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  1. Hello really just trying to see if this is normal or if i should fool around with the monitor video settings? is it normal for lets say mario bros to be cut off on left and right side of the monitor?
  2. Hi i wanted to say. When i played double dribble it took up the whole screen, but im going on memory
  3. Hello the other day i was testing my rgb modded nes on an ikegami crt monitor. my question is about the display. My display does not fill the entire screen. The video looks great its just that a little of the left side isnt used. And even more of the right part of the screen isnt used? i think i read atari’s have different displays on different tv’s im wondering if the nintendo is similair? i put in mario bros/duck hunt. The startup select screen is good. But when i go to play the game the video doesent take up the whole screen and the right side has more area cut off is there away to have my nes take up the whole screen?
  4. Hello, i have a harmony cart. I downloaded a donkey kong game, on my macbook pro laptop it has a .bin file extension. ive been trying to extract the file with no luck? my question is, if i put this .bin file on my harmony cart will my 2600 recognize it?
  5. I decided to leave the monitor alone, other than slightly adjusting the brightness to get rid of the white dot.
  6. I didnt touch the brightness knob does the white dot mean its too bright?
  7. Hello thanks for the reply. ive watched youtube videos where it looks similiar. i guess i’ll just have to live with it. i also have a white dot in the center of my screen. I think i read this has to do with the brightness control? is this normal too.
  8. This is a picture it seems worse looking at it live to be honest but i dont know if its all in my head. Im thinking ill just leave it. i have an electronics guy that can work on crt displays but dont know if ill bother maybe if anyone has had an issue with this they could chime in?
  9. Hello here is a video with vector pilot overlay in some videos its hard to tell i dont know if the overlay exagerates the ‘issue’ IMG_0316.MOV
  10. Hello i own a vectrex. Just wondered any thoughts on the stock controller. im used to playing atari. But the vectrex seems more delicate. any thoughts on a noob adjusting to the controller?
  11. Hello i recently purchased a vectrex off ebay. recently when i turn the vectex on the title screen looks off. i can take a pic does anyone know what could cause this? i was playing vector pilot. In the menu i was fooling around with calibration. But i dont think thats the problem as it happens when the game isnt in any help or info would be appreciated
  12. Hello im wondering if anyone has used the mod service powrup gaming? i want to have my console modded wonder if anyone used powrup
  13. Hello i just sent a message to is it the brewing company? but i wondered if i could ask you: should i get the basic or kit version of the mod? i have an atari 7800 i want to mod. i have a modded 2600 i bought off ebay modded for composite, i use it with a small 8 inch sony crt. But i love it but i do notice with scores and words my crt is hard to read. I use it for ota tv with a convertor box and words are hard to read. but overall my modded 2600 looks good on it but i noticed your screen shots look really good. But anyway 2 questions: 1. i have an electronics guy to mod it for me. But should i get the basic or kit? I will be using a atari 7800 and a small sony crt 2. anythoughts on using a crt? I use a crt but maybe words and numbers on scores being slighly blurred hard to read is something i have to deal with. And overall im happy with my composite modded 2600 and crt. I bought the homebrew pacman 4k and love it any thoughts or help would be appreciated your screen shots look really good btw
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