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  1. Atari Lynx power supply is also 9v 1A spec, with positive pin, so should work on a Nomad too. Might need an adaptor to make the plug bigger though.
  2. Anyone find their official 9V lynx power adaptors are reading 12-13v instead of 9v? I have two and they are both reading the same?
  3. Did I read somewhere the case for the GameDrive was 3D printed? If yes, what printer and material was used?
  4. Can confirm the 60Hz Jag mod completely makes the problem go away. Not had a problem since.
  5. PAL model, that was the what I was having to do with mine. I'm going to do an NTSC mod and see if that eliminates the issue
  6. I have Twitter, but have notifications on my phone turned off for it. Good old-fashioned email or subscribed thread alert is enough for me.
  7. Is there a thread or email list that I add myself to or bookmark so I know when a firmware update gets released?
  8. Sometimes (not all the time) I notice the red light on the cart comes on for a second or two when a game fails to load, does this mean anything or signify anything?
  9. Wouldn't this be just a read error as if the cart image wasn't written correctly it would already fail in the GD menu page?
  10. I would just be interested to know if the majority of the work is done by the Jags 68000 (as it would be in a real ST/Amiga/Megadrive etc) and then the other parts of the Jags hardware are repurposed used to emulate the custom chips that those other computers/consoles have? If that makes sense?
  11. So, I clean the cartridge slot with some cardboard and IPA, there was hardly any signs of dirt on the larger slot, smaller slot had a little bit. But both are definitely clean now. Anyway result seems to be no different.
  12. Ok will give that a go and see if things improve.
  13. They never get to the logo, it's usually all or nothing
  14. So does that mean you could port amiga games too (because of the 68000)? If yes, would it be easier/harder to do than the ST?
  15. I'm experiencing issues where some cart images won't load, but if I try repeatedly sometimes they do. (This is without removing the cart or SD card, this is simply by turning the machine off and on, select game and repeat) Is this a bug/frustration that others are experiencing with their GDs?
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