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  1. In this 8 minute video I talk about how well this game plays and the first time I saw the arcade machine in a movie theater. The Atari logo in the beginning is amazing and I could watch that for 8 minutes. I would love to see Pac-Man on the Amico. I see so many Namco games on different consoles and plug and play's so I'm wondering if getting that license isn't too difficult. I would love a classic and re-imagined version!
  2. Happy Friday and happy 40th to Pac-Man, the first video game I ever saw. I watched my brother play the arcade machine at a movie theater when I was five years old. In the first pic is a t-shirt from Five Below by Rubik's that I got for $5. In the second pic is the best 2nd generation console port which happens to be on Intellivision. 🍒🍓🍎
  3. For me it wasn't an issue but some people may be sensitive to that.
  4. Here's a video I made of The Official Space Fury by Sega played on my CollectorVision Phoenix! I never saw this in the arcade but played a ton of this as a kid. It's an exclusive port to the system although there is a Vectrex homebrew called Space Frenzy. I would love to see CollectorVision, Opcode Games, or Team Pixelboy do an updated arcade port of this!
  5. There's a space theme on Instagram this week and I shared The Official Space Fury by Sega from 1982 seen here with my CollectorVision Phoenix. Played this game a ton as a kid and it's still great today. It's similar to Asteroids only you're shooting at these geometric shapes that merge together to form one big object. You can also choose three different upgrades after the first few levels. This copy is sealed since I have a loose cartridge. Check out that before and after discount price on the tag!
  6. Star Wars the Arcade Game for ColecoVision played on my CollectorVision Phoenix. And a Micro Machines Rancor. Excellent game for ColecoVision, in the arcade, and the Arcade 1Up machine. We need more games with vector graphics. May the 4th be with you, always.
  7. Q*bert for ColecoVision played on a CollectorVision Phoenix in HD! I played this in arcades as a kid but never really had the patience for it. I appreciate it more as an adult although the game play can still leave you a bit disoriented. But it's still a really cool game and this is the best port of it.
  8. In this video I play Intellivision Night Stalker while talking about the Amico & CUPodcast. I explain why it should be called an Intellivision system, mobile games, and who this is for. I'm playing this on my Sears Telegames Super Video Arcade which I show in the video.
  9. I also had a laugh when I saw those game hints about shooting the enemies and avoiding them. 😄 And that blog post your wrote was full of detail and really impressive! 👍
  10. I'm playing Wii Sports Golf one last time before I sell this Wii console. It is still an excellent game 14 years later and it gave me some ideas about what I would like to see on the Amico.
  11. In this video I play a great arcade port of Phoenix on the Taito Legends collection for PS2. Phoenix is one of the more difficult old school arcade space shooters and is definitely the noisiest. In this footage I manage to score an quick 200 thousand, although it wasn't exactly easy.
  12. This game is as simple as it gets in terms of controls. The joystick is used while the button is not. It would have been nice if the joystick allowed you to move left and right and adjust your shot up or down and to shoot you would use the fire button. Still this is a fun two player only game. Best part is the manual with those bright neon colors and futuristic design.
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