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  1. Thanks for the reply. i think im gonna bring my 7800 to my electronics guy to adjust the pot
  2. Hello just plugged in an atari 7800 centipede one of my few 7800 games. in my modded 7800 the game shows up in black and white? maybe as ive read in other posts my 7800 color pot needs adjusting? Any help or thoughts on what could be wrong are appreciated. like i said my other 2600 games work fine any thoughts or ideas are appreciated
  3. Hello i recently had a 7800 modded. Its a ultimate atari video rev. D mod by the brewing academy. i had initially tested a frenzy 7800 cartridge which displays in black and white? i put it away for awhile but got it back out to further test it. for some reason? My frenzy 7800 cart displays in b/w. Also my berzerk cart does not work it is frozen crashes on startup? but all my other games mostly atari 2600 games work good with good colors? can anyone help me? i had a electronics guy do my mod. And im not sure what is wrong most games work good
  4. Who ever responded last thank you too
  5. Hello i recently purchased a durabrand dtw1304 crt tv. i just got around to testing it. it seems like the tv might need to be adjusted. Im thinking of the sharpness? anyway i have a tv repair guy. Just wondered if anyone had any advice? Should i just leave it? There’s no sharpness on the menu screen and no adjustments on the back? i was gonna have my guy fine tune the tv, im sure he would open it up to get to the adjustments. anyway any advice or info would be great
  6. Hello as far as i know i have a usa model ti. I do have an rgb monitor. I use it for my sega and rgb modded nintendo. so your saying i should get on the list for the F18A board? would the rgb mod be a possibility? I bought the ti off ebay pretty sure its a us model. i dont have any vga video cables, although i just dusted off what looks like a dell vga computer monitor which i could use. my current monitors, are crt’s and have composite and rgb respectfully
  7. Hello, i own a ti99/4a computer which i have a din plug for audio and video i believe. i like the computer but on my crt’s the display is hard to read which takes away from the enjoyment of coding i fool around with writing music on the computer but its frustrating reading the letters can anyone help me by pointing me in the right direction as far as improving the video quality, weather it be some kind of video mod or some advice? thanks in advance
  8. Oh and im using the composite video out with an rca cable
  9. Hello its definatly the uav rev. D my electronics guy is good but i dont think he has ever done a mod before. he told me he took the rf box off because of the sound. im really uncomfortable taking the 7800 apart but if i link this thread to my guy, im sure he could take pics. im planning on giving my guy the 7800 back with my particular crt. I want to ask my guy how he tested the 7800, he had my homebrew pacman arcade as his only game. and can anyone tell me why my videos arent playing that i uploaded?
  10. I dont know why my videos wont play on my phone i just tried to upload them
  11. These are some videos of my 2600 modded on the same crt maybe tonight i can take some videos of my 7800 one thing i want to say, on my 2600 mod letters and numbers can be hard to read, but im so happy with the mod overall i can live with it but i saw pics of the uav mod online i was impressed with the level of detail in the pics i saw. And the pics i took might not show it. But i think my uav mod looks good in that respect but obviously frenzy is in black and white and the colors are off IMG_0139.MOV IMG_0138.MOV
  12. Hello i just took these pictures this morning. the games look better than the pics to be honest. And some of the pics of frenzy the game is in black and white but the pics have a shadow and a weird tint. its morning now, sometimes i think at night when its dark my monitor looks better. And video looks pretty good on my monitor. But these pics dont do it justice. If i can im gonna try and upload some videos of my modded 2600 i took awhile back on the same monitor. i took some pics of pacman arcade, but again the game looks better than the pic also my monitor has a couple of different settings one says blue on it and the frenzy game is all blue on it it almost seems resolution detail and sound are good just the colors seem off. And again frenzy is in black and white, so something is off. thanks for the help so far my electronics guy like i said removed the rf box. I still have it he gave to me if i ever needed to put it back on i could give him back my 7800 and my monitor and maybe with some help he could get it to work im gonna try and upload some videos of my 2600 on the same monitor
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