicely done! I see how you're getting them all squished under the rocks and will practice that method. Thanks!
  7. Here's a quick video of this very cool add on package for Shark Shark 2!
  8. Cyberball 2072 by Atari from 1989 on the Midway Arcade Classics 2 collection for PS2. I like how there are so many plays but just 1 action button, that's classic Atari but this was a later arcade game. Great music and gameplay in this one.
  9. This is an 8-way joystick and it clicks. It's really good and so is the button.
  10. This was part of a high score challenge but the best score I submitted was 43,950. Didn't get as much in this video but I still wanted to share some tips. If you're watching on your phone rotate the screen to watch it vertically.
  11. I played Rocky the most followed by baseball. I had football as a kid but don't think I played very much. I just didn't take the time to learn how to play.
  12. Super Action Football from 1983 lets you kick punts, field goals, and extra points. Recover fumbles, score safties, or pull a blitz and sack the quarterback. Helmet not included. It's good to see football is starting this weekend. But why does the photo of the overlay on the back of the box look different than what's actually included?
  13. So close to 100K. Rotate video to watch full vertical.
  14. Galaxian Arcade 1Up Partycade. Rotate the video to watch on your phone vertically full screen. Really like this machine and this game is always a challenge.
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