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  1. Any idea what the rough cost of this cart will be?
  2. Just fired up my brothers old Lynx II that's been sat boxed for 10+ years and it appears to have some brightness/contrast issues. Best way I can describe the problem is the screen noticeably shows 3 equal vertical bands, each has a slightly different brightness/contrast level to the next. Is this a capacitor issue?
  3. Thanks, have just sent you a PM
  4. Or if someone could post a good quality close up of their modded controller so it shows the part number on the rotary encoder that would help also...
  5. Can anybody recommend a place in the UK (preferably with a direct link to the item) for the correct rotary encoder to buy to do this mod? I'm obviously searching on google but it often is not clear if the encoder is smooth or is incremental, maybe I'm just using the wrong combo of words or there's not a consistent industry way of describing these things. Thanks in advance
  6. Is this the correct place to put your name for pre-order?
  7. So do jag games not save any highscore data or such like? Or do they use a non-battery backed up method?
  8. Does the Jaguar or any of its cartridges have batteries that need to be checked for leakage?
  9. Anyone got a new or used falcon badge they would like to sell?
  10. Anyone got a new or used falcon badge they would like to sell?
  11. I think you are both wrong, it looks like the internal SCSI board from a CLAB MKII Falcon
  12. Yep that's correct, each screw is about 1 inch long
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