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  1. Hello everyone, I came across this thread while browsing this site. I'm a minor collector of Atari 2600 stuff myself, owning a couple of systems, dozens of games, etc. Anyway, this particular thread interested me because I lived in Alamogordo as a kid for a couple of years, 1983-84ish, and I remember this story being exciting to us kids back then, since Atari was all the rage and all. I do remember at the time this story was creating some local buzz, at least among us kids. During this time, after school (I think I was in third grade or something), me and a couple of buddies headed over to the dump to check out what was going on. While all the commotion was going on we didn't get real close, but we could see (and hear) trucks pushing stuff around. We hung out for a bit, and after most of the workers left, we tooled around the site. I don't remember any guards there or anything like that ... at least no one said anything to us. Among other garbage, there were some unopened boxes of the Atari game ET. We sort of laughed about it, because I remember us thinking at the time that ET was a pretty bad Atari game, and the garbage was where it belonged. But still, it was sitting there free, so we each took a box and headed back home. Hope this helps with your research.
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